Brooklyn, NY – Ticket-Happy NYPD Traffic Agents Take Advantage As City Belatedly Lifts Alternate Side Parking Restrictions (video)


    David Shor in front of vehicle at his home in Borough Park with the ticket in his hand, on Dec. 10, 2013. ( Arya Rabinovitz/, NY – A Borough Park resident who was ticketed for double parking his car this morning is expressing frustration at the way parking regulations were handled in the city this morning.

    Alternate side of the street parking rules were in effect this morning at 8:30, the time when the parking requirements that allow for street cleaning began on 40th Street between 12th and 13th Avenues.

    David Shor, who lives on the block in question, went outside and moved his car from the side of the street that was due to be cleaned and double parked it across the street, a courtesy generally allowed by the NYPD.

    “I checked New York City Alternate Side Parking on Twitter to see if alternate side was in effect, figuring maybe it was suspended because of the snow,” Shor told VIN News. “The only tweet on their timeline was that alternate side rules were in effect.”

    At 8:45 this morning NYC 311 tweeted that alternate side of the street parking was suspended for the day to facilitate snow removal. While Shor didn’t see the update from NYC 311, he saw an identical tweet issued by NYCASP at 8:56 AM. Understanding that he could be ticketed for double parking as alternate side parking regulations had been lifted, Shor went outside immediately only to see a police officer ticketing a neighbor’s car.

    Video below, the NYPD traffic agent handing out the ticket to Shor.

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    “I went over to ask her why she was ticketing the car if they had just announced that alternate side of the street parking had been lifted and I noticed that my car had already been ticketed,” said Shor.

    The $115 parking violation notice on Shor’s windshield was dated 8:57 AM, just one minute after NYCASP announced the change in parking status throughout the city.

    “When I asked her why she was giving tickets the police officer told me she had just gotten the dispatch that alternate side of the street parking had been suspended. I told her I didn’t get the dispatch but the minute they posted the change I came outside to move my car.”
    Th official NYC Alt Side Parking tweet announcing rules and regulations Dec. 10, 2013
    Shor said he believes that some sort of leniency should be granted on blocks where alternate side of the street parking had already gone into effect for the day.

    Councilman David G. Greenfield expressed his concern upon learning of the incident.

    “It is outrageous and disappointing to hear that traffic agents were out in force in our community this morning issuing ‘gotcha’ tickets to unsuspecting motorists,” said Greenfield.

    “We should be able to expect traffic agents to make reasonable accommodations and to provide a simply courtesy to the public during instances like this morning, when it was not clear which parking regulations were in effect due to the snowstorm.

    I have reached out to the NYPD to register my dismay with this situation, and I urge anyone who received a ticket today to immediately contact my office for help appealing it.”

    The Department of Transportation did not respond to VIN News’ request for comment on the matter.

    The $115 ticket.

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