Borough Park, NY – DA Thompson Names Sender To Manage Jewish Affairs


    Wolf Sender,district manager for Community Board 12Borough Park, NY – A long time fixture on the Brooklyn political scene has been named by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office to oversee Jewish affairs in Kings County.

    A spokesperson for District Attorney Ken Thompson’s office confirmed to VIN News that Wolf Sender, long time district manager for Community Board 12, will be joining the DA’s office.

    “I will be working with the Jewish community for the District Attorney’s office,” Sender told VIN News. “I am here for whatever the DA needs. I hope to accomplish whatever I can for our kehilla.”

    Sender says that he will start work at the District Attorney’s office on Monday, February 3rd. It is unknown at this time if Sender will take over the duties of Henna White who served as a liaison to the Jewish community under District Attorney Charles Hynes.

    Sender, a Flatbush resident, has served on Community Board 12 for eleven years and has worked under former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Comptroller Carl McCall and under former Governor David Paterson during his tenure as New York State Senate minority leader.

    “This is great for the Jewish community and everyone in Brooklyn,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “Wolf Sender is a class act and a professional and I am just thrilled to hear about this.”

    Gary Schlesinger Executive Board Chairman of United Jewish Community Advocacy Relations and Enrichment (UJCare) said: Mr. Wolf Sender is well known in the orthodox Jewish Community and was actually raised in Williamsburg and speaks a fluent Yiddish, this is a great move from DA Ken Thompson who is showing cultural sensitivity for our fast growing community in kings county.

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      • I totally agree. We are keeping the DA’s office too busy with our criminals. Every week there is a different problem we present to the DA. Enough already!

    1. wolf is a very good man he will be missed at community board 12, he was the goto person that accomplished everything important for our community, our politicians that took credit for everything, got everything done through wolf.
      so now that he’s moved on to a
      greater position we are fully confident in his ability to represent our community at this important position.

      • You saying that other websites will no longer be able to publish Press Releases, I mean articles about how certain politicians are credited with a community service?

    2. What do we need from the DA’s Office? what will he do? What exactly do we need from the DA?? Anyone with info please respond. Thanks

      PS. Mr. Wolf is a nice guy, He also went to Satmar cheder with me about 55 years ago and we bump in to eachother every 5-10 years.

    3. Lots of luck wolf! U da man!!!! U did gr8 @ community board 12 and we’re rootin for u as u move up!!!! Our community is lucky to have a mensch like u in our midst!!!! Hatzlocha rabbah!!!!


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