New York – A VIN Editorial: An Open Letter To The New York Post


    This front page cover was published in today's NY PostNew York – Dear Editors,

    Today was a tragic day. It was tragic because the multitudes of your readership, the citizenry of New York City, the workers, the apartment dwellers, were exposed to a despicable and vile evil. This evil was found on the front cover of your Sunday edition.

    Your newspaper, of all papers, should realize that words do matter. And headlines matter most of all. Because headlines influence how people not only view a narrative, but how people see the world and how they respond to the day to day interactions of life. When headlines justify the taking of human life, a dark and shameful line has been crossed.

    Your headline this Sunday entitled, “Slumlord found Burned in Dumpster – Who Didn’t Want Him Dead?” is outrageous precisely because it calls for open warfare on landlords.

    Whether the accusations of Menachem Stark’s land-lording methods are true or not is not the issue. Nor is the issue that you have arrogated for yourselves the role of judge, jury, and executioner in how you have covered and headlined this horrific tragedy.

    You have justified murder in the eyes of your readership.

    If your landlord is slow on calling the exterminator, or a leaky ceiling after a snow storm, it is okay to want him dead and act upon it. It is justifiable. Warranted. Completely understandable.

    Here is a man who was brutally murdered, and yet with no evidence whatsoever but innuendo alone you have declared Mr. Stark and thousands of other landlords like him, as perfectly justifiable candidates – for their lives to be snuffed out.

    Your words are border-line incitement to murder. Yes, murder.

    Your paper didn’t shed a tear for a widowed wife. Nor for eight orphaned children. No. What you did was first label Mr. Stark a slumlord, justify his horrific murder, and perhaps that of others owners of buildings too.

    What can we expect next, dear New York Post? Are you planning to post the names and addresses of other landlords along with the school’s that their children attend so that other outraged tenants can kidnap, suffocate and burn them too? Are you planning to call for more green dumpsters in Great Neck as well?

    Dear, dear New York Post, anarchy is never justifiable. Murder is never justifiable. And such a headline is never justifiable as well. Never ever.

    A few weeks ago, there was another murder that happened in Israel. A sixteen year old Palestinian took a knife and stabbed to death an 18 year old soldier asleep in the backseat of a bus. When the New York Times covered the issue, they didn’t mention the pain to the family of the victim. They mentioned the pain to the family of the terrorist murderer.

    To their credit, the New York Times apologized and admitted the error of how they covered the story.

    The question is will you?

    We never saw a headline like this on a terrorist. Nor have we seen it on Bin Ladin, after he murdered 3000 lives in the World Trade Center terrorism.

    The family and community that you have spat upon with this contemptible headline will not voice its outrage by rioting or setting fire to your buildings. They will swallow the obnoxious and loathsome insult quietly, as you sit smirking to yourselves in your leather-lined offices counting the number of issues that you have sold in running this headline.

    How can you sleep at night, dear New York Post? How can you sleep knowing that you may have aided and abetted the future murders of landlords, that as the dirt on the grave of a man who was snuffed out in the prime of his life is still moist, having only been placed there a few hours before you went to print?

    For shame, dear New York Post. For shame.

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    1. Well written.
      Despicable NY post. Not the first time they wrote unacceptable headlines or articles.
      Their apologies mean nothing. They proved that time and time again.

      For shame, indeed.

    2. This is outrageous I’m sitting and crying how Thay were able to do this for a family that’s mourning and a community that’s still in shock we should do something about it everyone should call in to the post

    3. It’s libelous. Hold them accountable. And let’s treat them to a long stream of protest phone calls. I wouldn’t put their paper at the bottom of a bird cage.

    4. Its time for all the media (print and online) to show some self-restraint and realize that there are consequences to what they print or display on their websites. This episode is only the latest in NYPost over the top headlines reminiscent of a cheap tabloid but sadly, it extends even to our own media (although nothing as obscene as the Post headline about Stark). Self-restraint involves not only what the newspaper or website publishes itself, but what it allows to be displayed. We went through a period after Obama’s first election where there were several posters who regularly posted statements indirectly endorsing the assassination of the newly elected Black President. The hateful comments have continued, albeit at a lower rhetorical level. Just last week, there were those posting here who were mamash gleeful about the immanent death of Ariel Sharon and praising the murderer of Rabin.

      In simple terms, its time to lower the rhetorical level for ALL.

    5. Boycott the post!!!

      Make it clear we do not tolerate such a behavior.
      As a business made I made it clear to all me employees. Don’t buy gas from anyone who sells it.
      Be creative lets hit where it hurts!!!

    6. the post article may be a direct result of the frum communities complete lack of sympathy for the stuff stark did and make him out like some righteous tzadiuk.

      they see frum people do not care how a person gets their money as long as they give charity to frum causes all is great and all their sins are forgiven sort of like confession

      • Still dosen’t justify the post to make such a headline nor to write such a hateful article. regardless of the person’s personal behavior that hasn’t even been proven yet and is just gossip it doesn’t justify his brutal killing as the post shamelessly claims. Sorry but your comment is senseless

      • What a lie. Frum people do care where a person gets him money from. Money should only be obtained in an honest manner. Just become some so-called Frum people are dishonest is no reason to paint an entire community. Painting an entire community in a certain fashion because some members of the community act in a certain way is the essence of bigotry. Coming from you, it doesn’t surprise me because your blogs are full of hateful bigotry against the Frum community.

        • please do not make me laugh when is the last time the community condemned a frum fraudster? They always rally around them. maybe you can tell me when the victims where not yiddin that there was some outrage and or condemnation of the person 2 would be enough.

          when i was young the yeshiva held a dinner for someone who was out of jail for less than 24 hours a major litvish yeshiva. A few years ago a big dinner was help in Lakewood because a yid was let our of prison they made it like he was in jail because he was a yid not because he stole millions
          Most frum people are very honest but sadly they do not see it as a major problem when some do commit fraud

          • Wrong and bigoted again. The great majority of frum people do see fraud as a major problem. The fact that some Yeshiva honored someone who should not have been honored is a reflection on that yeshiva, not on the vast majority.
            Your comments here are meaningless because it is obvious that you are a bigot. I am commenting only because I don’t want naïve people who read your comments to be taken in.

