Jerusalem – Israeli Finance Minister Lapid Says Prayed For First Time In Six Years For Safe Return Of Kidnapped Teens


    Israel Minister of Finance Yair Lapid arrive to visit the parents of missing Israeli teen, Gilad Sha'ar in Talmon, on June 18, 2014.  Flash90Jerusalem – Finance Minister Yair Lapid visited the home Wednesday of one of the kidnapped boys taken last week and relayed that he prayed when he heard of the abductions.

    A report by Israel Hayom journalist Emily Amrousi ( gives firsthand details of Lapid’s visit to Gilad Shaer’s home and his discussion with Gilad’s mother, Bat Galim.

    On Wednesday, Bat-Galim told Amrousi they have to be able to say that they did everything they possibly could to get the boys back.

    Lapid, replied he wouldn’t be able to look at himself if they didn’t do all they could for the safe return of the teens, continuing with, “I haven’t prayed in six years. I haven’t gone into a synagogue since my son’s bar mitzvah. When I heard what had happened to your sons, I turned my house upside down to look for my grandfather’s prayer book. I sat down and prayed.”

    “When Gil-ad comes back from yeshiva high school on Thursdays, he stands for hours in the kitchen, baking wonderful cakes. I do not know Naftali and Eyal, but if the black magnet took them together – if the three of them together became something that made Yair Lapid pray – I assume that they are as gifted as he is,” wrote Amrousi.

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      • every yid believes. becuase every yid is a part of hashem. every yid neshoma came from a part of hashem… basic concept in kabbalah. thats why i cringe or cry when someone calls any yid a name that is not positive.

      • What a cynical comment. Don’t we all believe in the possibility of doing tshuvah? Does a person have to stake out a position, belief or not, and then be committed to stand by it forever. Sometimes the return trip takes a long time.

      • Believing in god and praying to god are two different things.

        There are three groups of people in this word:

        Atheists – do not believe in any god

        Diest – believe in some higher power that created the universe, but does not get involved in the day to day doings of people, does not answer prayers, meddle in your life, require you to eat a certain way, follow strict guidelines etc.

        Theist – someone who believes in a personal god, as in most religious people. They believe that not only did a god create the universe, he has a personal relationship with people. He cares how we dress, what we eat, who we sleep with and in what position, what rules we follow, and most importantly, hears and responds to our requests.

        It is very possible this man is a deist. He acknowledges that perhaps there is a force greater than ourselves, but has had a hard time accepting the fact that we can directly communicate with that force and expect a response.

        So today, with the kidnapping situation, he is going out on a limb and saying perhaps I was wrong, and perhaps this great force can actually listen to what I request and issue a response.

        • This man is a jew. He is not the open religion of the genitle form. He is a man who may have his feelings and reservations and quite possibly men like you and others who may have held him in a different light may even be responsible for his disavowment of many parts of Jewish Religious life. It is not heroic to go to synagogue if that is your daily routine, but this man may be heroic to even assign a way for religions when all else has met its worst expression. Give it to Mr. Lapid. He is like a cut throat judge who has not yet learned his priority. I personally enjoy seeing his struggles and learning. Its human.

      • You do not understand Lapid or the typical Israeli. Few vin do.
        Israelis, including Lapid, live Chareidim like a little brother or sister. They are just sick of their little sibling behaving like a spoiled brat. They are not wrong.
        Btw, if you read up, what Lapid is offering is not that different than what Alrerg is demanding. Lapid wants grown men to spend 6 months in basic training and they will be free to work and contribute to society. At that point, they can actually support their own families like Chareidim everywhere else in the world. Try listening instead of just hurling hatred at the guy.

      • If I remember correctly I heard this on a tape from Klausenburger Rebbi Zatzal at the previous kidush hachama in 5741 (1981) : “Every Jew believes whether they like it or not. It’s wired deep inside the Jewish soul. These so called Jewish atheists are just bal tava’s that deny their true feelings for their tava…”

    1. Your not davening not believing blocks the goods that Hashem sends , just put on a kipa tell Hashem from this minute you will change your derech and follow derech Hashem, so now these three boys are your brothers, it will be a zechus for them, to unblock the existing blockages so the help of Hashem could come upon us.

      • This reply is to you and also to #6 alterg:
        Stop giving Mr Lapid, and all your other friends, neighbors, and fellow Jews, instructions to improve themselves. You are so wrong if you think this is the way to hasten the Geula, and the personal yeshuos of these three young boys and their families. It’s not your job to figure out what everybody else has to do. You have to look into your own hearts, examine your own deeds, and take on your own personal avodah.

    2. Mr lapid: hashem will be much more happy if you not fighting the erlicha jews in israel leave alone his kids, don’t take away there kids $, don’t talk so hatred in knesset on them, let them sit in yeshivas to learn, let them go to work even they didn’t served in the tumna IDF.

    3. Amazing this is real
      And you could hear it all week on the radio station how the left where talking the achdus that is all over the world everyone is praying

    4. Lapid yimach shmoi vezicroi. He wants to destroy all Jews going bedrech hashem… shame on this idiot. no one cares that he davened. It won’t make a difference anyway.

    5. Mr lapid: hashem will be much more happy if you not fighting the erlicha jews in israel leave alone his kids, don’t take away there kids $, don’t talk so hatred in knesset on them, let them sit in yeshivas to learn, let them go to work even they didn’t served in the tumna IDF.

      • Close your mocking ways away from Israel. G-d is always glad when any soul wants to seek a higher place in his own soul. You have some audacious indignity to suggest that G-d would rather see Mr. Lapid give you your precious privilege over his own neshama. Good luck Altereg. This is not a future for lost values. And if you think that your daily Teshuvah is more important than one man’s rightful teshuvah upon his own heart felt discretion based on a change in his own soul’s level of being, you might want to check out Torah once more to see how Torah is a way for a Judge to learn about human innocence and discretion.

      • This is one of my pet peeves. The spoiling of perfectly good English and Yiddish words by special pleading. Ehrlich is NOT a synonym for Frum. Ehrlich means “noble” or “upright” One can be certainly be ehrlich without being frum, in fact, one can be completely ehrlich without being Jewish.

    6. These three young men who were kidnapped belong to all of Klal Yisroel and that is why all over the world Jews in all their various derachim are crying and praying for their safe immediate return to their loving families.

      Anyone who tries to veer this Tefilla to a political position, will have to answer on Yom Hadin.


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