Jerusalem – Divine Punishment: Yated Says Israeli Government’s Charedi Draft Caused Kidnapping Of Israeli Teens


    Ultra Orthodox Jewish man walks near the family home of abducted teen, Eyal Ifrach, in Elad on June 18, 2014. Eyal Ifrach is one of the three Jewish teenagers who were abducted while hitchhiking in the West Bank, and have been missing since the eve of June 12. Photo by Yossi Zeliger/Flash90 Jerusalem – In a scathing article that appeared in today’s Yated Neeman, the Israeli newspaper holds the government of Israel responsible for the kidnapping of three teenage boys.

    As reported by Arutz Sheva, Thursday night’s act of terrorism is a direct result of the Israeli government’s effort to draft Chareidim into the army.

    “Statistically, every time that the government has tried to harm those who learn Torah, something terrible has occurred.”

    The Yated article says that the kidnapping of three boys who have no military involvement but were just going home to their families violates the standards of justice even for terror organizations and goes on to lay the blame for the kidnapping squarely at the feet of the Israeli government.

    “The government has done all that it can recently to endanger the lives of those who live in the holy country. Our lives here are not typical. We are here only by way of miracle and as described in parshas Bechukosai, if we follow the Torah then there will be peace in the land and there will be no reason for fear. But this government of corruption does everything in its power to uproot the Judaism from the lives of the Jews. Aside from the laws that have already been enacted, there are three more laws waiting in the Knesset that will further endanger the lives of all Israeli citizens, whose safety is guaranteed only by the performance of mitzvos.”

    The article describes the Chareidi draft laws as “Draconian” and explains that once enacted, they imperiled the lives of those who live in Israel, by removing those who are in the “true army” that safeguard the country, those who learn Torah, creating a status of impending danger.

    Determining who is at fault is pointless at a time like this, continues the article.

    “We are all guilty. Every Jew is responsible for each other and when a tragedy like occurs, it means Hashem is talking directly to us. To all of us. The Chofetz Chaim explains that there are no prophets today but Hashem talks to us in other ways….There are those who blame Chamas and other entities but we don’t look to cast guilt. We need to turn our ears to the voice of truth. Hashem is talking to us directly. Are we not going to listen?”

    NOTE: The English newspaper Yated Ne’eman sold in New York has no relation with the Hebrew Yated sold in Israel. it’s a total different news Organization

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    1. Absolutely disgusting and irresponsible reporting and I hope the author of that article finds a reason Chas veshalom when a relative of his has a bad moment and looks at himself for the reason.

      How dare someone insult the family of these young precious kids by explaining the reason? how dare they lower themselves and play G-d with no compassion? is there a wonder why we lose our youths in masses to the OTD movement every single day? What keeps us here? these type of radical unhearted reporting? disgusting!

      • How does attempting to explain the reason, right or wrong, insult the families of the victims? They are not being blamed, government is. Aren’t your emotions clouding your judgement?

    2. If anything its not the Israeli government at fault rather its the charedim who never miss a change to sow sinas chinom. My torah which states bzes apecha tochel lechem. Its the charedim’s baseless bashing. Anytime the government wants to institute any senseable reform they call them anti charedi.
      Yeah I know you will all tell me about that one charedi army soldier who was forced to listen to a lady sing. We don’t make claims based on one rotten apple. Lamsa there is no proof of systmatic anti charedism amoungst the non frum.
      Bottom line is the truth hurts. The charedim are burnning mad that they now have to work. In other words society has a whole can’t just live off support. And the biggest proof is ;
      1) why have the cahredim never embarced Vadas Tal? Why was R Aron Lieb belittled for it? Note VADAS TAL IS NOT NACHAL CHAREDI. Vadas Tal was for mature yingerlit who were allowed to do some 3 month national service then they can work.
      2) Now under the new law those currently over 22 are free to work with no army service. So why are adopting kolleim? I don’t see any intiatives to promot jobs.

      PS I don’t expect ALTER G to answer any of my arguments. He will say his piece & walk away

      • I’m not too thrilled with your comment. Did you know that all the charedi and chassidishe yeshivos are davenning daily for the boys?! The army issue has nothing whatsoever to do with our boys who are missing. Did you know that the torah called not only for people to fight but also for those who will stay at home and learn? Without the yeshivos the army would never win.

        as for the Yated, pardon me but even as an ‘ultra chassidiste’ they strike me as being idiotic bigots who think that they are the only chosen people in the world….

