Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Women EMT Corps To Host Inaugural Fundraiser Gala


    FILE - Sarah Gluck and daughter Ruchie Freier founder of Ezras Nashim doing their rotations during EMT training May 2012 at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Ezras Nashim Women's EMT Corps will Host its first Inaugural Fundraiser GalaBrooklyn, NY – As Brooklyn’s first all female volunteer ambulance corps continues training volunteers in a historic effort to provide women with dignity and modesty in emergency medical situations, the group is preparing to officially introduce themselves to the community at their first inaugural gala, to be held on November 3rd, VIN News has learned.

    “People have heard about Ezras Nashim but they want to know more,” Mrs. Ruchie Freier, who is both one of the founders and a member of Ezras Nashim, told VIN News. “They want to know how this will work. Who they will call? Who will be dispatching? This gala will be a forum to answer these questions.”

    Ezras Nashim hopes to raise much needed funds for necessary medical equipment at the event, which will take place from 1 to 4 PM at Khal Chasidim, 4820 15th Avenue in Borough Park.

    The gala will feature both a mini Chinese auction and a video presentation that will tell the story of Ezras Nashim and will include interviews with Ezras Nashim’s EMTs as well as members of Ezras Nashim’s medical advisory committee.

    The timing of the event, on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, was no accident.

    “We picked the date because Kislev is the month of miracles and we have learned that women have the ability to bring about miracles,” said Mrs. Freier.

    Ezras Nashim, which is certified by New York State as a Basic Life Support First Response Organization, has already trained 40 EMTs with another 12 students currently undergoing training. All of the EMTs have been doing their training and rotations at North Shore University Medical Center and Brookdale Hospital and have been doing observation tours with FDNY female EMTs.

    “I think the organization has made wonderful progress and it has attracted a group of highly dedicated women who have conducted themselves with professionalism, dedication and compassion,” said Dr. Allen Cherson, Ezras Nashim’s medical director and assistant director of emergency medicine at Brookdale Hospital.

    Dr. Cherson is being honored as the Vision of Operations at the gala and Mrs. Freier expressed her profound gratitude both to Dr. Cherson and to the many people who have helped the women of Ezras Nashim on their journey.

    “The hospital nurses, doctors and FDNY crews have been so nice and helpful to us, teaching us with altrusim and showing us incredible support. We salute them and thank them for they are truly serving as Hashem’s messengers.”

    Yocheved Miller, who has served as an EMT for 25 years and is one of the founding members of the all female volunteer corps, looks forward to serving with Ezras Nashim.

    “I have always asked why there are no female EMTs in the Orthodox Jewish community and everyone just shrugged their shoulders,” said Mrs. Miller. “Ezras Nashim is very near and dear to my heart and the response I get from women when they hear about Ezras Nashim is ‘it’s about time.'”

    The idea of women EMTs being on hand to deliver babies in emergency situations is something that has global appeal to many women, both in and out of the Jewish community, according to physicians assistant Yocheved Silk, one of the hostesses of the Ezras Nashim gala.

    “This is something that most women can respond to as relevant to them,” said Mrs. Silk. “It has such relevance and it resonates with women everywhere. It just makes sense. You hear these stories about women who had their babies delivered by policemen and firemen and it is very compromising. No one wants to be in that situation.”

    Having spent time doing obstetrics and gynecology during her medical training, Mrs. Silk saw firsthand that many women preferred to be seen only by women doctors.

    “Some women had chosen to have female doctors and they didn’t want a man coming in,” recalled Mrs. Silk. “This is such a universal concept, something that I have seen so many times, that when Ezras Nashim was started I didn’t have to explain anything to people. It just made sense.”

    Mrs. Silk further pointed out that traditionally, it was always midwives who delivered babies.

    “Let’s just go back to the source. It was Yocheved and Miriam who delivered the babies and the Torah doesn’t have extra pesukim for no reason. If it mentioned that women delivered the babies, there is a reason for it.”

    According to Mrs. Freier, Brooklyn women can expect Ezras Nashim to begin serving the community as soon as all training has been completed and all medical equipment has been purchased. Ten dispatchers have already been trained and are looking forward to Ezras Nashim’s official launch.

    Dr. Cherson expressed optimism that the women’s volunteer corps will fill a much needed role in Brooklyn.

