Kiryas Joel, NY – In Fiery Speech, Satmar Rebbe Attacks Zionism Says Blood Of The Three Slain Boys Is On Parents’ Hands


    FILE - Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum addresses the crowd at a gathering for Satmar Hasidic Jews in New York December 4, 2012.  ReutersKiryas Joel, NY – Just one day after the burial of the three murdered teenage boys, the parents of three boys became the subject of criticism from an unexpected source: the Satmar Rebbe.

    The Satmar Rebbe’s words came tonight with no prior warning at the yeshiva in Kiryas Joel, with Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum blaming the parents of the slain teens for their deaths, saying that the boys died because they lived in the Israeli settlements, places that are inhabited by “predatory animals.”

    The speech is aired on the Satmar news line Kol Satmar.

    Click below to listen to it.

    Speaking in Yiddish, the Rebbe began his words expressing his deep sorrow over the tragedy.

    “I want to speak about an incident that happened in Eretz Yisroel where three Jewish lives were taken in an extremely brutal manner, Hashem yeracheim. When something tragic happens in our holy land, every heart bleeds and Hakadosh Baruch Hu feels the pain of his nation and Jews everywhere feel tremendous sorrow over what happened here.”

    The Satmar Rebbe went on to describe the widespread sense of mourning that has blanketed the Jewish community worldwide and said that he has no doubt that this tremendous sorrow will bring even strangers to come and be menachem aveil.

    “But with all the pain and devastation that is part of this terrible incident, we have to examine the circumstances from a wider perspective and with wisdom with eyes that are open to true daas Torah.

    During the funerals, the parents eulogized their sons, but I think it would have been preferable if they had done teshuva, if they had said viduy with tears, in the nusach that is used on Yom Kippur, to repent for their decision to live and learn Torah in a place of barbaric murderers.

    Who gave them a heter to live in a place like that, where they were living among known murderers? Is there no place in Israel to live and to learn other than in a place of tremendous danger?

    Who gave them permission for themselves and for their children to live and to learn Torah in the midst of the lion’s den? To put their lives at risk, and the lives of their families at risk? It is all because of the yetzer hara and the desire for Jews to inhabit the entire State of Israel. It is Zionism for the mehadrin min hamehadrin.”

    Placing the blame for the deaths of the three teens squarely on the shoulders of their parents the Rebbe continued, “it is incumbent upon us to say that these parents are guilty. They caused the deaths of their sons and they must do teshuva for their actions.”

    Discussing the death today of a Palestinian teen, the Satmar Rebbe observed that the revenge had already begun.

    “There is a suspicion that this murder was an act of vengeance and who knows if Jews all over the world are not in danger now from the Arabs. I hope that this youth was killed by another Arab but it is wise to be afraid. It is already 2,000 years that we are in exile and during that time millions of Jews have been killed. Jews have always been the ones who were killed, not the ones doing the killing.”

    The Satmar Rebbe said that the truth must always be said, even when it is difficult.

    “My holy uncle (Reb Yoel) taught us to love the truth and to despise falsehood.

    In the generation prior to Moshiach, truth will be a scarcity and he taught us to fight with all our might against lies and to say the truth even when times are difficult, even if it will bring great troubles, even if we are face to face with arrows and catapults and if people will say that we are the enemies of Israel.

    But it is not we who are the enemies. It is the Zionists, who place the lives of the Jewish people at risk for the sake of Zionism. The enemies are those who take revenge and who awaken the ire of the murderers who will surely take revenge and the cycle of vengeance will continue.

    This is what Dovid Hamelech meant in Tehillim when he said ‘I hate falsehood and am disgusted by it.’”

    Urging the Chareidi world to stand strong and to distance itself from the settlements, Zionism and revenge, the Satmar Rebbe concluded his remarks with a prayer.

    “Hakadosh Baruch Hu should watch over the entire Jewish nation wherever they may be, in Israel and all over the world from all sorrow and all sadness and he should break the yoke of the gentiles, the wicked and the evil Jewish Zionists.”