    3. are we sure the reason is women not wearing tznius enough clothing? if that is the cause we must make all women wear burkas and cover their faces etc

    4. No no no, the lines you quoted are from the Yated’s Humor Column. Only a mouth breathing idiot would think that bnei Torah were harmed because the government is attacking limud hatorah, so it’s obviously tongue in cheek. Boy, some people are so dense…..

    5. Just a question for the Yated.
      What is this information going to accomplish?
      Can you imagine the pain you just caused these poor parents?
      I’m so sick of this.

      Oy lecha Lyom Hadin, Oy le ha Lyom Hatochacha!!

      • No, I can’t imagine any pain caused to the parents by the author of this article. Right or wrong, and I am no more equipped to judge it than anybody else who poured out their emotional rants here, but the parents are not being blamed in the article, government is.

        • but the parents are not being blamed in the article, government is. ”The parents ARE THE ONES WHO ARE SUFFERING THE MOST ,DO YOU GET IT NOW?The government was NOT kidnapped ,three yeshiva boys were kidnapped .

          • If you were to stop SCREAMING for a minute and read my post #37 slowly enough for your level of comprehension, you might realize that I wasn’t doubting that the families are suffering, I express my incredulity that anybody could think that the newspaper article, which didn’t blame them, somehow caused their suffering. Call me naive: I think that the their worst suspicions of what could happen to their boys in the hands of arab beasts causes their suffering. I doven for them and don’t know what else I could do.

            • You don’t know what else to do? Join the IDF and get the training so that you can get out there, search for the boys, find them, bring them back home, and hunt down their kidnappers. That’s what you could do!

    6. I think each person needs to look at their own actions and think what they can do to better themselves. This sounds like a typical pseudoscience approach. And throwing in the Chofetz Chaim doesn’t make it true…

    7. This is beyond absurd and incredibly insensitive.

      Hopefully Rabbonim will speak out against this article/view.

      It’s really disappointing to read and hear such things.

    8. While the draft law and the language used to deride Chareidim are both objectionable, so too is giving cover for the abominable actions of terrorists. By kidnapping boys coming home from yeshiva, there is less Torah being learned ,not more. This is not Tach V”tat – so please don’t reprint opinions that serve to inflame and divide Klall Yisroel by giving reasons for tragedies. Tragically, there are no neviim today who can speak with can speak with clarity, emes and no political axes to grind. H-shem – please send Moshiach now!

    9. The sheer waste of ink spilled on this article is sad. This type of blame adds no value, and is just foolish. I happen to think Chareidim should do national service (not army, unless they want to), but either way, the ignorance of thinking that there is a direct correlation between their objection to policy and 3 boys being kidnapped by terrorists exemplifies why others view the Charedi population as beyond arrogant and as an enemy within.

    10. I’m just going to state the obvious: The Yated in Eretz YIsroel is and for a very long time has been a sad excuse for a newspaper and has no connection to Judaism or its adherents.

    11. Not opening the can of worms if its right or wrong, but either way its not nice to take a ride with someone elses tragedy. There are parents not sleeping at night worrying where thier children are, and then someone says its your (our) own fault, if not blah blah blah nothing would of happened. Its disgusting to say so. No matter your opinion on the army draft

      • I cried when reading this, every time you think these crazies cannot top the unbelievable sinas chinum, they bring themselves down to a lower level. very sad this is a disgusting display.

    12. Let’s take this a step further; the very initiation of the Haredi draft is a punishment of many hardim not learning seriously. Period!
      Had all the hardim been serious about learning and serving HaShem the way they are supposed to, this draft decree would neve have been in the making…

    13. I wouldn’t line the bottom of a bird cage or a cat box with pages from the Yated. They are not “neeman”. They have their own narrow worldview and want to remake Yiddishkeit in their own distorted image. Hashem help us and save us from ourselves.

    14. I can’t say it any better than most of these posters here.
      For once, there is unity in our pain for these brave parents and heartache for these 3 young boys.
      Would that this sad event, which we all hope and pray will end well and soon, I”H. , will be the beginning of a unity of Jews everywhere… In that alone this will have been a momentous accomplishment.