    “I am confident in the near future, when Ezras Nashim begins to operate they will be a tremendous Kiddush Hashem and will be a positive force not only in pre-hospital emergency medical care within their community but also within the City of New York,” said Dr. Cherson. “I think they will set not only a high standard in how they attend to women in their own community but also to all women, regardless of who they are and where they come from.”

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    1. my wife has had 5 boys at miamonidies and nshei cares had some very helpful woman in the delivery room – if the goal is ob-gyn so join them- your intentions are good but dont play doctor and the doulas do a fine job at providing the ” feminine support needed”

      • The goal is not to be OB/GYN ( otherwise they would have joined them) The goal is that when a woman is in labor, and isn’t getting to the hospital in time, she should not have to spread her legs in front of the neighborhood Hatzalah guy! Sorry for being so graphic, but you have no idea the trauma that comes with a woman delivering in an emergency situation, and on top of that you have your cousins uncle helping you out!

      • My wife has been a Doola for the past 5 years..Ezras Nushim is NOT about doolas..
        EN is there when mothers in labor can not reach the hospital on time guaranteeing them a safe delivery….Should time not allow them to get to the Hospital EN will reach the patient at their location and respond and make sure they have a safe delivery, with the most respect to the patient and the mother should NOT be embarassed facing numerous MEN hatzoloh members on the scene…Of course Hatzoloh will be needed to transport the mother and baby to the closest hospital …
        I spoke to numerous Hatzoloh members and they all believe a women EMT who belongs on those calls…The question if Ezras Nushim will be able to get there fast enough to respond in very sincere moments to assist the patient…
        We all wish Ezras Nushim the best and of course Ezras Nushim is looking out for the dollar support of the community they will serve…Hatzlocho Rabbeh…

      • In all honesty how would you, a man, know what feminine support was needed and whether it was provided? Moreover, you should never find yourself needing medical attention from a woman since you dont believe women should play doctor. The EMT training is not solely limited to OBGYN.

    2. It reminds me of tHe 2 famous women in the time Moshe Rabeinu was Born in Egypt.
      Miryam and her Mother Yocheved. Also named in the Torah as Shifra and Peeah.

    3. I have yet to see a single Rav endorse her in WRITING. . What they usually say when they show you the door is…Zay Matzliach!! —-thats not an endorsement.

    4. What was wrong with Hatzola? Were they so paranoid that they could not stand a womens division? Were they so prust that they had to do all the womens calls themselves?
      This stinks. We can’t even agree who will save someone’s life.

    5. 8. Call to Ezras nushim Says: Dispatcher: My wife is having terrible labor pains..please please
      Dispatcher: Whats the address please.? what floor is she at now?
      Dispatcher: All units please respond to emergency at …Webster ave.
      Unit B23: Sorry getting my kids on bus now …
      Unit B19: Sorry my car is stuck in 14 inches of snow
      Unit B11: Trying to get there but behing sanitation truck
      Unit W7: On Prospect Expwy should be there in 17 minutes
      Unit Q14: Getting dressed and taking my baby next door to baby sitter.ETA 19 min.
      Patient: Please please its getting worse ..please get me someone here…
      Dispatcher : Sorry we have no one before 16 minutes please call 911 or Hatzolo

      • Was thinking along the exact same lines. Some women drivers can hardly navigate thru regular traffic when an emergancy vehicle comes blazing they completely lose themselves, I can just see these EN rushing to a call and then needing Hatzola for themselves.
        Yes its very uncomfortable and beyond embarrassing giving birth at home with ur cousins uncle or ur next door neighbor present but that’s how it has been for years and I’m sure most pp get over it, the one giving birth hopefully is a mature adult and so is the H member. The comment about tzedaka in todays economic times was right in target.

      • Sexist. What about men who are stuck in traffic, behind garbage trucks or have their car stuck in 14 inches of snow? And what about women who don’t need to drop off their kids at school- their kids are older or they don’t have them?? They shouldn’t be able to volunteer for Ezras Nashim??

    6. I understand that it is nice to have women emergency responders to deliver babies. However, today’s economy should not be funding another cause just because it is nice. We need to think really hard about where our tzedokah dollars need to go. Perhaps this cause should have waited for better economic times.