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      • I fully agree with Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum.
        My uncle was Jamil Baroody UN Ambassador from Saudia Arabia in 1967.
        In June 1967 Israel launched an aggressive war against it Arab neighbors.
        With the help of US Pilots the Zionists won the battle. As a result Israel occupied more Arab land. In the UN Security Council Jamil Baroody was quoting The Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum that the creation of The Zionist State is against the Torah Law and we have to make sure it ceases to exist. Most of the Arab states are moderate in nature but when it comes to The Holy Land we become adamant and we will resort to anything to liberate Jerusalem & Haram al Sharif The Temple Mount.
        It will become exceedingly dangerous for Jews to live in Israel.
        We propose that Jews go back to Brooklyn NY or to Hungary where they came from like the worthy Rabbi says. The creation of The Satanic State of Israel has caused more havoc than The Holocaust. We propose a smooth transfer of Jews to Europe, USA & North Africa under the UN auspices.
        I give credit to Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum who speaks his mind.
        I would like to reach out to him & work together on this project.
        Insh Allah we will have a solution to this problem.

    1. I do believe he is right, they are putting themselfs and their families at risk by living there, and no, a jewish person should not have to sleep next to an M-16 gun, “al charbechu tichya” was eisuv.

      With that said, I think its too early to say that in such a sensitive time!

      • Finally a rabbi who tells the truth.

        For years, people have been saying that there is no need for people to serve in the Israeli army because learning Torah will protect us.

        Now this Rabbi gets up and clearly states that learning Torah won’t protect you – the only way to be protected is to move to a place where the Israeli army and police are strong enough to protect you.

        Of course, the places in Israel that are now “safe” are safe because Jews moved there when it was not safe.

    2. Always blame the victim?? How about blame the actual murderers?? Or blame the Israeli govt for not being strong enough against the terrorist

    3. A. How does he know they didn’t have an heter?
      B. Is this a psak? Is he posek hador?
      C. His great uncle would never have said that. So he shouldn’t use him as cover for his own agenda.

      • Even if you agree that with what was said, why did he have to say something so harsh when so many people are still trying to cope with the horrific murders? I think he should have at least waited till after shivah to say something like that. And even then, nothing was gained by saying it except aggravating fellow Jews.

      • If your understanding of Hashkafah is to pain and hurt so many people in צער a right after such a tragedy by saying something like this then I think you should rethink your own way of thinking. It’s sad that someone can respect who says harsh words about people still sitting shivah after the murder of their young children

    4. With no respect, the blood of these three bochurim is on the hands of this Rav and others who blame the parents for living in EY, engage in this hatred of the Medinah and sinas chinam against Tziyonim. How can one express how despicable these comments by the Satmar are. One can only wish that someone will find a way of shutting the mouth of this Rav and restrain him from making further comments. I also suspect that Rav Yolish, Z’TL, would be turning in his grave to see his memory so desecrated by the hateful words of his nephew.

      • You obviously did not know R’ Yoel. He was a lot more outspoken than any of the current rabbis. He is blaming those people who choose to live in the lion’s den because they wish to make a point, not the entire population of Israel. In the USA Jewish people live in safe neighborhoods. I’m sure u do too

    5. He should be ashamed of himself. All of satmar should be ashamed of Satmar. Where was the satmar rabbi when the boys were missing? why didn’t he announce that all satmar yeshivas should say a kapitel tehilim for the 3 bucherim?? they don’t deserve a kapitel tehilim? why becaouse they don’t have a biber hit?? Satmar is a disgrace to yidishkeit….

    6. 3 Yidishe Nefashes??? is this what you call these holy bucherim? nefashes? you should call your KJ chasidim nefashes. These bucherim were “Holly Neshumas”

    7. We are living in dark times, in times where there is no leader to stand up and comfort the nation. No leader to stand up and combat these words with equally strong words.

      • @yiddishekup: look up that Rav Aviner wrote opinion to counter this awful speech.
        Rav Aviner ( translated) words are published at the Jewish Press on-line.