    15. I am not sure if you can really think that a publication that auspices to promote its own self-taught agenda of loss prevention against solid discretion of human achievement can ever be a paper of any choice for a growing Torah Soul. Overall I subscribed to Yated half a year ago and it was delivered every week to my email. After finding that there was no great Torah education in the very unhealthily unrefined pages of mistrust for Torah’s convections of trust in the pages, I no longer even read this paper that I have paid for in the year gone by. I find that the world of Yated is promiscuously absent from human living affairs. Still, if I had too much time with nothing to sample in the news, it might be somewhat relevant.

      This is a very upsetting assessment about why there are horrors in our community. Hashem is not a G-d of hate for the whole community because someone in the articled discretion of dishonorable creed does not like his sampled wine. The orthodox will certainly have to serve in the IDF just as the vanguard did in Joshua’s time. Who are they to think that G-d is their Pharaoh. Never Again.

    16. Carefully reviewing Shulchan Aruch Orech Chaim 329, Paragraphs 6 and 7, we do not find any exceptions. Everyone is required to rise in defence even on Shabbos. If anything, our collective punishment is being caused specifically by those that are not fulfilling their halachic obligations. In other words, is is none other than the Yated Neeman editorial crowd that is causing these terrible events.

    17. All the anti-government and anti-IDF folks in Israel ought to be left to their own devices- no army protection, no government funds, nothing. We won’t have to put up with their garbage anymore, suffice to say.

    18. don’t the palestininians do the same thing? they kill us and then say that it is our fault they killed us. the yated is no different. we were kidnapped and its our fault that we were kidnapped. classic oy lerasha oy leshcheino.

    19. I have heard that Gedoilim are now saying that all the current tzuris: in Iraq, Benghazi, Syria, the Release of terrorists in exchange for the deserter Berghandal etc etc were due to their Assifa against the Internet and their refusal to support Chareidim to serve in the IDF.

    20. What a DISINGENUOUS vile article. Actually, they have it backwards, DAFKA it it BECAUSE they refuse to serve in the army these 3 precious children were kidnapped. If the children of whoever wrote this disgusting piece of filth had been serving in the army, there would have been more soldiers around to protect them.

    21. These may not have been chareidim who were kidnapped, but they are yeshiva bochrim. The absurdity of the article / statement notwithstanding, it contradicts itself – first it blames, then says its no time to blame anyone. It sounds like an editorial piece without backing of any rabbonim, though I may be wrong.

    22. how dare the writer attempts to boost his drivel by quoting the Chofetz Chaim. We don’t know the ways of Hashem. we pray for things to make sense and for outcomes that we can understand and appreciate. but for the write to insinuate that he knows the reason things happen is proof of his mindlessness and a testament to the quality content of this dreadful publication

    23. what a disgrace these so called jews . ho re you to pass judgement ? are you god ? now we see why hundreds of our children turn away from judaism . its people with this view who bring disgrace and chillul hashem to us jews .

    24. When we had nevi’im, they were able to communicate with heaven and tell us why tragedy happens. Then for 2500 years this insight was lost. Now that we have the Yated, prophecy has finally made a comeback. I can’t thank them enough. I am so excited that I am considering publishing an addition to NACH, we’ll call it Sefer Yated – it will include all of their heavenly inspired editorials.

    25. Wow. I still don’t believe my eyes. Has the Yated gone insane? I don’t know what tp say, but I think we should have just not published this and not too many people would have known about this article. In the US, other than Lakewood, I don’t know if too many people read the Yated. So, if possible, please remove this article and ger Arutz Sheva to remove it and shush.

    26. You all should understand when a crucial moment like a kidnapping comes up it is an eis tzara and you need zechusim to receive the proper seyate dishmayo , the government and army leaders by fighting Hashem and his Talmidei Chachomim they block like a road block the help they want to get , so change your course and unblock the blockage you created and take Hashem on your side then watch the help flow.

    27. The author of this article is intimating that the tragedy befell those who side with the ‘Corrupt government’. Insinuating that this is their comeuppance for enacting ‘draconian’ laws. It’s as if the tragedy only befell the secular and (modern) orthodox sector and not the Chareidi sector as the abductees were not Chareidi. Sounds to me like they are Poresh from the Tzibur !