        • I have to believe that an arrangement can be made where one’s neighbor is not the first responder. I feel firmly that tzedokah funds for this cause are not warranted in these economic times. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent just to spare a few women from an uncomfortable situation? Where is our leadership?!

    7. I’m confused….they will only respond to calls for women who need help? And is this really geared to women in labor only or for all medical problems? I don’t understand why a “women’s corp” can’t be integrated into Hatzalah. I think its confusing for people in the time of a medical crisis to try to figure out who to call….

      • It is not a difficult question. Hatzalah would not accept women. That’s all there is to it! Ezras Nashim did try to join Hatzalah. The answer was a loud “NO”!

    8. what does DAAS TORAH say? which Rabbonim are pro OR con? why isnt THAT discussed in the article?! Also, under NY State rules an emergency certified ambulance corps MUST respond to ANY request for help. What happens if men start requesting help from these ladies??

    9. Do they have plans to train medics? Some labor cases do require beyond EMT-B support and if all they have are EMTs, they’ll be calling Hatzolah males for further assistance which defeats their goal of all female crew to serve the needs of modesty.

    10. Does anyone have any idea of how common is a delivery when the women was not able to get to a hospital on time? Unplanned home births and births on the way to the nearest hospital. I would assume that they are few and far between.

    11. Sorry to say, these Female activists have no idea what they are in for, as much as they trained (or as little as they trained) they have no clue what medical emergencies occur during emergency childbirth (especially in our community), many of these situations have no chance of survival with the response system EN is trying to implement. Is it worth it, if it will cost even 1 life? I had a personal story with my sister, that litterally every second counted, had it not been for hkb”h and the amazing response of Hatzalah a life would of been lost. Our family can testify that EN would NEVER be able to handle the emergency, is it worth it? I would think twice before calling.

    12. I know many frum EMT’s & Para-Medics who volunteer for non frum Ambulance Cops and do excellent patient care. Many of them have been promoted to RN & MD’s and are an asset to society. Most volunteer EMT’s sacrifice a lot and do it because they want to help another human being. I am not a posek, but usually there are multiple EMT’s on the scene and most jobs are medical or trauma in nature. Even Lehavdil, the non-frum & goyishe EMT’s that I know take modesty of the patients seriously.

    13. I know many woman EMT’s working for non-frum, Vol Amb Corps, and they do excellent pt care. Many of them have been promoted to RN or even MD’s and are an asset to society. I am not a poisek, but most calls are medical & Trauma and there are usually several EMT’s on the scene. EMT’s have to be State certified and have to pass written and practical exams, including carrying pts down flights of stairs. The EMT’s that I know, whether frum, non-frum & non Jewish do this very difficult work because they are dedicated and want to help fellow human beings. They are very sensitive to the patient’s modesty, whether man or woman. Many years ago, before there were so many Hatzoloh members, women were happily accepted and did a great job.

    14. First off kudos to the organization. Not all men would step back and say that they would feel uncomfortable responding to a neighbor or distant acquaintance. They would want to gossip and know hot off the press who had a baby and details. Men also need to have a bit of “tzinus”

    15. They did not ask to join Hatzala or to make a womens division. They first went to the press with an anti-Hatzalah campaign. Had they tried a different approach they may have succeeded. Ersht Hilf/Hatzalah of New Square has such a division. Hatzalah in Staten Island and Washington Heights had as well.
      What is curious to point out is that their Medical Director is a non Jewish man. Why couldn’t they find a frum Female Dr? Is it because anyone they approached – and I know a few, after spending time with them all refused to be involved.
      This organization is an anti-hatzala and not about helping women.

    16. I was assisted by Hatzolah 2 years ago while I gave birth, I was amazed by their professionalism and skill, evthg was done quietly, efficiently and tzniuysdig, little did I know that the cord was around my babys neck 2 times and was taken care of in the most professional manner. No body wishes to have an emergency home birth, however, after all said and done I have utmost respect and admiration to the hatzolah members that were there in the nick of time (and for carrying me down 3 flights of stairs) with care and concern to avoid detection from others as much as possible. I hope this never happens to me again but if it does c”v I will be”h have the number of hatzolah handy, kudos to them!

      • Glad you had a positive experience. Unfortunately most people in this situation was not too happy with the lack of Tznius… I have many firsthand stories to share with you…!


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