      • Slumlord??? 17 buildings & less than 300 violations?? Thats less than 15 per building!!! I challenge you to find an apartment building with less than 20 violations. Such a CROCK of BS!!!!

      • And you shmuck what you are….where does it say that you believe libel and innuendos about people. Where does it say that you can slander people without hearing two sides of the story. Unfortunately, Mr. Stark cannot speak up for himself anymore….but you already called it…judge and jury..
        Shame on you. You can go crawl into a big deep hole and ask the One Above to forgive you… but I can’t believe that you would a believing man..
        Sheephead bay yid…you are…………………I doubt that…!.

      • What makes you think the Post knows how he earned his money. When you own many apartments in a apartment house setting there’l always be some that complain daily, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, the water pressure from the sinks are too strong/weak, with these approximately.10% of dwellers you’ll always be a slumlord unless you allowed them to live their rent free! Wake up and smell the coffee!

      • Strange as it may seem, the NY Post is in the business of making money by selling newspapers.

        Yes, there is an awful not of innuendo, but this is not a case of smelling smoke and saying there was a fire. This is a case of seeing the ruins of a house, and saying there was a fire.

        Unless one wants to warp one’s brain by thinking that all these had it in for him because he was Jewish. In that case, go right ahead.

      • What facts….where did they get their facts…you are also one of those suckers being sucked into what the holy “Media” reports… who is the Media anyway? A bunch of low life liars and cheats themselves ….who make a living sucking the blood of others….dispensing news, facts as if it were the holy bible….and you people buying it all. Just shows where YOUR brains are….

        • gee I wonder if you believe any stories when it is about a non yid I guess you say the same thing

          the post said it in a hurtful and disgusting way however they are reporting what many other news site are reporting about his business dealing

    7. I never wrote any comments on any blogs nor on any news articles, this time is different. my heart bleeds for the family who lost a great father. We can’t be quiet for the shameless articles posted by the New York Post. Lately they wrote many articles to embarrass our community, without checking the facts if it’s true or not. Theyey did it with Shea Ostreicher and they did it again yesterday by describing Menachem as a shady man with shady deals. They went as far as to give right to murder him. Shame on you New York Post. We should look for legal actions with the DA, and not let it slip through quietly. Right we shouldn’t use any violence as other minority groups would have done for such a shameless article and we wouldn’t riot on the streets, but we should take any legal action possible. i

      • People are being selectively outraged. The Post runs this type of article all the time but this time it’s about one of us so we are upset. It was an insensitive article but I wonder if the allegations made in the Post about the niftar, Hasehm Yokom Damo, bother anyone.

        • Tabloids exist to write sensational stories. By any standards, the story is a gift for the Post and has made its mark. The reaction were seeing will only lead to one thing – the story staying in the News (and maybe another front page or two in the weeks ahead). Buckle up!

    8. Very well written, however, the word schools is misspelled. Should this fourth grade level publication choose to publish this, you can be sure they’re going to go for the jugular.

      We should bombard the nyp by sending emails laden with our outrage. HOW DARE THEY????

      No, we definitely won’t set dumpsters on fire, but we can burn their walllets by BOYCOTTING this pathetic newspaper. ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    9. Finally VIN you woke up. But where are you all the time when they headline a crime committed by a person who happens to be an Orthodox Jew “orthodox Jew arrested”?

      The NY post is a replacement of Der sturmer and some of their columnist write about orthodx Jews as Herman Goebbels.
      They did not declare open season on “slumlord” landlords,no,VIN. The NY Post aka Der Sturmer declared open season and HASSIDIC landlords. VIN you wrote an excellent piece but be more blunt what vile antisemiths the NY post is.

      Once again,BRAVO, VIN

    10. This whole media stuff with Pix 11 reporting nonsense and the Post reserving the cover page for a brutally murdered for no matter what he did wrong is unacceptable! They went over the line! Shame on them!!! Especially when most of their articles are just copied and pasted from the most hatred blog controled by a X hasid . This should not be tolerated. Even though they mean business there should be a red line between business and humanity and respect for the dead and his family. We human beings have the power to stop them and let them know that such articles are disrespectful in any way!!!!!!

    11. Very well written…But why so many times you use the word DEAR..?
      Monsters who have NO feelings to a family who is mourning such a horrible loss you do NOT call them DEAR…..When you write a letter to a family,friend or bussiness person you use the word DEAR…To those monsters you write…YOU MONSTER

    12. Beats me why VIN chose to address the NYPost using the endearment ‘Dear’ so many times in their letter. The Post is not worthy of the vilest vocabulary imaginable.

    13. Make a public burning they will make money from us buying the paper once but will get the message and will think twice about writing such bad stuff the other groups in this borough would of turn to voilence because we don’t does not mean they can hurts when we are in deep shock and pain …………. Usually you leave the dead alone if you don’t then your a COWERED

    14. Today at 12:10 PM

      Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams is calling a press conference at Three O’clock this afternoon in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall to respond to the NY Posts Heinous justification of the Stark Abduction and killing.

      Borough Hall is located at 209 Joralemon St. Brooklyn, NY.

      We call on all members of the Jewish community to make your business to get there, and show your disgust with the NY Post.

    15. The New York Post is a rag and has always been a rag. It engages in sensationalism and uses to shock factor to sell newspapers. If we argue about whether they are right or wrong for their reporting this issue we lose sight of the whats important here. We must like our lives like torah jews inside and out. We can not appear one way in shul and act another in business. The outside world does not judge us based on how much tzedaka we give to other jews. They judge us by how we behave in the world. Its for this reason that they have qualms about speaking ill of the victim in this horrible tragedy. It clear they blame the victim. All we can do is be honest in business. This is god’s message to us – The world is not reporting on his charity or kindness – they are reporting on his business practices – God wants us to have kosher business practices. (I am not suggesting that the victim met his fait for this reason- just that we should take a message from the fact that the Post is behaving recklessly and without compassion)

    16. A retraction is not good enough! Heads must roll and severe penalties for all involved, otherwise its just a scheme and a PR move. We must see action or boycott this paper along with everyone that supports or advertises there.

