New York – Looking Ahead To November, Stringer Shares Vision For The Future


    FILENew York – Fresh off the heels of his victory last night in the race for City Comptroller, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer outlined his plan should he defeat Republican candidate John Burnett in the upcoming November elections.

    “I want to be the comptroller who will watch out for the backs of working people in the city,” Stringer told VIN News. “I want to look for waste in government agencies and put our resources towards better education, more affordable housing and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy.”

    Stringer defeated his opponent Elliot Spitzer by winning 52 percent of the vote, according to AP reports, and exit polls indicated that while black and Hispanic voters came out in favor of Spitzer, Stringer carried the vote among white voters and won 69 percent of the Jewish vote.

    “I ran a grass roots campaign and I think New Yorkers were willing to listen to what I had to say,” said Stringer. “People felt confident in my record and my vision for the office.”

    Stringer acknowledged that integrity played a significant role in a campaign that focused on both the political and personal lives of the candidates.

    “People wanted a comptroller with a record of integrity to be taking on the role of chief financial officer for a $140 billion pension system and people wanted someone that they could trust,” explained Stringer. “Clearly my record of twenty years of leadership, first as an assembly member and then as borough president, played a role.”

    Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group who served as a senior advisor to Stringer, praised Stringer for his innovative accomplishments in his current position.

    “As Manhattan Borough President, Scott took an office that many considered powerless and transformed it into a serious incubator of ideas that issued policy suggestions that were universally accepted an implemented thus enhancing the quality of life for Manhattanites,” said Friedlander. “For the office of comptroller, Scott has already laid a vision that would restructure the office and bring it into the 21st century highlighting the need to ensure that the $15 billion federal infusion into New York City for hurricane relief efforts is spent effectively and efficiently.”

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