Israel – Agriculture Ministry Raids Farm For Illegal Slaughter


    Ina Fassbender/Reuters FileIsrael – The Agriculture Ministry announced on Sunday that inspectors had raided a lower Galilee farm and found that it was conducting illegal poultry slaughter in poor conditions.

    The raid occurred on Thursday, the ministry said, after intelligence information revealed that the slaughterhouse was conducting schita shechura (“black slaughter”) – an illegal slaughter of animals for human consumption that is conducted without veterinary supervision.

    Inspectors from the ministry’s Central Unit for Enforcement and Investigations, in conjunction with Veterinary Services, found that the site located in the Nahal Tzipori area near Nazareth unlawfully possessed its fattened poultry, in addition to implementing the illegal practice.

    At the site, the Agriculture Ministry inspectors said they discovered two pirate chicken coops containing about 3,000 birds, which did not meet the requirements of the ministry’s Veterinary Services and were not being operated with the supervision of the ministry.

    Nearby the coops, the black slaughter process was occurring in severely poor sanitary conditions, the ministry explained. Because the black slaughter process occurs without veterinary supervision as required, it does not involve the proper identification and separation of poultry parts that are unfit for human consumption and also facilitates contamination of the meat, the ministry added.

    “This is a real danger to public health, and therefore we urge the public to purchase poultry and eggs at organized and supervised places only,” said Dr. Shimon Perek, the head veterinarian for poultry health at Veterinary Services.

    In addition to constituting a public health hazard, the slaughterhouse also posed significant dangers to the poultry industry, due to the contagious nature of poultry diseases, Perek explained.

    “We see it as an obligation to stop the activities on site in order to maintain the health of the Israeli consumer and to prevent real life endangerment,” Perek continued.

    By Israeli law, all poultry coops must be registered to and supervised by the Agriculture Ministry, in order to ensure that all stages of food growth are supervised until reaching the customer, the ministry explained. In addition, animals for consumption must be transported to slaughterhouses in an organized and supervised manner.

    “The growth of poultry slaughter in poor sanitary conditions is a real danger to public health, and the Agriculture Ministry will work to prevent this phenomenon,” said Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir.

    In addition to the problematic slaughter and poultry possession at the lower Galilee site, the farm was also selling about 4,500 unmarked eggs, with unknown origins and lacking veterinary supervision.

    These eggs therefore could have been contaminated with salmonella and posed a risk to human life, the ministry explained.

    In an initial investigation, the site owner – a Nazareth resident in his 60s – admitted to raising the poultry without supervision, performing black slaughter and smuggling eggs from the Palestinian Authority.

    Legal proceedings have begun against him, the ministry added.

    “All the birds and eggs at the place were destroyed,” Perek said.

    In response to the raid, the organization Anonymous for Animal Rights stressed the “shocking” nature of the conditions at the illegal slaughterhouse.

    “The pictures reveal shocking slaughter in shocking sanitary conditions, but we must remember that also in organized slaughterhouses conditions are problematic to say the least,” a statement from the group said. “According to a Veterinary Services report for 2011, 18.2 percent of poultry meat was infected with salmonella, and 95 percent of the samples were infected with E. coli [bacteria found in feces].”

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. Another reason why yidden in EY should only eat meat from one of the several good shlachthoises with good chasideshe hashgacha. You would never find chassideshe mashgichim working at a place like this. Aside from a 100 percent guarantee of strict kashruth observance for mehadrim, chassideshe shlachthoises adhere to the most stringent health standards.

      • It doesn’t have to be “chasidish” sch’chita to be kosher. The best schochtim I’ve met are the ones who are chasidim of the biggest “Rebbe” who’s done the biggest mofsim …. HAKODOSH BORUCH HU.

      • What is with this “magical thinking” that says that just because its chassidishe it is better, cleaner, safer or “more kosher”?? Chassidishe places have been shut down and cited for health hazards- just like every other place. Chassidishe places have been found to have kashrus issues- just like many others.
        I have seen chassidishe workers at stores and in the food business who did not wash their hands, touched meat with the same hands they just handled your money with, touched their faces or scratched themselves… ect.
        No place is immune from health issues and no kosher place is immune from Kashrus problems. It is “magical thinking” like yours that causes so many scandals because mashgichim assume “oh, he’s chassidishe so I don’t have to watch him. I know he will do everything properly”. And they assumed wrong. And thousands could have eaten the treif meat. In the kashrus world- as a mashgiach you must assume they will try to cheat or make shortcuts- and you need to prevent them!

    2. You mean like the filthy slaughterhouse in New Square that was shut down by federal inspectors a few years ago? I heard the site was no filthy it was vomit inducing.

    3. what is with you people? so even the arrest of a filthy Nazareth arab who sells filthy chicken can cause an argument – 2 days before rosh Hashanah – about whether your shechita is better than all other shechita’s? its pathetic that you don’t even need an excuse to argue. its time to grow up.


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