    17. Your letter misses the mark. The whole thing about other landlords and how the post is inciting murder misses the point.

      The vort is that how the heck can the post put something so insensitive on their front page so close to the murder. That should be the entire focus of the letter.

    18. Chevra…… Lets get going….Go to your restaurant, breakfast place, drug store, gas station, mini market, grocery store, candy store, any place you shop, and also sells the Post, you tell them nicely,!! It’s me or the Post!! No more words we need action ,

      • Waste of time….the Post actually loses money on newsstand sales…its an intentional not-for-profit….they make money in their online ventures which are still very limited. don’t waste time in boycotts.

    19. I agree that the post article should have never been written!
      however were are all the people when the post article wrote about the dodelson divorce case and smeared the frum world and some choshaver family no one said anything ??

      • it seems that both the dodelson story and this one have elements of truth in them – the problem here is the headline and the timing as the niftar just died. I would agree that after Weiss finally decides to follow the edict of the gedolei hador and give his wife a get that it would be insensitive to write a piece against Weiss.

    20. Shame on the Post!
      Also, it does not take a lot to be a slumlord in NYC. It is hard to select tenants, hard to evict tenants, and hard to stop people from destroying your property. All you need is one tenant, or even a squatter, to smear feces all over the hallway, and you are an instant slumlord. This cities treatment of landlords is ridiculous.

    21. Murdoch, owner of the NY Post, also owns hundreds of television networks, magazines, newspapers, web-content , book publishers, restaurants (and more!) spanning the globe. The list long, but we should boycott at least:

      The New York Post
      Fox News Radio
      Fox Broadcasting Co. (Fox)
      The Wall Street Journal
      HarperCollins Books
      The (London) Times
      The Brooklyn Paper
      Bronx Times-Reporter
      Flatbush Jewish Journal
      Imedi Television, Radio Israel 10
      National Geographic
      AND MORE!

      It is now time to boycott all of News Corp. investments. The Australian ex-pat has infiltrated the World media. An example is that he owns so much of China’s communications infrastructure, none of his media properties will criticize the China’s regime. Nothing about that is fair or balanced.

      The Murdoch Empire (News Corp.) is scandal ridden and vile. He hacked into the medical records and voice conversations of the UK Prime Minister, the Royal Family and families of terrorist bombings. US Republican Rep. King wrote a letter to the FBI requesting an investigation into News Corporation’s ethical practices, the FBI opened a probe into the hacking of 9/11 victims.


      • Stupid comment…each of the Murdoch media properties has a separate editorial policy and some are required reading for professionals and a highly valued resource for students. Anyone working in business, finance or law MUST read the WSJ to be aware of what their clients are doing…..students in both public schools and yeshivos use national geographic magazine and videos as a key element of their science courses. Maybe for some Satmer who live in a cave with no newspapers or internet boycotting Murdoch properties are an option. For 99 percent of yidden, its a really silly suggestion.

        • Excuse me, but FYI there are many Satmar affiliated yidden who do use the internet (filtered, of course) and know very well what’s going on on Wall Street. Your comment was just anti-chassidish.

    22. The NYP should be brought down. This is not just a case of extremely bad taste and insensitive reporting. They have violated the law and should be put on trial.

    23. Dear VIN news:

      Why don’t you publicize the names, addresses and cell phone numbers of all writers and editors of this shameful tabloid so they’re exposed for everyone.

      Their pictures posted and their privacy taken away from this thugs!

    24. If it would have been with an african american, de blasio would of been already with his entire family on the steps of city hall to condemn the shameful act of the post…

    25. I am simply outraged that your increasingly anti-Semitic and Jew-hostile headlines has come to this… A headline saying “Who didn’t want him dead”!!!
      If we were of some othe minority persuasion we would be burning down your offices and demanding heads to roll but we are not, hence the pass.
      Hence your editors feeling safe to express hatred and outright incitement to murder Jews.
      No, not to murder Jews but to torture them first by fire and dispose their bodies in dumpsters
      Where was the reporting of the “shady” dealing of the Asian man that was found in a dumpster???
      The headlines would not sound quite the same as when you have the fiddler on the roof with the Shtreimel picture. It would not create the same amount of buzz, the same amount of sales, the same amount of hatred.
      After all Asians are not that interesting.
      When there’s a grieving community and grieving wife, babies, parents and siblings you dare post a headline that means to justify this mans torture and killing?!
      Whatever harm he could have done to others financially ( evidence of which is total innuendo at this time) is completely irrelevant! His body is still smouldering, his wife and children are weeping have you no heart and no conscience?
      The Hasidic community has contribute to this city far more in charitable acts and organizations more than any other minority in the 5 boroughs yet you consistently pick out the select few individuals that do wrong you call them “Rabbis” and proceed to libel the entire community of hundred of thousands do-gooders. This is done on a regular basis.
      Let me ask you the following;
      Have you heard of Hatzalah?
      Responding to traffic accidents and emergency calls half hour before the city does.
      Have you heard of the Shomrim?
      Keeping communities safe and assisting the NYPD.
      Have you heard of the countless medical referral and volunteer hospital groups?
      Have you heard of Masbia?
      Feeding thousands of hungry.
      Have you heard of the hundreds of yeshiva schools that exist in NYC that saves the taxpayers millions?
      Have you seen the amount of property tax and income tax that is surely in the billions of dollars that we contribute to the city???
      Have you seen who responded first during Sandy storm on the beach communities??? Who fed and clothed all victims indiscriminate of race, religion, or gender?
      Have you seen the almost non-existent crime rate in our communities?
      If you have not then you are blind, blind with hatred and blind with jealousy.
      We do not deserve such treatment not do your readers deserve to get this garbage forced down their throats.
      Wishing your papers’ total change and remorse or deep demise.

