Kiryas Joel, NY – KJ Village Board Says “No” To Woodbury Casino; Cites Traffic And Environmental Issues


    FILE - In this Sept. 18, 2013 casino file photo, patrons play craps at tables at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File)Kiryas Joel, NY – The Village Board of Kiryas Joel has officially gone on record with a “Nay” vote against a proposed casino in Woodbury, citing traffic and environmental issues as the reasons why it stands in opposition. ( reports that the board drafted an April 4 resolution that says a casino and resort would only add to the existing traffic problems which have been caused by expanding commercial and retail outlets, and that it would exacerbate existing concerns by local residents on well water and waste treatment.

    The resolution states that Kiryas Joel is “a wonderful place to, work and raise a family, and we as the elected village board want to preserve and protect these qualities of life so that the future generations born and raised in the village may also enjoy them.”

    The board also noted that, to date, no environmental impact study has been conducted, and that, as a neighboring community, Kiryas Joel should be included as an “involved agency” if the casino developers seek to access the Orange County Sewer District No. 1.

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    1. Stop fighting the world. There will be casinos in the area. Tell your chassidim to stay away or else. Let the rest of the world enjoy what they want.

      Almost every casino I’ve been at, there are always chassidim in Yankee baseball hats. Maybe if they wore a Texas hat it wouldn’t be so conspicuous.

      • Great .please stay in Texas and give your advice there ,of course they won’t listen to you since they hate you the same way they hate KJ chasidim but you Dont get it yet

        • The great state of Texas doesn’t allow casinos. We are one step ahead of the rest. We as a state know the problems of casinos and gambling and all else that goes on.

          Tell yor KJ friends that when they come shnorr in Texas, not to come to my door.

      • You’re so right! And you probably meet the same guys in the Yankee caps in every “house of ill repute” you visit!
        We’re glad you left Boro Park. Stay in Texas.

    2. And why isn’t the same “Family Values” given to the new Zali village ? Why are they considered Anti-Semitic because they too also don’t want traffic and commercial crap in their quite area?

      Why don’t they deserve the same courtesy without being called names? Thank you for understanding!


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