Shoham, Israel – Rabbi’s Feminine Purim Costume Angers Haredim


    Image grab from You-tube clip where Rabbi Stav is dressed with a color wigShoham, Isarel –  The chairman of the Tzohar rabbinical organization appeared in a Purim video last week wearing a blonde wig, angering the ultra-Orthodox community.

    Ynet News ( reports Rabbi David Stav appears in the video in a colored wig, and women without head covers are also shown.

    One segment shows the rabbi wearing the wig inside a house of study with an open holy book.

    Stav’s associates stated the rabbi was trying to find a unique and humorous way to introduce his synagogue to others in Shoham and maybe try to get new members to join.

    They went on to explain that a long tradition is held where yeshiva rabbis and teachers dress up during Adar.

    Rabbi Stav also dresses up a haredi, a moderate religious Jew and a secular in the synagogue in the video to express that he respects various members of society.

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    1. Why should anyone be angered? In ש”ע או”ח תרצ”ו ח the רמ”א wrote:

      וגבר לובש שמלת אשה ואשה כלי גבר אין איסור בדבר מאחר שאין מכוונים אלא לשמחה בעלמא

      Only עמי הארץ could be offended at that.

      • One word: של״ה הקדוש. See M.B. ad loc. where you quoted. So I wouldn’t rush to say the critics are עמי הארץ. However I do agree the ר״מא does say it’s okay it so why all the noise?

    2. Why should it anger chareidim if he’s not chareidi? It probably doesn’t, because they probably don’t care about what he does, but someone’s on a personal mission to rabble-rouse.

    3. Result- the rabbi might be more fun to visit in the morning, noon and night. This is really a foolish challenge by any orthodox household to think that this rabbi has broken the faith of G-d by playing a private joke against the usual decorum of a purim crowd. There IS no usual decorum of purim. G-d is very much in my thoughts not even interested in the worry of the wicked against the funny irregularity of the conditionally captivating type of mind in this world. And the scary thing is that more yidden will be more concerned about this rabbis toy yellow wig than they are about what seems to be a very uninterested Vos Iz Neias Crowd that responded to a story about Book Burning in Ukraine by the Russians. Book Burning!!!!!! That is the worst of the worst for a prelude to who knows what. Did you actually think that the jewish voice was one to snatch the oppression from your own hands and give it to the world? Give me a break.

    4. I think it’s hilarious, and very creative … but wholly inappropriate for a Rabbi. It demeans his position. Imagine, if lehavdil the Pope made such a video, it would be lambasted by the secular press.

    5. The next Chareidi attack will be on Queen Esther. From the Megillah it is clear that she didn’t dress modestly, she was alone with strange men although her husband wasn’t present, and she married a goy. How can we have our impressional young read such material?

    6. Come on… its Purim. There are a lot of opinions both ways on this (makhloket for sure) but he is not from your camp and you dont need to approve or disapprove. Beside he looks more like a clown than a Girl.


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