      Joel Wolh

      • You have a lot of “Have you seens but they dont make up for these:

        – Have you seen the percentage of jewish multi house owners on medicaid and food stamps – cause they know how to wrap it all in trusts etc
        – Have you seen the millions of dollars in pork funds to private organizations ending up in administrators pockets
        – have you seen the amount of single mothers (who never get a marriage certificate) on section 8
        – have you seen the money laundering that goes on in yeshivas
        – Have you seen the amount of BS short sales in BP and willi
        – Have you seen the amount of BS houses of worship to avoid paying real estate tax

        • Have you seen the crime rate of the gangster killings in Harlem ?? Have you seen the crime rate in bed sty??
          Have you seen the cars the drug dealers drive while they live in the projects ?? ( they don’t pay rent)

          Come on the crime is everywhere so don’t pain a picture that we are worse than everywhere.

        • Have you seen all the good things done by the Frum community? No, you have not because you want to focus on the bad. A story is told about the Baal Shem Tov that he once saw someone being mechalel shabos. The first thing he thought of was not “what a terrible Yid this is.” The first thing he thought of was “What did I do that I deserve to see such a terrible thing.”
          When you focus on the bad, you should ask yourself, what kind of person are you that you focus on the bad and not the good. What shortcomings do you have that it makes you feel good to focus on the bad.

          By the way, the Baal Shem Tov remembered that he once heard someone embarrass a Talmud Chochom and was silent. Since a Talmud Chochom is compared to Shabos. This, concluded, the Baal Shem Tov, was the reason he was punished by seeing chilul shabos.

            • I am proud to be a jew. Obviously you are not.

              some of the largest businesses today are frum yidden,
              a lot of small business who pay big tax dollars ( if you would pay you would know)

              BH, our schools, yeshivas, high schools, do not need metal detectors and security guards for the students.
              BTW our schools are privately funded. You probably don’t pay tuition or help out at a school function either.

              The family life in the frum communities at large are a major kiddush hashem.
              which I’m sure you are part of.

              Start respecting yourself.

            • So you really really believe Borough Park and Williamsburg contribute more than any place in the 50 states. My rib cage is hurting from laughter. I heard of ignorance, but this exceeds it.

          • “everyone in boro park and williamsburg has given more to this country than anyone in washington.”

            What has BP and Williamsburg given? Most are on welfare and section 8 and take from the government. Our kinder can’t read or write English and can’t add 2+2. I think you’re smoking the funny stuff.

    26. I take pride in sending this to NYP

      Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for exploiting someones tragedy in order to make some money? Your article of Menacham Stark is incredibly short of intelligence if he were your sibling or father, would you want the media to represent the story as you did? The New York Post is a disgrace for New York, you should call yourself not the New York Post rather The New York Scoundrels! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! Instead of counseling the bereaved family, you partake in the crime with your heinous statement. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. You just happened to prove it more then murder actually did. Shame on You! SHAME ON NEW YORK POST.

    27. Everybody of us should boycott the shops stands ect, who sells or spreads ‘ny porc’, even the airlines should get the message, till B’H we’ll get rid of this dirt. We refuse any apology or debate with this NAZIS!

    28. Shame on you Larry, Jamie, Aaron,
      Who didnt want him dead? Are you a journalist? Do you have any values? Are a father, a brother, a child, a friend, a Human being???? Does your heart have a beat?

      You are glorifying murder and making the reader feel compassion for the murderer vs. the murdered. You are basing innuendo by drugged up tenants anonymous sources as FACTS. You have crossed the threshold of humanity. SHAME ON YOU!!! I wonder who the crook is NOW? All to sell some papers?? Blood is on your hands! May you ponder that thought. Violence is never an option and giving the murderer front page cover not 24 hours after the story comes out w/o checking facts or waiting for an investigation is called Shady, Crooked, Hateful, Vengeful and most of all INHUMANE.

      • What does Stark have to do with an innocent yinglach who was savagely murdered and whether Leiby had behavior issues in school? Why does every article here have to get linked to Keltzky, Pollard or SMR?

        • Just making a simple comparison wondering if the post would have written something like that. C’V not a negative remark about the angel Leiby. Besuros tovos

    29. Unreal and unforgiving. I just called the Post myself to express my outrage. The response was a very cool, “well noted and thank you for the call.” No apology, no sympathy. Just like that.

    30. It would not surprise me in the least if it turns out that the low-life murderers are in some way related to an editor at the NY Post. Their early and twisted defense of the worst of crimes is no less of a crime itself!!

    31. Yidden-I want to point out the difference between 1969 and 2014 in the NYC area. In 1969, a radio station in NYC had a Black teenager read the a poem on the air. I will print a brief excerpt:
      “Hey, Jew boy, you, with that yarmulke on your head, you pale faced Jew boy, I wish you were dead”.
      After that outrageous poem and worse was broadcast, the Jewish Defense League got together and stormed that radio station. In fact, when the NYCPD arrived, a ranking senior Officer at the scene stated that “he never saw so many angry Jews in his life”. Yet, fast forward 45 years, and we see a similar situation. This time, thousands of Jews must demonstrate in front of the NY Post Building, the cable networks (Fox, CNN), and all of the networks and local stations must be there. Otherwise, the NY Post, and others will continue with this trash journalism!

    32. #13 – My wife bought cookies at a bakery off of 13th Ave, in the 40’s, and there were bugs in the cookies. I got home from work at midnight, lawyers work very hard, and ate many of the cookies, not noticing the bugs. On return of the batch to the bakery they refused return saying some of the cookies were eaten. The cookies were not kosher because they had bugs. But the counterperson said, its ok because the owner is a Bal Ziddookah. Is that what we have here?

      • Dear ImmatureProminantLawyer,

        Apparently, the cookies tasted fresh and you kept on eating. How do you imagine many BUGS got there? Were they live or dead bugs? If dead, they may have been in the original flour. Do you think you would recognize bugs after being mixed with water, oil, etc. kneaded and baked? If they were live, the cookies were Kosher. Just remove the live bugs by blowing with your mouthpiece. This is what most prominent successful lawyers are good at. As a lawyer, have you ascertained that this was definitely the fault of the bakery.

        Secondly, in response to your accusation, there is no bakery off 13th Ave in the 40’s.

        However, I might need a prominent lawyer that is willing to lie on my behalf, but please do not make it blatant.

        On the other hand, who really would hire a lawyer that sounds childish.

        Maybe, if you will put in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you might grow up.

