West Bank – Settlers Torch Palestinian Home After Israeli Soldier Killed


    Hebrew graffiti sprayed on a wall reads 'Regards from Eden, Revenge!' in front of a fire-ravaged Palestinian house in the West Bank village of Sinjil, 14 November 2013. EPA/ATEF SAFADIWest Bank – Israeli police say vandals have set fire to a Palestinian home in the West Bank and scrawled graffiti on it.

    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says Thursday’s incident appeared to have come in response to the killing of an Israeli soldier, Eden Attias, the day before by a Palestinian teenager.

    The graffiti read “Greetings from Eden. Revenge.” Rosenfeld says the entrance to the house was damaged by the fire.

    Several Palestinian children were treated for smoke inhalation and the house in the village of Sinjil in the occupied West Bank, was extensively damaged.

    “Suddenly there was fire everywhere, spilling into the kitchen,” Ruwaida Dar Khalil, the mother of the household told Reuters. “We were terrified. We took our young children to hospital after they breathed in the smoke. Thank God they are all right.”

    Ribhi Ghafri, the deputy mayor of Sinjil village where the house is located, says the family was inside when their home was set on fire but no one was injured.

    Vandals have targeted mosques, churches, dovish Israeli groups and even Israeli military bases in recent years in protest against Israeli policies perceived to be pro-Palestinian or in response to attacks against Israelis.

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      • What is the matter with you? This family had NOTHING to do with the murder and the burning was likely done by Jews who had NO RELATION to the Atias family! By your logic, it would be appropriate for a non-Jew to burn YOUR house because a Jew murdered a non-Jew, somewhere. Sorry, but I don’t believe my Torah permits trying to murder innocent children.

        • According to your twisted logic it’s only ok when these savages kill Jews and not the other way around. Well let me tell you, the Torah also mentions when someone comes to kill you, kill them first, and this my dear idiot, is thus applicable!

    1. The Israeli government itself should mandate that these revenges be carried out. There is nothing with a chance to decrease or stop the attacks except direct revenge attacks. When they see their homes damaged, and they suffer losses of lives and property, maybe, just maybe they’ll stop their savagery. These are animals that learn only through punishment.

        • Not quickly, that’s true. But the past many years have virtually every act of terror being somehow rewarded. Negotiation is useless. One needs to silence them with military power. They will discover that the acts of violence cause them more harm, and they will diminish. In the meantime, we will have eliminated a few likely terrorists, and I might actually feel a little better.

    2. Those that committed this crime against innocent Palestinians should be arrested and be made to feel the full brunt of the law. These acts are wrong, and only serve increase hatred and animosity.


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