    8. How does someone have the audacity to blame the parents when they are going through hell?! That kind of talk is enough to turn one off from being a frum yid. Someone ought to inform this Rebbe that ERETS YISROEL WAS GIVEN TO US BY NONE OTHER THAN HASHEM WE THEREFORE HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE ANYWHERE IN OUR OWN LAND!!! Would this holy Rebbe also blame his parents or other relatives deathes on his parents? because they lived in a country with nazi’s?? He needs to ask them serious mechilla!!! for being so callous and outright mean.(almost as mean as those monsters!!!!!

      • How can it be DAAS TORAH if anybody has the right to say anything?
        Shlomo hamelech said “there is a time for every thing” Now is the time to keep
        your mouth shut.

    9. Chillul Hashem befarhasia. Ein lo chelek leolam Habah. Who is he to say why three pure innocent lives where killed. Can he also say comments about leiby kletsky? Perhaps boro park is also a dangerous place to live ? Does he have any idea what he’s talking about ? Does he know what the danger is to live in Brooklyn ? Who is he to criticize three jewish parents that are tsadikim!!!!!!

    10. Doesn’t sound like a political speech. He’s basically saying that the parents were not having safety in mind when choosing where to live. Timing though is a bit insensitive.

    11. This is a truly disgusting blaming of the victims. Does he think that the victims of the Shoah are to blame for being in Poland or Hungary? This is something I expect from MK Zoabi, not a Jew. Even the clueless Jewish leftists aren’t going this far.

    12. Very Smart, Brilliant observation. Can’t argue with Brightness. He claims he is using Daas Torah and ‘Open eyes”
      I hope he is not using the same ‘OPEN EYES” they used 70 years ago to tell the Yidden in Europe to stay put and not run. It would be very beneficial to K’lal Yisroel if they “closed” their eyes once in a while.

    13. I am shocked to read this. When the Jews were being persecuted in Europe before/as the Holocaust began, why did some rabbinic leaders tell the Jews to stay? They knew it was dangerous. Should we now say that the rabbinic leaders who advised the Jews to stay in Europe have blood on their hands?

    14. Scary stuff. The Rebbes are not taking a back seat to this story. And they shouldn’t. Three precious Yidden lost. Hundreds of future generations wiped out. All because of Zionism. The Rebbe called it like it is. And it is.

      • Do you know how many Holocaust survivors were taken in by the”Zionists”? Did you know that many historians believe that the many of these Jews would have died. You and your ilk have such Chutzpah. Satmar does great Chesed – especially as we all know in the great Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim. However, all of us know – as well – the terrible divisions within Satmar and the terrible kitrugim with regard to those who have been arrested. The reason is obvious. After seeing the great, indescribable pain from the parents and the obvious Nashim Tzadkainyos trying to maintain the strength of the KLaL, Reb Aharon could say this. Wow!. Now, That’s really scary!!!!

    15. A barrage of venom will definitely be posted here against the Satmar Rebbe Shlit’a… You are not the first, your Grand-father did the same against the Old Satmar Rebbe since 1948 when the leaders of Israel formed their Government. Satmar Rebbes heart was the true lover of Yidishe Kinderlech and Eretz Yisruel. . His heart was broken every time when he heard that Yiddishe Kinderlech were Nebech killed. The current Rebbe echoed the words what was heard at every gathering by the Old Satmar Rebbe. Every Shalush Seudos when he said Mussar, he cried about Jewish Children getting murdered on the Battle Field for the sake of Zionism. The question is why did he have to say it so close to the tragedy. The answer is, now it hurts and when it hurts you scream and tell the truth. When things calm down then it is only a discussion, not from the heart. Hashem Yerachem we should all be Oisgelizt from Golus

      • I see it this way. The Rebbe said the parents should not have sent to that Yeshiva where it is known that terrorists dwell nearby. AHA. So Hashem showed the Rebbe that rockets CAN also go into JERUSALEM! And also, you do not want to protect Israel with your sons ( but soldiers did look for the boys, not you). You say ZIONISM is not needed so that way you do not need an army and soldiers, is that the reasoning? Well again Hashem showed you that it is otherwise. You may not be sending your sons to be soldiers, in the line of fire ( and who wants to do so?), so Hashem put your Satmar in jeopardy via suicide bombers, rockets, etc. Isreal is not the problem it is the cure. Poland was good? Hungary was good? Israel is OUR holy promised land, and that is what ZIONISM is, a promise form Hashem being fulfilled. If you do not go to war, it will come to you.