        • Dear immature commenter,

          There are more than a few bakeries off 13th avenue in the 40’s – at least on 49th, 48th and I think 47th, and certainly more.

          But this is irrelevant to the fact that if you believed that someone who couldn’t correctly spell “prominent” in his own name and ate a box of bug-filled cookies without realizing it until after they were eaten is really a lawyer, maybe you are the one who needs to grow up and get over your obvious gullibility?

    33. By responding to that Rag’s headline, we are legitimizing it.
      Of course there are people who didn’t want to kill him. The whole question is an absurd way for that rag to try to outsell the National Inquirer.
      All Hikind and the other outraged “leaders” are doing is keeping this distasteful headline in the news.
      The best way to get back at the Post is to ignore them.
      If asked, Hikind should say that the whole headline is subhuman and not worth giving attention to.

    34. We need at least 10,000 people demonstrating in front of the NYP offices now!!!
      I want to see the other news outlets attacking the NYP for breaching the rules of professional journalism in such a despicable and cruel way. That is not freedom of the press, it is incitement to violence of chasidim and other so-called slumlords. So now we have a new wild wild east where people take the law into their own hands, where are all our elected officials when we need them? We don’t want words, we want action, we want to see the thugs and their bosses brought to justice, and we want the NYP investigated for possible violations of professional rules of conduct. The NYP journalist Aron Short is an animal and he should be stripped of his licenses and/or certificates, he should never again be able to get a job in any news outlet in this country.

      • ” The NYP journalist Aron Short is an animal and he should be stripped of his licenses and/or certificates, he should never again be able to get a job in any news outlet in this country”.

        Are you as dumb as your comment would suggest? What license or certificate? Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? (Probably not). He is a journalist, not a plumber or hair dresser (which do require licensing in most jurisdictions). He can say whatever he wants, including the stupid and vile article in the Post. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and cancel your subscription. Stark’s estate has the fight to sue for libel and defamation but any lawyer here will tell you that since the article is speculating on motives for the murder, any lawsuit will get thrown out of court. After a tragedy like this, we really don’t need yidden demonstrating their ignorance in the name of righteous anger at a tabloid newspaper.

    35. Congratulations Post! You have just managed to reach a new low with your disgusting headline. Since when is murder justified in any case and since when did you become the judge and jury without hearing both sides? This is not only a bad piece this is an unheard of low, despicable piece.

      And now for your question “Who didn’t want him dead?

      1) His wife and children
      2)His family
      3)His community
      4) Any decent human being with a human heart beating in them, something that is lacking at the NYP.


    36. What will really get the attention of the post, if we boycott the local convenience store and news stands that carry the post, and the Jewish publications should pull the papers from the stores that sell the post. That will get their attention.

    37. People develop a reputation based on their actions, where there’s smoke there’s fire, could the post have been more sensitive in its reporting, possibly, however that doesn’t change who people are.

      Its absolutely terrible for family members to see something like that written about a loved one, without a doubt.

      But that doesn’t change the veracity of the facts of the situation. Why are people so angry at the NY Post and not vehemently angry at people who are dishonest, cheat, steal, and cause an open chilul hashem. If people dealt straight and honestly in business, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for the NY Post or any other news outlet to write these kinds of things.

      I know numerous landlords who own buildings in rougher areas of, Bronx, Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant, etc…; none of them make the papers, none of them are slumlords, none of them have these reputations. Their buildings have problems and violations, but no one calls them a slumlord. The NY Post isn’t the problem

    38. NY Post is reporting the facts. I don’t see the reason for the gevalt! Their not inciting, their merely stating what everyone here screaming knows – the man was hated by many people. Perhaps for a good reason. Sad, very sad, but you reap what you sow. Time for some soul searching in Williamsburg.

      • barely a whirling 48 hours of this horror, from abduction to murder to burial.
        Wow, NY Post has the facts.
        that is the gevalt!

        (I have), have you been thru an illness, purchased appliances, searched a vacation area and ‘read it all online’ and felt like an educated patient, consumer…
        only to find out everything you read was anything but the true facts.

    39. in reality the post worded it in a very poor manner. This does not seem to be a random attack, killing, it seemed planned

      So the question is who and why?

    40. By responding to that Rag’s headline, we are legitimizing it.
      Of course there are people who didn’t want to kill him. The whole question is an absurd way for that rag to try to outsell the National Inquirer.
      All the outraged “leaders” are doing is keeping this distasteful headline in the news.
      The best way to get back at the Post is to ignore them.
      If asked, our “leaders” should respond that the “Post’s” headline is absurd and subhuman and we are ignoring it because they are not a legitimate news source.
      The fact is that the “Post” doesn’t care whether people want him killed or not, they just want to sell papers. Ignore them, and they will pick on someone else who will react.

    41. Editor, Writers and all at NYPOST,
      Seeing your front page this morning turned my stomach upside down, and im outraged, as I’m sure a lot of people are, how dare you? How dare you? And again, how dare you dance on the hurting of young children, a wife/mother, family, friends??? What is your message here??
      You want to write about slumlords (jewish and gentiles) go ahead, do that, anytime! But what has “slumlords” have to do with this disgusting horrible homicide???‎
      NO, I will not get into the antisemitic thing that I’m sure a lot of writers are accusing you of. ‎I will just make my point objectively.
      This is a 1980 mafia style abduction torture and murder of non mafia related guy, and all you have to say is who didn’t want this slumlord dead”??
      What does being a slumlord have to do with such an heinous murder??
      Are you saying that a “slumlord” should / may end up like this???
      Is your message to the upset tenants that there a way to deal with their landlord????? Is your message to the upset tenants that there a way to deal with their landlord?????

    42. Your paper is an outrage, a shame, as much a shame as those killers are for our society, they should be brought to justice for their actions and YOU should be brought to justice (or down) for your actions…
      Pleaseeeeee Pleaseeeeee for the sake of society, for the sake and honor of our great city and it’s decent citizens, please Retract the article, fire the writer and or editor who allowed this in, and make it clear that such violence has no place in our city and anywhere in the civilized world.
      Hope you do the right thing

    43. The NY Post is a vile piece of garbage. This is NOTHING new. ALL Murdoch enterprises including FOX news have treated their targets like this for decades! Finally now that it’s one of us some of you are realizing that they are lying, evil men. Did it have to take a tragedy such as this and slander of a Yid for you to realize it?

