Bloomingburg, NY – Re-Scheduled Planning Board Meeting On Private Jewish Girls’ School Set For Thursday


    Bloomingburg, NY – The re-scheduled planning board meeting surrounding the controversial proposed school for girls in Bloomingburg is set to take place Thursday inside the Village Hall. ( reports that the original meeting last month was hastily postponed after throngs of angry local residents stormed the meetinghouse to protest a scheduled presentation by developer Shalom Lamm.

    According to locals, the girls’ school will serve the new 396 unit townhouse development in Chestnut Ridge, which they claim is being marketed exclusively to the Hasidic community.

    Opponents claim such an influx will overwhelm the tiny village of 400 and the Pine Bush school district.

    Recently, several articles, including a 16-page supplement, were published in Jewish and Yiddish papers promoting a new Satmar Hasidic community building in Bloomingburg.

    At least one ad listed the number of a Brooklyn realtor for those interested in buying homes.

    Lamm claims he had “nothing to do” with the sales promotions, and that he has been working only with licensed Realtors on marketing Chestnut Ridge, but added that, “I’m a developer and I’m here to sell homes. I’m not going to say someone can live or can’t live here.”

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    1. And legally-ANYONE can move in. If they deny anyone who isn’t Satmar the chance to move in- you have a pretty good discrimination lawsuit. When will they learn you can’t make a planned community for one type, sect, group ????

      • did you know there is a town ”Islamburg” a bit further upstate NY which is all followers of one particular Imam? for some reason nobody seems to have a problem with them (and neither do I), but when Jews do it, everyone get mad, especially liberal Jews…

        • I have read about or spoken to people in many of the other proposed communities and were denied their application to rent. They had the credit score, stable job and fulfilled the other requirements (no pets, non smoker, no criminal history ect). I also know people who were told “sorry, everything has been taken” or “no vacancies” when the place wasn’t filled, they spoke to others who were told differently…
          So yes-discrimination happens.

      • #2 why is it different then harvard when they don’t except you because you don’t fit there profile ??? Its same ! As a lawyer you should know that there’s always a way to say I don’t want you here in a legal way even if the real truth is we don’t want you there because discrimination !

      • I do know what I am talking about. I actually consulted with REAL lawyers. Do you know what you speak of? Why claim I hate one group when I am talking about the LAW.

    2. just wandering out loud, in KJ when neighbors where trying to block from growth, and the village rightfully fought them trough the legal system (successful B”H) the zalis complained that its “Marida B”imos”, now when they are facing the same issue how they will handle it

    3. You guys are great at claiming anti semitism.. VICTIMS right? Not in this country. We in Bloomingburg just can not afford (BECAUSE THE COUNTY AND TOWN ARE DIRT POOR-and there are no jobs) you. Kiryas Joel census takers report that your people can not support themselves.. 68 % sit below the poverty level and expect the working man to SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. Why wont you work? Why wont you claim your income? How many of you will rent off the investors who buy these units and expect HUD to pay your rent? As a group you should be ashamed of yourselves. Where is your self respect? I’ve raised my children, they were well educated and contribute to their society with college degrees that I paid for and that will support their children. We are not prejudice.. we are informed of your high abilities to scam our tax base, taking from our way of life and our childrens’ eduations. So the religious persecution buck can stop here. Be a man and support your family.. Pine Bush Schools will educate your children so that they too can support themselves. Your private schools apparently do not have that ability. ASSIMILATE and stop the hate.

      • wow “ASSIMILATE and stop the hate” really?!!! So the only way for us to stop hate is by giving up our religion? NOT IN THIS COUNTRY – the BILL OF RIGHTS (if you have ever heard of it) promises freedom of religion! You want us to assimilate? Sorry, not in this country. This is not Kiryas Joel, and anyway the people I know in Kiryas Joel are hardworking and they do report their income. But to demand assimilation is the worst religious persecution imaginable. To me, Judaism is first and foremost my faith. BTW – I am a college graduate, and I work and report all of my income. I don’t know what you are talking about. It is against our religion to send our children to public schools. We do not force your children to attend yeshivos, don’t force ours to so to your schools. We will be paying taxes to your school districts, and property taxes. Your property values will rise and your taxes will go down, but you just hate Hasidic Jews. It is not anti-semitism – to us Judaism is our faith, not our race. We are not racists like the Zionists.


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