    16. The Rebbe should know the geography of Eretz Yisroel a little better. Only 1 of the 3 boys, hyd, lived in the “settlements.” The other two lived inside the green line.

    17. The following is the Satmer Rebbes opinion why Advocating Herzl’s plan to establish a Jewish government without Messiach is in violation with 2 of the 13 principles of the Jewish religion

      A) Hashem punishes, B). Waiting for Meshiach,

      1) It is important to remember that Jewish Sovereignty over Eretz Yisroel is CONDITIONAL!!!!

      2) It so happened that in the covenant of Hashem with our father Abraham it was agreed that the
      punishment for violating the Jewish faith, would be Exile/Gules,

      3) Hashem told us thru our NeVeim that the redemption of the Jewish people will be by

      4) The Amoira Shmuel the biggest Poisek in his Generation says: That Hashems decree on us to WAIT
      for Meshiach, is meant for Mesihachs SOLE ACTION to Restore A Jewish Sovereignty and to reestablish a Jewish Government ,””All other attributes to Meshiach can be (and are)disputed””,

      5) The Rambam brings down LeHalucha the words of Shmuel as impartial: “Umri Chacumim” and states that
      whoever does not WAIT for Meshiach (as described by Shmuel) is an Apikoires

      • The following is the My opinion why I don’t believe that the current satmar rabbi is holy.

        A) He is creating his own Jewish government without Messiach it is in violation with 2 of the 13 principles of the Jewish religion
        1) He treats others bad (except his chasidim).
        2) He judges everyone ( Holy people don’t judge).
        3) He creates fights between jewish brothers, he can’t even get along with his own brother because he wants to be the leader, ruler, dictator, therefore we have arons and Zalis side to choose from.
        4) He never did & will never do any mitzvah to help a jew (but his chasidim where he can control & get credit for)
        5) He never has any real positive words to say (except to his chasidim).

    18. 6) The ReShab Writes a warning for our days: “That even if the Hertzel plan would achieve their
      goal, we must not listen to them in this matter “to make our redemption with our own power”

      7) So any one who is ONLY in the OPINION that Meshiachs JOB may be achieved without him, is JUST
      Not Waiting for Him and is an Apikoires , and The punishment for contemplating the Herzel plan is pre warned,

      To illustrate the above, envision yourself with the following Mushel:

      You see a group of people waiting at a bus stop, it is assumed that these people are waiting for a bus to arrive and to take them to a certain

      A taxi drives by, and yells out: You people are waiting for noting, no bus will arrive and the bus shelter will collapse on your head, hop into my taxi,

      First group of Non Waiters

      A few people pass by and say we have been waiting at another stop, and the bus broke down in front of our nose so we started to walk, join us

      Second group of Non Waiters
      Another group of people come by and say: Come help to push the broken bus

      Third group of Non Waiters

      • A cyclist drives by, his Device blaring: we want the bus now we don’t want to wait

        Fourth group of Non Waiters

        A horse and buggy passes by and yells out, I am a professional mechanic, if the bus will ever be fixed you won’t we be able to afford the fare, hop
        unto my buggy,

        Fifth group of Non Waiters

        As the group of waiters dwindle ,one says to the fellow next to him, I know the bus manufacturer and his product, even I will be here by myself I will
        remain waiting , the fellow next to him replies , but explain me why did the bus manufacturer tell us to wait for a bus when he also manufactures planes trains, ships, tanks cars, bike, scooters?, and why such lousy shelters? ,

        The first waiter replies, I do not understand the logic behind his plan, but HE said when the bus will arrive the plan will be self-understood

        WAITING is a stage of a resolute inactive passive behavior,

        WAITING when decreed by a SUPER BEING, has to become a frame of mind, Like it or not, practical or not,