    44. I understand the shock of some to this Post headline. But they’re just illustrating the extremely difficult task the police have in solving this case. In fact their premise comes from police sources and direct quotes from many people who had dealings with this gentleman. The Post will always be a tabloid with the goal to sell papers. (have u looked at the suffering print industry lately?) How many of you would have sympathy for someone who disappeared with 4 months worth of your security deposit after his building was condemned? Nobody deserves what happened to him but the fact that his enemies list was so long is newsworthy.

      • The Post headline is totally inappropriate but I suspect within several days we will be reading about the apprehension of the assailants and discover there is a lot more truth to the speculation than many here are willing to acknowledge. At the same time, the Post Editorial staff need to show greater common sense and sensitivity to how their headlines are perceived. A good writer could have made the same point regarding possible motives without offending the family of the niftar..

    45. While I would certainly endorse a boycott of the Post, I fear it will not result in much. The paper’s income is not purely based on newsstand sales. I suggest boycotting the major advertisers. Check one issue for some of them, call those stores or companies, and state that you will not patronize them as long as they advertise in the NYP. Enough of that will make some real revenue issues for the NYP.

      BTW, I don’t think the author was completely at fault. I’m not a journalist (even though I can spell), but often, headlines are written by editors. Even more so when dealing with cover stories. I would focus on NYP’s bottom line, and go at the major advertisers. If they have shares on the stock market, sell them off now.

    46. Yes if we wouldn’t harass our community with this high rent, Hashem wouldn’t harass us with one tzura after the another.


    47. shame on the post…we jews should boycott the local convenience store and news stands that carry the post, and the Jewish publications should pull the papers from the stores that sell the post. That will get their attention. it’s time we support our local stores

    48. I am offended by the mentions here and in other frum publications that we should all do teshuva for this man’s murder. Of course, I am very sorry for his family, and no one deserves to be tortured and killed that way. But what exactly are we to do teshuva for? Am I to do teshuva because there are people in the frum world who feel entitled to lie and cheat–as long as they do so in the secular world? I could understand doing teshuva on behalf of those frum people who feel it is justified to live a double standard–whether they run a business off the books, collect food stamps undeservedly, pass judgement on those outside their communities whom they feel are not frum enough, or otherwise act dishonorably in the “outside” world. Or are we to do teshuva because this man, who did horrific things in his business life for many years, ruined lives…
      …got caught?

      • when something like this happens we all have to do teshuva.
        what happened is not the usual in a free country.
        everyone does what they can to survive in this economy, some can handle numbers with more zeros at the end, than others. That’s the only difference.
        These are the people that help yidden in need.
        These are the yidden that understand Kul Yisroel Erevim Ze L’ze.
        it’s time you should understand it too.

        Hashem Yerachem, and HYD.

    49. the question no one asked, did they catch the killer or killers? and what will they get? a slap on their wrist? because the man was bad to the tenants, so he deserves a brutal death? will they get the death penalty? not likely!!!!!!!!.the jewish community is B”H KN”H big and i mean,all in USA everywhere, the post is sold, a YID should not buy it… that would make a big hole in their pocket.but “leider”
      too many jewish people, like the gossip and the “smutz”, that the post is always full with.we always knew that the post is anti semitic. why are you buying it??????? if it would happen to a black landlord,the black people would burn the post building down.don’t sit and do nothing,do do nothing,is a sign of accepting it….it can happen again CHASVESHOLOM

    50. Has no one here heard of freedom of press??

      I dont understand this crazy reaction. If you want to boycott this paper which lives and breathes sensationalism then go ahead. But they have every right to publish the most hateful vile headlines they like and are protected by the first amendment, yes the same one that gives us freedom of religion.

      • the reason why we are all having this”crazy reaction” has nothing to do with freedom of the press. we are trying to send a message that the ny post is a biased sensationalist newspaper (a lousy one at that), that people should stop reading. They had a right to write what they wrote, but it was the wrong thing to have written

    51. In the United Kingdom, one of Murdoch’s Sunday newspapers, News of the World was forced to close down and some of its Editors are facing criminal charges because they incited people to hack into voicemails of crime victims and also of celebrities.
      Is there no similar machinery in US to cause such despicable papers to close and to charge their Editors and/or reporters with crimes following such a travesty?

      • It wasn’t forced to close down, it was a business decision by its owner, Rupert Murdoch, as the publicity was damaging.

        And then Murdoch opened the Sun on Sunday to replace the NOTW.

    52. As no great fan of landlords or the NYPost, I must say that it’s not the article that’s offensive per se (typical journalism) but the front page headline that’s offensive beyond words. The screaming sentiment is fitting for a Charles Manson type or the Boston Strangler, not a typical family man who happened to make some enemies as a realtor. (Even according to the article, many of his building violations have been taken care of.) FYI, NY Post, there are millions of people who would have preferred for Mr. Stark not to die. Your choice of headline is callous, tasteless and inexcusable. And yes, it must be said that Jews are, were, and will always be a preferred target.

    53. Meanwhile would u rather have the Post that sensationalizes the story or NY Times that buries it? Let’s face it as soon as the Times saw it was black suspects they demoted the story. Get used to the press white washing de Blasio’s record the way they’ve been doing with Obama for 6 years.

      • I read the NY Times story on the abduction and murder and didn’t see any description of the suspects, just the facts as released by the police. A news report, not an accusation against a murder victim like the Post headline.

    54. It is hard to believe that such a bunch of illiterates read ANY newspaper. In fact, it s hard to belive that the frum community is so illiterate in general.

      Apparently, in addition to not being able to write, all of you commenters are also unable to read.

      the Post headline may have been inappropriate, but it did not say what the VIN editorial and all of you commenters say it said. It did not say it condoned or encouraged killing, it did not say it encouraged killing other landlords, it did not say what you illiterates are all up in arms about.

