New York, NY – Orthodox Jewish Girl Undergoes Heart Transplant At Children’s Hospital At Montefiore


    Malkie Brandler (center, front) at The Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center on June 10, 2014. With her is Dr. Samuel Weinstein, Director of Pediatrics Cardiothoracics Surgery (left) and her parents Estelle and Josef. (Photo courtesy NY Daily News)New York, NY –  A 21-year-old college student who underwent successful heart transplant surgery just over two weeks ago was able to return home Friday in Spring Valley.

    Malkie Brandler, 21, has a normal heart for the first time in her life thanks to Dr. Samuel Weinstein and his transplant team at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

    NY Daily News ( reports Brandler, who was born with a single ventricle that didn’t allow her heart to divide into four chambers, underwent a six-hour heart transplant surgery on May 28.

    “We are religious people. People were praying for her all over the world. May 28th I said, ‘That’s her new birthday!’” said Estelle Brandler, Malkie’s mother.

    Brandler is no stranger to heart surgeries – she had three heart surgeries by the age of two.
    Pictured on May 15, 2014 Donate Life BBQ Event in Spring Valley: Front row (left to right): Heart recipient Lauren Shields, County Executive Ed Day, Malkie Brandler, waiting for a heart transplant. Back row (left to right): DA Thomas Zugibe, County Clerk Paul Piperato, and County Sheriff Falco.
    Dr. Weinstein, director of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery at Montefiore, has completed more than 100 pediatric transplants during his nine years at Montefiore.

    The first thing Brandler wants to do when she has fully recovered?

    “I want to go on a hike!” said Brandler, who is also an advocate for organ donation and hopes to get a master’s degree in library science after graduating from Rockland Community College.

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      • Who is we? Not all Jews think and interpret Torah the same way. There are many Jewish communities where people are willing to be donors because they understand the importance of saving a life and not being selfish. What good does it do to rot in a grave and waste potentially life saving body parts?

        • I wish to take these arguments further:
          What good does it do to follow the halachic decisions of hundreds of rabbonim including the very large majority of gedolei eretz Israel and the golah (and including at least 3 prominent roshei yeshiva at Y.U.) ie that brain death is not halachic death? Let’s just decide ourselves what constitutes death!
          Having said that, we can then decide for ourselves what are the criteria to receive organs as well. i say we only allow those who follow our dictates to get organs

    1. Does the organization Renewal know about that, #6? They are the foremost matchmakers of kidney transplants in the frum community. Many people have received new kidneys, thanks to the Tzadikim who have donated theirs.


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