Orange County, NY – Gender Segregated Sidewalk Signs In Kiryas Joel Drawing Ire Of Area Residents


    A for men side sign placed along Forest Rd in Kiryas Joel, NY is seen on June 29, 2014 (VIN News)Orange County, NY – A series of blue (men) and red (women) gender specific signs posted in Yidish along the sidewalks located on Forest St. in Kiryas Joel are drawing the ire of area residents who claim that segregated sidewalks are unconstitutional. ( reports that amid the controversy, members of KJ”s Satmar community quickly took to social media, exlaining that the signs are merely “suggestions” to help pedestrians during the busiest times of the day when sidewalks are crowded.

    KJ resident Benny Polatseck tweeted, “This is not an attempt to take away women’s rights. This applies to men just as it does women.”

    A rep for the company who made the signs said it was a private customer, and not the village, who placed the order for the signs.

    “That’s just degrading,” said a local man, while an area woman said, “I certainly wouldn’t do it.”

    An Orange County spokesperson called the signs “outrageous,” while a rep from the New York Civil Liberties Union said they are monitoring the situation.

    A for ladies side sign placed along Forest Rd in Kiryas Joel, NY is seen on June 29, 2014 (VIN News)

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    1. BS on area residents. I bet the complainers are those who have never been in, not have any reason to ever be in KJ. See the commenters on the blogs who say they would like to go there and parade around indecently. The only reason to go there is to bother the residents of KJ.

      The ACLU should monitor those people who are trying only to offend the residents. Like the מנוול from Riverdale.

      Bunch of despicable, bigoted hypocrites.

    2. What do they use for brains in KJ, or perhaps that question assumes they have any. Never would Rav Yolish Z’TL, ever had considered such stupidity even though he was machmir on matter of tzinus but somehow this chilul hashm goes on his name. Whichever idiot ordered these signs should be exiled to Lakewood.

      • I live in Eretz Yisroel. By your logic it would be perfectly all right to put up signs here in Arab villages that say, Kill the Jews – as long as they use Arabic script.

      • 45 years ago when I attended public high school, both Yiddish and Hebrew were offered as ‘Foreign Languages’ (4 year courses) and there were non-Jews in the classes who learned to both read and speak Litvak Yiddish.

      • 1. they can
        2. I’m Jewish, can read and speak Yiddish, am FFB, and find these signs despicable and disgusting.
        If KJ is filled with such sexual deviates that they can’t walk on the street with a member of the opposite sex without thining evil thoughts, they need to live in a mental hospital, not in a normal neighborhood with other people.

    3. What is the problem here? The local non Jewish residents do not understand the signs and have no need to take any notice of them. If the local Jewish residents want to ignore the signs, they can also do. It might just be that their house will be fire bombed in that case but that is the beauty of democracy – everyone can do whatever pleases them.

    4. Nothing is illegal with that signs, its there own property own village nothing against the law they paying normal tax’s (maby a veiber suel is also illegal?)
      Its a fly in a cup water, just ignore these antisamite people

    5. Isnstead focusing on what’s really important, like teaching a curriculum that explains emunah beyond any doubt, a few extremists control the agenda, and busy themselves with nonsense like this. Unfortunately these extremists have the ear of the leadership, which allows them free reign. Ask me how I know, I’m from there. Ask the average 16 year old boy a fundamental emunah question, you will very likely get the “you’re an apikores” answer, or the deer in headlights look. It’s a sad state of affairs what has become of our holy rebbe’s beautiful city. It’s all external, but inside rotten to the core.

    6. Segregation is in full swing without the signs.
      Women have no rights. They dont make chinuch decisions, they are not allowed to drive, and much more.
      But I believe the women of KJ want it like that. They grow up knowing and beleiving that only the man (Rabbi of course) can make decisions.

    7. What’s the problem , the signs doesn’t say U have to, its says for whoever wants to listen which side is for men and which side for women, that is NOT segregation at all

    8. In other news, thousands have protested in front of Walmart headquarters after discovering they had gender segregated toilets. A full investigation is underway as thousands demand unisex toilets be implemented immediately.

    9. no wonder they are disliked…they go from carzy to crazier…they of course make a chilul hashem as well…their counterparts in eretz yisroel throw stones and curse anyone who isnt them….hey hate EY as well i cant figure that out as there are 6 million jews there. they want ey to crumble? if these guys grandparents had a ey to go to they wouldnt have perished….their ideas are backwards at best.

    10. We at KJ are very satisfied with these signs. It’s a respectfully reminder to the residents to give the people a way how to walk on Shaboss when we are all on the street andjust over crowds the streets. So we can walk nicely without bumping inn one another.

    11. This is the dark mood of the unleashed voice of maximum poverty for maximum affairs. Please tell me that chassids of tomorrow are not all scatter mooded fish tanks of excess experimentation. This is just uncavalier favor for unplussed diagrams of logic against sun up necessity. Women are not unkept dry mats for the orthodox to break apart at the seams. How utterly ignorant and impolite.

    12. This is an idea with many great applications. We respectfully suggest that black people walk on this side and whites on the other. Or, Jews on this side, Christians on the other. That wouldn’t be segregation, since both sides are equally affected. Sheriff Bull Connor let it be known that while It might make some people uncomfortable, we don’t want that kind of outsider troublemaker rabble rousers in our town.

      • You last phrase requires a correction – it should be, “… we don’t want that kind of outsider troublemaker rabbi rousers in our town. ”

    13. I don’t know what’s bothering news 12? Anybody asked them to do it? It’s a matter of preference, if you want you obey if you don’t want you don’t obey. Nobody firebombs your home….. I am a “proud” KJ resident for over 20 years and have no problem with it. And all you negative commentators, you are the ones that are making a big chilul hashem, because you are jews and talking against jews. So, please watch what you say because every word you write or say is another match to the fire.

