Brooklyn, NY – UPDATE: Williamsburg Kidnap Victim’s Relatives Call For Volunteers


    Police investigators on the scene in Williamsburg at the office of Menachem Stark. Stark was allegedly abducted early Friday morningBrooklyn, NY – As police hunt for clues regarding the apparent abduction of a Williamsburg man, relatives of 39 year old Menachem Stark are issuing an urgent appeal for volunteers.

    “We need people to come help with the cameras,” Yoely Stark, brother of the missing man, told VIN News. “We need volunteers to see which buildings have cameras and we need people who know how to access the security footage.”

    While police are not officially calling Stark’s disappearance an abduction, they have confirmed that security footage show Stark leaving his office at 2:30 AM.

    “We are still taking reports,” said an NYPD spokesman. “A male appears to have been taken from his place of work in a van by two people.”

    Menachem Stark is described as being 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 185 pounds.
    Menachem Stark (FILE photo Eli Wohl/
    According to Yoely Stark, security footage shows his brother fighting with the men briefly outside his office Southside Associates at 331 Rutledge Street before he was bound with duct tape and thrown into a light colored Dodge van. Stark urged volunteers to come forward immediately.

    “We have to move quickly,” said Stark. “Shabbos is coming and time is very important. Remember Leiby Kletzky? They only got him through the security cameras and we need people to come forward now to help. The fastest way possible to get information is through the cameras which give the most accurate information.”

    Stark asked volunteers to contact Shomrim at 718 237-0202

    A July 2011 report on real estate website names Stark as one of two men facing $51 million in personal guaranty and foreclosure lawsuits for five separate loans made in Williamsburg and Greenpoint in 2006 and 2007. It is unknown at this time if there is any connection between the lawsuit and the kidnapping.

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