Borough Park, NY – Brooklyn’s Torah Animal World Consolidating Animal Collection


    Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, owner of the museum on Dec. 29, 2013 ( Arya Rabinovits/ Park, NY – Brooklyn’s Torah Animal World may be closing its animal building due to financial hardship, but two buildings will remain open.

    In a video interview with VIN News, Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, owner of the museum, said one of the buildings will be sold but two buildings will remain open to house some of the animal collection. The animals will be consolidated among the two remaining open buildings and the Catskill location. Tours of the remaining animals will continue in the other two open buildings.

    Deutsch says the hardest item to import and transport was the elephant due to its size. He also stated the birds and the kangaroo were difficult to acquire, as they needed special approval. Only endangered animals needed special permits.

    Sponsors have dwindled over the years leaving the museum in financial distress, forcing Deutsch to sell one of the buildings.

    The educational institution receives about 35,000 visitors per year from schools, families and tourists.

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    1. Its a shame. Rav Deutsch, shlita, is a highly regarded rav from Chabad who has shown great mesiras nefesh to keep these locations going. Thre are too many worthy mosdos competing for the limited amounts of funds available.

    2. It is a shame there are no dinosaurs in this museum. To pretend that multiple species of animals never existed simply because their timeline does not match up with your view of the universe is ignorance in its largest form.

      • There were never any dinosaurs according to Toras Moshe M’Sinai…..any such animals, if they ever existed, were not aboard the tayvah at the time of noach….you can bring down from chazal that the bones and skeletons we find at museums were created during bri’yas h’aolm.

        • There are billions of species of animals and plants that are not mentioned in the torah, does that mean “they did not exist?” Don’t you find it a bit odd that all the animals mentioned happened to live within a 50 mile radius of where it was written? Dosent that give you any pause that there might just be something to the theory that it was man made? That if the creator of the universe had written the book, he would have mentioned animals outside the local sphere of the middle east? Such as dinosaurs, peacocks, kangaroos, dolphins, etc?

      • Boy, talk about having an agenda! Where should the rabbi go to get one? Do you have one in your basement to offer him? And where in the Torah is the dinosaur mentioned? The museum is about animals mentioned in the Torah.

    3. To make clear the dinosaur issue, we find the story of king david going up on a mountain, when suddenly the mountain stood up, he realized it was an animal, and he was just on the horns… thats how huge it was… so he called to hashem for help, and Hashem sent a lion, so the animal will bow to the lion, and so it did.
      Now he asked Hashem “הושיענו מפי אריה ומקרני ראם עניתני”, and he was saved.
      Quite possible that this animal is the dinosaur!

    4. The Gemorah in Zevachim says there was an animal, called a reaim, which was so big it couldn’t fit in the teyva so Noach had to tye it to the outside, so it appears that Chazal knew about dinosaurs before modern scientiists did.

      • What about oxygen tanks? How come the bible does not mention oxygen tanks? Well, if the water rose above the highest mountain, there is no breathable air at that heights, so what medical supply company did noah use to ensure everyone on board had sufficient oxygen?

        • Think before you post. What do you imagine would happen to the breathable atmosphere as the waters rise? It would move up as well, providing oxygen for all who needed it.

    5. I’ve been to that place and it’s insult to call it a “museum.” It’s more like some red neck’s garage in Alaska who has taxidermy of hunt trophies. If you really care to educate 35,000 students about the living environment, take a trip to the American Museum of Natural History in the city where qualified scientists develop exhibits with education in mind.

      • How on earth could they take them to a place that displays dinosaurs and other things that apparently never existed, including definitive proof of evolution?

        • Dear Modern and Enlightened,

          It is interesting that you claim to have definitive proof of evolution. Not only isn’t such proof known to mainstream scientists, more and more scientists are moving away from once popular theories. Not to say that people are becoming religious, they are still looking to disprove religion etc. I teach physics and biology at a well known school and keep up with current research.

          As far as dinosaurs go, there are many explanations that fit perfectly with our beliefs and have convinced thousands of educated people at Arachim, Aish Hatora, priority One etc etc etc.

          It is possible that these are the species that the Torah says cross-bred and were wiped out in the mabul, the carbon dating on the bones would be off since they were boiled in the flood.

          There are other theories as well.

          Don’t confuse ignorance with enlightenment, perhaps you should learn about your very precious heritage before you mock it.

          Enlightened people have tried to disprove it for thousands of years, yet no matter how much science advances, ideas and truisms change, the Torah stays true and relevant as given on Har Sinai and expounded on by our sages of blessed memory.

          • “It is interesting that you claim to have definitive proof of evolution. Not only isn’t such proof known to mainstream scientists, more and more scientists are moving away from once popular theories.” In what world do you live that there is no definitive proof of evolution of that scientists are moving away from the theory? Evolution is quite possibly the best explained of all scientific theories and there isn’t a respectable scientist around who doesn’t accept it. No one is moving away from anything. Read a science journal at some point. I don’t really care what ridiculous “evidence” convinced someone at Aish or any other group. If they are claiming that evolution isn’t real then they are just flat out wrong.

            • It dosent, and he has no source. When you have a certain ideology that you believe at face value and refuse to look at any evidence that counters it, very little can be done. You can stare into evidence that says the earth is 4.7 billion years old, but if you believe it is only 6,000, you will say things about boiling water and carbon dating that have zero scientific merit.

              On a side note, how anyone can worship someone that literally boiled/drowned alive thousands, maybe millions of innocent infants and children? That is beyond me.

    6. Uneducated people believe this is a museum. It’s ok for kids in strollers, but please teach our kinder about real science if they are to survive in this world. Teach them the planets revolve around the sun and not that the world is flat as they are learning in Monsey and New Square. My kids are in 6th and 7th grade and have never had a science lecture except how flat the earth is.


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