Monroe, NY – Lawsuit Settlement States Kiryas Joel Park Cannot Segregate Park-goers Based On Sex


    Photo Bchadrei ChradimMonroe, NY – –The government sided with The New York Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union in a lawsuit against the Village of Kiryas Joel stating segregation based on sex in a public park will not be supported.

    A press release published by the NYCLU ( states that they and the ACLU sued the Kiryas Joel in December over the segregation of men and women in a park. Women and girls were allotted a section of the park marked with red benches and playground equipment and men and boys were confined to blue areas.

    The Kinder Park contained signs in Yiddish stating the red and blue areas designated for women/girls and men/boys.

    The NYCLU and ACLU will drop their lawsuit but monitor the park for the next three summers to make sure segregation on public land is not reinstated.

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