Jerusalem – Rabbis Petition Knesset To Increase Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount


    File photo of a group of right wing Israelis seen inside the Temple Mount compound with the dome of the rock (on background) in the Old City of Jerusalem. EPA/ABIR SULTANJerusalem – A group of rabbis and yeshiva heads submitted a petition to the Knesset demanding legislation to increase Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount, according to a report on Friday by Israel Radio.

    Riots broke out again on Friday on the Temple Mount in response to growing tensions on the matter.

    The petition comes ahead of a Knesset deliberation on policies regarding the Temple Mount, due to begin in the middle of next week. The meeting will review a proposal by MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) to place the Temple Mount under Israeli supervision.

    Upcoming Knesset discussions follow rioting on the Temple Mount, after Friday Muslim prayers, in which rocks were thrown at Israeli police, earlier this month. The violence came a day after police closed the holy site to Jews to avert another riot, following numerous anonymous threats from Arabs of probable violence should any Jews ascend.

    Regarding the upcoming Knesset meeting, Jordanian ministers have expressed strong disapproval for any challenge to Jordan’s sovereignty over Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian holy sites. The Jordanian parliament’s lower house even voted early in February to expel Israeli Ambassador Daniel Nevo, and to recall the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel, Walid Obeidat.

    Peres has assured Jordan this month that Israel will honor its agreements with Jordan, and will ensure all worshipers from all religions could pray in their respective holy sites.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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      • So your standard for being Jewish is one aveira? Wow.
        Besides, there are some areas that are not a problem halachicly, there is a political problem of Israel effectively abandoning control, and there is the issue of preserving the artifacts that are being destroyed by the Waqf.

      • “so who ever it go’s there should not call him self jewish anymore”

        Can you please provide the מקור in ש”ס ופוסקים whereby someone’s ‘Jewishness’ may be taken away from him, or, are you simply making unsupported statements? It is never a good idea to misrepresent תורה.

    1. Is picking this fight really necessary? Israel controls the Har Habayis militarily. Hashem, not man, will decide the time of our return there otherwise. We had two chances with two Botei Mikdash and blew both of them. Now we’re going to have to wait.

    2. All agree that the dome of the rock isn’t the place of the most holy spot.It is further east, nearer to the steps that are seen outside of the eastern wall of the temple mount


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