        Jews have to wait for Meshiach to create a Jewish State, creating a Jewish state without him, one becomes a Non Waiter, which the Rambam calls
        an APIKOIRES,

      • And when in fact the bus stop does collapse on your head, as it did in Europe 70 years ago? Remember – and I wish the Rebbe would too – in 150+ years of Zionism there have been fewer deaths of Jews and Arabs together (soldiers and civilians) than a slow month in Auschwitz. Furthermore, with all of the sorrow over the loss of our boys, let’s recall: in a single Crusade 12,000 Jews were murdered. I have no problem with ideological / hashkafic / halachic arguments – but all sides must respect the facts to even begin to make their arguments. HKBH demands truth and honesty, koidem kol.

    19. SUMMERY
      In the beginning of the common era the Amoire Shmuel formulated his successful campaign against early Christians and devised a slogan that said “” The ONLY difference between before Meshiach and after Meshiach is HIS establishing of a Jewish Independent Government””” , which yoshke failed to do do,

      Bavli prods 5 times the soundness and scope of Shmuels slogan by analyzing 5 statements that broadens the scope of Meshiachs Actions/Era , but all 5 statements agree that the reestablishing of a Jewish government is exclusive Meshiachs role for the Jewish people,(V”Yoel Moshe) and the Rambam Codifies this as Halacha by Proclaiming for us today :

      1) Jews wait for Meshiach to be free of non Jewish governments, by Meshiach Himself establishing a Jewish sovereignty,

      2) All other objectives that might result at the era of Meshiach does not necessarily have to happen by Meshiach personally,

      3) Do not talk about the OTHER OBJECTIVES when highlighting Meshiachs objective (as Shmuel has done in his campaign),

      4) Whoever does not believe the above or does not wait for Meshiach to do the creation of the Jewish State is an

      A P I K O R E S

      • Reb Ahron we get it you despise the evil shmutz of israel, israelis, and all of there sinful existence. Somehow satmar can justify living among the unholy hipsters is ok but cant come to terms with living with israel. Reb ahron is far from being holy- he is the ceo of KJ satmar. Like all successful ceo’s he will do whatver it takes to benefit his interest not the interests of others. Do you really believe that you or reb ahron are so pure that gd give all the answers directly to you? Its amazing how many holy ppl on VIN believe to know the truth. many of you cant balance a check book or how to manage the relationships within there own household, but somehow they get answers directly from gd & believe to know his msg. Satmar cant even get along, but when it comes 2 knowing the true message of hashem and the purpose of the punishment for all the “other” sinners they suddenly unite & have all the answers. The only purpose of reb ahron was to incite – nothing more. He only cares about satmar he could care less about these boys Its sad. Why cant u & r ahron focus on the problems he cant control in his own backyard – before worrying about a nation and a ppl u could care less about?

    20. He is correct. We should all do teshuvah! Especially bein Adam lchavero! And especially in our families. Especially two brothers who can’t even share in each other simchas it talk to each other or make shalom between groups of yidden they control. Could it be that this also caused Jewish blood to be spilled?? Maybe?

      • its interesting to note that the holy rav chaim kaniefsky, the holy rav shteinman and others who are far greater than this Rabbi didnt say that?? hm , i wonder waht that means??

    21. So rabbi kindly explain it to me.
      The 6 Million killed was Gods doing but the state of Israel is the work of the devil? Also rabbi. Do you have any idea what kind of antisemitism and Chilul Hashem your chasidim are causing with cheating the government, child abuse, etc etc etc? Do you have any idea what humongous Chilul Hashem you caused by taking your brother to court because of some real estate and all the physical and violent fights that followed and was all over the media? How many people were and are harassed in your own community by your goons for simply not goose stepping to your tune? How dare you put salt on the wounds of the choshiva parents of the murder victims? Repent dear rabbi

      • I agree with you 100%. I would just like to add, that during the Shoah, didn’t the Satmar Rebbe tell everyone to remain in Europe – and then he later escaped??? So according to this logic, then he is to blame for the deaths of all his Chassidim who remained in the dangerous Lands overrun by the Nazis.
        And who does he blame for the deaths of those Jews and everyone else who were killed on 9/11? Shouldn’t we know better than to live and work in New York?

