Brooklyn, NY – Upcoming Our Place Race To Raise Funds For Troubled Teens (video)


    In this Oct. 15, 2013 Volunteers and OurPlace Teens, practice for the race.(Shmuel Lenchevsky/ York – A well known Brooklyn institution that offers guidance, programs and other services to at risk teens and young adults will be holding its third annual run to raise awareness and much needed funding in order to continue its operations.

    Our Place, which is often featured on VIN News, founded in 1998, will be hosting a 5K Run/Walkathon at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field on Sunday, October 27th, which will include separate races for men, women and children. This year’s event will allow runners to compete both individually and in teams, with schools, organizations and businesses including Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, Rambam Mesivta, the New York chapter of National Council of Synagogue Youth and B&H Photo all putting up teams for the race.

    Video interview taken on Oct. 15, 2013 Volunteers and OurPlace Teens, speak about the Organization and prepare for the race.

    (Credit: Shmuel Lenchevsky/

    Our Place hopes that this year’s race, which is partially sponsored by VIN News, will raise $100,000 to fund its many programs designed to help teens and young adults who are dealing with substance abuse, depression and other life-altering circumstances. With services including 12-step support groups, teen drop in centers, a 24 hour crisis hotline, mentoring, vocational and educational placement and drug rehabilitation and therapy placement networks, Our Place serves almost 1,000 Jewish teens each year at separate boys and girls facilities in Brooklyn.

    Rabbi Aryeh Young, executive director of Our Place, estimates that approximately 100 teens take advantage of the organization’s facilities every night.

    “Things are booming here,” Rabbi Young told VIN News. “The place is really popping.”

    Despite the recreational activities, the music and gym programs and the meals offered nightly by sponsors Eden Wok, Orchidea, Mountain Fruit, Meal Mart, Kadosh Pizza and Amnon’s Pizza, Our Place deals with very stark realities. According to statistics released by the organization, 10 percent of the teens who come to Our Place are homeless and 20 percent do not live at home. More than half of Our Place’s clients have been arrested before age 18 and 70 percent of the high school age boys who come to Our Place’s drop in centers are not enrolled in any school.

    “As time are becoming more challenging, Our Place is, unfortunately, needed more and more,” said Our Place co-founder Eli Verschleiser.

    Running is just one of the many activities offered at Our Place, which will be fielding its own nineteen man team for the 5K race.

    “Our team goes out running almost nightly which both promotes good health and is also a proven method of helping kids with substance abuse issues,” said Yossi Yurowitz of Our Place. “We find that it motivates the kids and makes them feel better about themselves. The Our Place team is challenging everyone to come out and race against them.”

    With less than two weeks left to go until the race, Our Place has already raised over $45,000 for the annual event. Both walkers and runners are invited to take part in the race which will begin with a welcome reception at 10:30, followed by the men’s race at 11:00 PM and the women’s race at 11:30 PM. A shorter children’s race will take place between the men’s and women’s races.

    To sign up for the Our Place 5K or for more information visit Our Place online at For further information on Our Place or sponsorship opportunities contact Rabbi Young at [email protected] or at 516-512-4494.

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    1. Our Place is the REAL Thing. My son went from pony tail, leather jacket to full-time Kollel in Yerushalayim with their help. Now they need our help and we should do whatever we can to keep them doing the Holy work of Kiruv Krovim!!
      Hatlacha and Bracha!

      • What’s wrong with a ponytail ? Where in your new torah does it say it is forbidden? Start accepting people. Stop judging them.
        It’s probably YOUR judgemental attitude that pushed him away from yahadus in the first place. We need to stop all our judgements. NO ONE (especially our kids) will want to have anything to do with us, if we continue judging every miniscule action of everyone. Judgemental behavior is a toxic disease, and my opinion the greatest cause of kids at risk.

        • He was obviously making the point that he went from possibly confused and searching for an identity to finding one and finding happiness within himself. Who knows what else this persons child was doing maybe he dropped out of school, maybe he was hanging around crowds smoking weed all day and doing nothing positive with his life.

          While you have a point that how a person dresses should not define a person, but you don’t have to be a complete douche about it.

          • I am very happy that he is learning Torah. I applaud and support our kolelim 100 percent. May we all be able to learn Torah full time.

            With that being said, our judgements are killing us, and is todays BIGGEST Yetzer Hora.
            1. Schools. judgement, lack of accepting.
            2. Shiddichim. Only rich and famous, from your stripe of Jew is good enough for your “Tzaddik”.
            3. At risk kids. By far, the biggest cause is not the yeshiva and not the Internet. The CAUSE is judgements by parents. This causes the kids to feel not accepted, and not cared for.

            This incessant critical lifestyle also breeds parents not caring for the needs of their kids, It’s all about me,me,me, and how my child is viewed, and how that reflects on me. It is narcissism. Part of a child’s need is feeling accepted by his parents. It is not possible to feel loved without feeling accepted.

        • 1) First of all, where in his comment did he say it’s good or not.
          It’s in YOUR new Torah probably that it says it’s NP, but in the Torah it says LO YILBASH GEVER SIMLAS ISHA! a pony is NOT a style of a normal Gever
          3) Does this individual who talks about his son suppose to take advice from you on any subject? who are you to tell anyone how and what?

          • 1. The fact that he used the example to show how much this organization changes people for the good, is a form of showing his perception on people with pony tails as not being good.

            2. A pony tail is not a Malbish!!!!!!!!! which yeshiva did you go to??? is a nazir violating this as well???????????????

            3. Hashem yishmor, it is people like you giving the adbvice to parents today and thats why I see the (sarcasim) great success torah umesorah and others are having versus Our Place…..

            4. There is a special place in gehonim for the likes of you…

            • “A pony tail is not a Malbish!!!!!!!!! which yeshiva did you go to??? is a nazir violating this as well???????????????”

              Prior to deriding another for his lack of תורה knowledge, you should take a good look at yourself. In שבת צ”ו ע”ב, there is a discussion of plucking white hairs out of black ones. The גמרא, there states:

              ודבר זה אף בחול אסור משום שנאמר (דברים כב) לא ילבש גבר שמלת אשה

              Are human hairs a מלביש? Which ישיבה did you go to? Perhaps, it would behoove you to think of:

              מום שבך אל תאמר לחברך

        • Actually, I am not very judgemental. I happen to have an MSW from YU. I had no problem when visiting my son to go strolling down Rechov Yaffo on Chol HaMoed – me with my shtriemel and he in his leather and pony. Someone asked me if this was kivrov rechkim and I laughed and said no – it was kirov krovim! I love my children and always help them to blossom into whatever flower that they are or will become. My other son, a graduate of Klausenberg, went off to Faluga as a US Marine and is now entering the NYPD.

          Shalom Al Yisroel

    2. I’m not here to have trivial arguments by dissecting every word in the above comments. I’M COMMENTING TO STATE 1 FACT: Our Place has literally saved friends of mine from death.


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