      RambaM writes : Teshuva 3:11
      הפורש מדרכי צבור אף על פי שלא עבר עבירות אלא נבדל מעדת ישראל ואינו עושה מצות בכללן ולא נכנס בצרתן ולא מתענה בתעניתן אלא הולך בדרכו כאחד מגויי הארץ וכאילו אינו מהן אין לו חלק לעולם הבא

      • What an evil opinion piece, and bringing in the name of the holy Chafetz Chaim ztl is beyond disgusting. He must be so pained in Shamoyim. What did he ever do to be associated with such a divisive piece, at a time when unity is paramount?
        All the true gedolim, including Rav Aryeh Levine ztl, must be in shock.
        We must boycott any media and any institution that promulgates sinas chinam and that has the chutzpah to immediately divine reasons for such an eis tzorah.
        I sincerely hope the author and publisher will do teshuva before 120, when — of they merit a chance at olam ha’ba–they will face judgment not only for this vile piece but for besmirching the name of the heilige leader of klal Yisrael, the Chofetz Chaim ztl–may he rest in peace and never again be subject to such garbage, which must have made him turn over in his grave.

        As for the quote of the RaMBaM, you hit the nail on the head.

      • The US Yated is affiliated with the Israeli one, hence the same name, sorry my dear sir but there is guilt by association, if Mr, Lipchus feels that he has nothing with the Isreali paper let him change the name of the US edition, I would use the yated to line a birdcage.

    28. i would strongly suggest that any – any ” yid ” with a yiddeshe hearth

      should condemn this stupid / recreational statement with the following

      #1 ) to stop buying this paper , cancel subscription in this ugly paper

      #2 ) stop putting advertisements in this paper

      #3) call every advertiser in this trash , that if they if they will not stop with

      them we will boycott their store /bus

    29. we ask h’asem -yisburach he should take us out of gulis , when we badmouth our own , c.v. why should h’shem take us out????

      if some one thiks he is right why be afraid to write his name

    30. Did you not read my post?

      The American Yated has a lot to be proud of.
      Look at the front cover of this weeks edition and you will clearly see where they stand.
      I am a loyal reader for over 20 years.

    31. A few years ago there were a series of terrible storms in the US which killed many people. One of the main xtian evangelical leaders, fallwell, said the cause was that Americans were becoming pro-gay rights and G-d was punishing us. The article reflects that goyisha thinking.

    32. Someone should post the names and address of the author of this article and whether they have children and where those children go to school. Maybe then these Yated Ne’eman idiots would realize the pain they are imposing on the familes of the three bochurim. Its hard to believe we would really wish such terror for the families of another jewish family but for the editors of Yated Ne’eman, whe should make an exception. Otherwise, they will continue to publish such vile article.s

      • The name is the same and they have the same guidance from degel, if he feels so strongly he have nothing with the Israelis he should change the name of the us paper

    33. I just wonder….who is going to free the boys….The Zionist government with say 100 soldiers or 100 Yeshivah bachurim sitting 24/7 and saying Tehilim ????

      • You don’t even belong on a charadi blog if you doubt who is going to save them. Of course it’s going to be the yeshiva bocurim and the THILIM. see that it is almost a week and the Israeli army has not delivered so far. Just think before you write.

        • I wish you would be right…however a little reality check and as my moniker says ” always a skeptic”….( BTW let’s not forget that the Yeshivah bachurim don’t have much success so far either…(let’s not forget Galit…what was it 5yrs of Tehilim…))

        • do you really belive whath you wrote

          a) if this would be your son wouldn’t you call the police /gov for help ??

          b) if this would be your son would you only go to the yshivah bucherim &
          rebbis they should say daven for your son ???

          c) if there will be war in eretz -yisroel ch. v you would ask the government
          a gas mask ??? ( you should not , go to the gedolim .. they should daven for
          you )

          d) last but not least when bombs came flying on the south land , how come
          the gedoilem … did not send the yshivah bucherim to put gemures on the
          roof top , ??? ( rather they send them to government protected areas ))

          the list goes on & on you are a Hippocratic, you yourself don’t believe what you wrote / write , either you just like to be a little show of ( even you are ashamed with your name ) that’s the biggest proof that you yourself don’t believe
          in your comments , how do expect others should take your silly rational comment ?

    34. Does anybody make the connection that the Israeli govt allowed 100,000 Shame March last week??
      Gods punishment does not discriminate we get hit where it Hurts.


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