      The New York Post is a rag. But not one of you, let alone VIN editors, knows whether in fact many people wanted him dead. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. What the Post wrote may be despicable, but no one in the 100+ comments has shown them to do anything criminal or even actionable, or commit anything except showing bad taste.

      It is extremely unlikely that any subscribers to the Post will cancel, or that all the loud hypocrites will stop buying the post, or that any of the hypocritical stores will stop carrying it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, not of the Post.

    55. After all the flack which the post got and they still refuse to back down, isn’t it obvious that perhaps the paper has a vested interest in this Murder?

      The paper may perhaps have real estate holdings affected or perhaps are somehow related to the apparent ordered “hit”.

      If the post is indeed very close to those responsible for this Murder, it would be perfectly understandable that the post would need such a headline in order to remove the suspicion from anyone associated with the post, because they want you to believe that the hit could have been ordered by “anyone” and not only by those related to the Post.

    56. Menachem Stark was a tzadik.

      many tzadikim left tzavah that after their 120, before burial they should be thrown and beaten, as to come up pure.

      Amazing to see all the opinions here.
      Facts – no one knows anything, way to soon.

      Reality – we once lived in a free country, not anymore.

      the NYP, this is a form of a message to us, to wake up and realize the new world we really live in.

      Abducted, tortured, murdered, buried
      This happened too fast to even grasp
      this is how we read it in the books of yesteryear in communist europe.

      I’m not really Chabad, WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW!

      • “Menachem Stark was a tzadik…”

        Huhhh?? He clearly did not deserve this horrendous ending but a tzadik? Please don’t devalue the currency. And why do you drag moishiach into this, whether you are a Lubavitch, Satmar, Bobov or whatever shitah you follow? Sadly, these crimes occur all too often. Its just that when its unzer rather that yenem that you get upsetl

        • I dont remember the last time a crime like THIS happened.

          he was not a mobster. conducting business like everyone in this business.

          And yes, I am a Yid, and it definitely hurts more.

    57. I wrote to the ny post telling them what an awful thing it was to have written. I decided to have fun and added that I’ll cancel my subscription as soon as I have the crazy urge to subscribe in the first place.

    58. When I think of Mack Stark suffering those last minutes, his bottom half ablaze, and the NY Post sensationalizing the the agony of his final moments, I am enraged.

      • you should be enraged but at the people who claimed to have educated you.

        if you bothereds to read the story, you would know he died from suffocation, not from his body being burned.

      • The actions of Mr. Stark and the reactions of the orthodox community as evidenced on this website make all Jews look bad. The Frum should look within themselves. and change their ways so that Mr. Starks’s death is not in vain. Don’t steal from goyim and then give tzedakah to your own community. That is not the actions of a righteous man or an honorable community.

        Of course the headline of the Post is disrespectful and inflammatory. What do you expect from the Post?

        • You obviously don’t pay taxes. or understand how many frum chareidi yidden have large business (B&H more publicly known) contribute to the society at large.

          how much of OUR tax dollars cover the public school system, all the law enforcement needed in the public high schools and colleges, drug and disturbed ordeal help given to Americans at large. All of that pales in comparison to the money saved on medical coverage with the help of medicaid, and the money saved with the food stamps. And all the money saved in our society goes back into the economy in the form of shopping for normal merchandise, not drugs, investing in business, not drugs, helping normal families, not dogs and cats.

          We don’t steal from the goyim.
          the American economy today has everyone’s hand stuck into the next one’s pocket in one form or shape. From the president down.

    59. Our community probably has the ability to shame the post advertisers into pulling their ads and teach a financial lesson. Perhaps some of our community leaders will declare a battle so other newspapers will think twice before thinking of another such headline

    60. I did not read all the comments made so I don’t know if this was already said. ALL these protests and letters and e.mails will not punish the New York Post and if they can write such filth they will care very little. The only thing that will punish them is prosecution for inciting murder and have the bigshots arrested. Hopefully that can be done and real soon.

    61. all i do is cry.. crying over the great loss. 8 orphans. how can a person take away someone elses life with such cold blooded hands, no mercy. suffocate him to death. how can a person do this to a person. inhumane. wild dogs. such a wonderful beloved family is shattered forever. but everything is from above, no questions. we all have to accept the decree and menachem was the unfortunate. we have a ness here that the body was found. i just cant stop crying..

    62. this is just the sign of things to come open hatred towards the jews the liberal democrat takeover of America and guesswhat satmar supportyed them in the elections

    63. The New York Post has been a rag for years, and has specialized in this kind of news and headline writing for years. Back in 1983, they had a cover “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar.” Guess what? That headless body was a human being who also had a family. And when George Zimmerman was acquitted, the headline was “Trayvesty.’ I’m sure Trayvon Martin’s family didn’t appreciate the pun. And when a cop on trial for rape testified that he sang a Bon Jovi song, the headline was “Rape Cop Sings,” a lyrical title that I’m sure the victim didn’t care for.

      This headline isn’t antisemitic, it’s anti-good taste. Which means its exactly like hundreds of headlines many of you have read without comment because it wasn’t about an Orthodox Jew. The Post is a repugnant paper, and the fact that it shares your politics doesn’t make it any less so; I’m always amused by the sight of frum Jews reading a paper that is nothing more than gossip columns, soft core porn, and unmenschlich diatribes.

      The Post’s editors certainly has some cheshbon nefesh to do, but so do many of the Post’s frum readers, who perhaps should start to think of how the media we support depicts other people as well

      • Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but what I saw was a picture of somebody that looked like my husband, my brother, my father, my grandfather, my next door neighbor, with the headline next to it saying, “Who didn’t want him dead.” This frightens me.