    14. Have you noticed how some people just like to tell others what to do? I have often wondered what makes some people want to put up signs. A desire for control, I suppose.

      Local police and deputy sheriffs are onsite outside 51 Forest Road, due to a report that area residents have found mentos on the woman’s side and lady fingers on the men side.
      The area has been cordoned off due to intense investigation. A call to the Grand Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum has been unanswered. We hope to have an update in the next couple hours.
      Meanwhile please make sure to adhere to signs so as not to cause unnecessary confusion.

    16. After all the learning and davening going on in KJ, the culmination of all of this is to separate men & women on the public street? What a small order for yiddishkeit…

    17. News 12 are a bunch of idiots why can’t they respect the KJ PEOPLE and to all you Jews out there who are bothered with this and to the comenter who grew up in KJ let me ask you if in Amish Town they will put up such a sign would it bother you ? Never Never,so why can’t you respect this people, they didn’t force you, walk your way up and down the women’s side 24/7 you won’t get a look from anyone .maybe you left something behind in KJ ?

    18. Seriously? What business is it of anyone’s except the residents who choose to live there and follow those rules. Who cares what anyone else thinks? No one is being forced to live there. Anyone can choose to leave at any time if they don’t like the way the town is being run, or the rules that are accepted in that community. Anyone who chooses to wear different clothes or adapt other customs can also choose to live in a community that is more accommodating to their tastes and styles. The people who live in “this” community are happy with the way things are and it is no one’s business to bother them or try and change things. People living in Manhattan are happy doing what they do, walk around half naked, drunk, half drugged, or half insane and no one is stopping them even though many of us are opposed, insulted or disgusted by their rules or lack thereof, mode of dress or lack thereof or sense of decorum or lack thereof.

      Everyone should have the liberty to “choose” the type of community that they wish to live in, and since the majority of people in that community approve and are happy what butt in and stir the pot with your own opinions.

      • You know what is appalling that you who just don’t understand the basic individual civil rights afforded by the Constitution of the United States.

        How can you equate when a town which is on public property decides to segregate it’s walkways by gender, with a personal decision how and where to live and bring up your children?

        Long ago, the Supreme Court ruled, equal but segregated, is not legal. As long KJ township take money from the state or federal government, they don’t have the “legal right” to segregate walkways by gender.

        Finally you fail to understand the basic of freedom, just remember that some red nicks don’t like to live with Jews or other minorities. It seems that you want to revert to the good old Jew Crew days.

        “Everyone should have the liberty to “choose” the type of community that they wish to live in” really so we should go back to the days when the African American, or other races lived “in their community, so to speak”.

        Finally, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are primarily designed to project the minority from the tyrant majority. You finally showed your shallow analytical ability.

          • You are correct, the case is known as Brown v. Board of Education and it is commonly referred to as you said “Separate but equal”. Nevertheless, I was merely trying to bring some levity into the thread. Additionally, I attempted to make a play on what is known as the “Jim Crow laws” calling it the “Jew Crow laws”, but nobody took a bite of the apple.

      • I agree with you.

        Pathetically, everyone has the right today to look crazy and act crazy. Movie companies have the right to hang descpicable ads in public featuring bloody and naked actors, but what bothers people…signs suggesting which genders should go on which side of the street so they shouldn’t have to bump into each other in busy times (chas v’sholom that people should try to refrain from from bumping into the opposite gender, it’s scandalous!)

        I have been to Monroe twice and walked their streets. I may have seen the signs, but since I’m absentminded I didn’t take them into consideration. I don’t know if I was walking on the right side of the street, but nobody told me anything.

      • KJ is the poorest county in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES.

        You are being suppported by my money more than anyone else in the USA, so yes, it is my business what you do there.

        maybe print less signs and get a job?

    19. Can someone tell me if ALTERG is for real? Every time I see one of his comments I plotz laughing. If it’s for real then maybe I should feel guilty for laughing at him. If it’s a troll then all I can say is Kol HaKavod – you’re a genius!

    20. While visiting Boro Park last week I had been at the Amud for shachris at a public shul and was told I must wear a gartul and daven sfard which they said was the minhag of the Shul. I was out just raged. Well, after being so inspired from reading this article I retained a lawyer to sue everyone including the Estate of the Besht (If there is an estate to be found) and called the ACLU to investigate the deprivation of my civil rights. However, my lawyer said my case probably wont hold up because I am chassidish and always daven Sfard. Now I feel violated.

    21. “Gender Segregated Sidewalk Signs In Kiryas Joel Drawing Ire Of Area Residents”

      According to these people the ‘supposed’ הלכה is segregated sidewalks. But then, how could the תורה have written:

      וכי ינצו אנשים ונגפו אשה הרה ויצאו ילדיה ולא יהיה אסון ענוש יענש כאשר ישית עליו בעל האשה ונתן בפללים.

      Did somebody ‘illegally’ cross the street? Did one of the fist fighter’s arms miraculously stretch out across the street as did the arm of the אמה of בת פרעה?

      Apparently, the תורה is insufficiently ‘Frum’ for these people. But, that is only true concerning עבירות שבין אדם למקום, and not בין אדם לחבירו. But then, nobody does hypocrisy like we do!

    22. I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars to pay for segregated streets in KJ. It’s bad enough the residents work and claim they don’t, so I have to pay for all their section 8, Medicaid, gas and utilities. NYers are getting fed up with all this fraud and one day the governor will wake up.

    23. I don’t get it as far as I know separate but equal is legal. Its only when woman are treated second class where it becomes illegal. So give the woman the nicer and better side and case closed.


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