    64. Dear Editors of the New York Post,

      Not knowing Max Stark, I feel very compelled to write and convey my feelings about the headlines and news article you featured about him. Anger and hurt towards the New York Post was my reaction! Instead of the message you were trying to convey that his murder was justified because o f his actions, it backfired in your face and triggered disgust towards The New York Post. Is this how your editors behave after a vicious murder occurred? Or perhaps it’s because the guilt of such a heinous crime is too heavy to burden? Therefore, you tried to take the easy way out and send a message his murder was justified? A message of justification even before the detectives, jury and/or judge made their determinations? Disgusting!! Disgraceful!! Where is your compassion for 8 orphans? Where is your compassion for his widower? How would you feel if this happened to you and your family? How would you feel for your orphans? How would you feel for your wife? Shame, Shame on The New York Post! Unfortunately the damage has been done. Besides for the family having to deal with a vicious murder, now they have to deal with The New York Posts hideous slaughter of Menachem’s Starks characteristic. A double tragedy. A second tragedy committed by The New York Post which was unnecessary. I hope The New York Post and their editors will swallow their pride, stand up and make the right move to squelch the anger, hurt and disgust that’s bubbling within my heart and the hearts of my fellow community members.

      Mr. and Mrs. E

      • I know you’re outraged, but It’s 7 orphans, not 8; you wanted to say compassion for his widow, not widower; and you meant to say his character, not characteristic.

    65. And let’s not exaggerate–the Post did not justify or call or for any one to be killed. If you read the story, it reports what the cops allegedly told them–that this particular landlord had a lot of people who may have had it in for him. We will find out at some point how much of those accusations were plausible, but to argue that the Post was inciting violence because they reported that one man had a lot of apparently shady dealings is irresponsible. What if he were an Italian pizzeria owner and not a Chasidic landlord–would any of the posters here be so irate, or would many of you be saying “what do you expect from the goyim?”

      The Post’s headline was no more antisemitic or violence-inciting than it ever is–and if you’re only realizing now what a rag the Post is, then shame on you, not on the Post.

    66. Quote from

      Post’s report on slain slumlord draws harsh criticism

      Some Brooklyn politicians and Hasidic leaders demanded an apology Sunday from The Post after the paper wrote about the shady business dealings of a murdered Williamsburg slumlord.

      The Post particularly drew harsh criticism over its front-page Sunday headline — “Who didn’t want him dead?” — after the kidnapping and murder of Menachem “Max” Stark.

      “The New York Post celebrates the death of Mr. Stark, and for us, not just Orthodox Jews, but for all New Yorkers, we are disgusted, outraged and appalled that The New York Post would celebrate on their front page the murder of an innocent New Yorker,” City Councilman David Greenfield (D-Borough Park) said during a press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

      Stark’s burning remains were found in a Nassau County dumpster Friday, and cops are struggling to find his killers because the victim had so many enemies, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

      A spokesman for The Post said the paper’s reporting simply pointed out that basic fact.

      “The Post does not say Mr. Stark deserved to die, but our reporting showed that he had many enemies, which may have led to the commission of this terrible crime,” the spokesman said.

      “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time of loss.”

    67. The post has always been a peice of shmutz. Why would any frum people ever bring it into their homes? Most of us can’t boycot it because we never got it in the first place. Even if what they report has some truth to it there are always 2 sides to every story, only now we don’t get to hear the other side and they certainly did not have to go for the jugular with that unbelievably insensitive cover.

    68. anyone knows where is our new DA Ken Thompson hiding ??? why hasnt he condemned the ny post? is he trying to reward ny post for kicking charles hynes out of office? why hasnt ken thompson been ontop of this case to get the murders arrested?

    69. this letter isn’t strong enough.
      It justifies the barbaric murders more than the victim.
      There should be a call to boycott this newspaper in all Jewish areas.
      This article give propaganda to this newspaper. we should call for a boycott!

    70. Am I the only one to smell something fishy here?

      First the obvious question, how’d they dare pull off something like this right under the nose of the PD house?

      Then, the unusual number of anonymous NYPD sources (4 or 5 quoted by the NY Post) in such short time frame…

      Then again, we have a leak about a (totally unrelated) subway arrest, which any law-enforcement source would know to be such bull that the City even had to pay him compensation. So why this twisted leak?

      ‘Dirty cop’ is what started coming to my mind.

      So I got suspicious…

      Then comes Isaac Abraham’s observation on Brenner show: how’s it that he noticed no cameras that side of the precinct?

      C’mon! In this day and age!? With all this HSA grants and NYPD spending on surveillance, how’d this make any sense?

      It was getting vey suspect to me.

      So I checked Google Maps. And, sure enough, cameras are can clearly seen that side of the precint. But none’s there now…

      Sum up all that, and the it becomes pretty clear: THE NYPD (or at least some of it) IS IN ON THIS!!!

      The bandits knew all eyes are turned away, cameras removed and disabled, so they were in the clear. Then comes the aggressive compaign to besmirch the victim so that when they close the case ‘unresolved’, it’ll pass (as some observant bloggers already started to realize).

      And, of course, these cops know that this community will blindly follow their own shishkes who’re always concerned only with keeping up their connctions and nepotism, and will continue their praise for the NYPD no matter what! (It matters not that there’s no known clue or lead or that it took until 1:30 PM on Shabbos for the discovery to be made, notwithstanding all our connected bigsotshots talking on their cellphones, and you still see the blind praise everywhere.)

      The only sensible conclusion to any objective observer is that: THE NYPD IS IN ON THIS! Let’s wake up!

      Wow! The story keeps getting better. Just when I was about to post my comment, new reports appear mentioning an ex-cop who’s involved and allegedly out millions. Do I need to say more? You do the math…

    71. I’m going to be a lone voice here and maybe you will all kill me but has anyone considered what kind of Chilul Hashem this man caused by his shady dealings? Doesn’t a man with chasidesche levush have an obligation to deal honestly, especially with Gentiles? Is no one going to address this?

    72. To all that ask why we are so outraged about this, and when its not a yid we don’t have much to say, all I can say is I don’t know what world u live in, its only human nature that you stick up for the people closest to you and yidden are all close to each other and feel for each other like family, kol yisreal arayvim….. , when a yid is stuck on a highway there are automatically 5 other yidden stopping and wanting to help, when a goy is stuck he can wait his 3 hours for AAA to show up, we are out to help each other, hatzola shomrim, chavairim biker choilim…. Etc we are here for each other and defend each other no matter what,
      When something happens to a goy yes its very sad and scary they have family and friends too, but its not our duty to protest and outcry for them.

    73. Heres an email someone wrote the post:

      …….SEEMS SO………






      Good no???


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