    22. A very, very ugly comment. One that will unfortunately give Chizuk to the Palestinians and anger to Yidden who doesn’t paskin like the Satmars.

    23. Keeping in the spirit of the rules / Quote:
      “New York – The goal of Vosizneias is to be a positive means of growth for Klal Yisroel. Our readership needs to engage the issues, discuss them respectfully, and hopefully the products of these discussions would be fruitful to help improve Klal Yisroel, even one or two people at a time, for the better.”

      Please take this down.


      We have just witnessed a surge of Achdus throughout klal yisroel. For once we put aside our differences and unified as a nation. I’m not big enough of a person to condone or criticize the Satmar Rav, but this was a message for his kihillah. We need to find ways to unify not divide and this article is just going to make things worse.

    24. i as a lamdan think they were killed due to all food stamps,medicaid and vouchers when you are not 100 eligible lo churvah yerushaliam elu bishvil gezel

    25. Why the ruv deemed it necessary to promote sinas chinim at a time when 99.9 percent of the rest of Jewry were brought together in grief is beyond even most of his own followers.

    26. I applaud the courage of Rebbe to speak out. Regardless how asinine and hurtful his diatribe are, at least once in a while we get a shock from a cattle prod, to remind us who and what Satmar stands for.

      • And I hate to tell you. The big “holy rabbi” said this not VIN so tell him to think twice before he speaks!! And just so you know it’s on his hotline these idiots publicize it with pride. Of course nothing good can come out of this. So call the rabbi and let him know….

      • There are better things we can do with the G-d-given ability to use words. Instead of all these negative words and spreading of negative ideas and thoughts, we need to find ways to respect and love each other as Jewish people.

    27. The Rebbe is using this tragedy ( vs. other tragedies where the same argument can be made) to share his ideology, at the same time his point should not be lost. There are dangers in living in the settlements and according to his believe it isn’t one the Torah allows us to sacrifice lives for. Others disagree.

    28. Hesitant to talk against a rebbe of his stature, but trying to understand his logic – would like to respectfully remind the rebbe that there were all too many yidden r”l blown up on buses and inside pizza stores and while sitting at a seder table inside the heart of Yerushalayim

      • im wondering why the holy rav chaim kaniefsky and big tzddik rav shteinman didnt say that, and yes they are way bigger than this ranting lunatic!!! maybe bec it has nothing to do with where you live? i guess innocent leiby kletzky shouldnt have lived in boro park cause its full of shmutz and if he would have lived in… he wouldnt have gotten killed? wow, what a bunch of crap!!

      • I can’t believe it! The 44th of 46 comments said what I wanted to say. Jews are attacked everywhere west of the Jordan River. But, I have more to say.
        Israel is the only entity with international legal rights to the land west of the Jordan River. The Balfour Declaration, San Remo Conference, 1922 Agreements, 1949 & 1967 war victories, & up until today all result in the fact that the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims have never agreed to take legal possession of the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River.
        Once the state was founded, God showing us His Holy Hand, many Rabbonim changed their halachic priority to the laws concerning the right to Jews anywhere in the world to protect the places in which they live.
        There is a prophesy, I recall, that Moishiach will have to dismantle the government, which shows that there will already be a not-Jewishly-run govt. in place when he is revealed. That prophecy can’t be fulfilled without the situation as it has been for 68 years. I’m very sorry, but I do not see Reb Aaron’s opinion regarding what’s right to be Jewish. It would be Jewish to repatriate the hostile Muslims to Jordan & Egypt to save Israel from annihilation, a halachah

    29. Dear Rebbe of Satmar,

      When Menachem Stark was abducted and murdered in Wiliamsburg have you told your followers to move away from Willi, a neighborhood infested with criminals?

      When a child gets run over and killed חס ושלום by a car or school bus in Monroe or in New Skvere is that an indication that they should move out to another city or neighborhood?

      The “heter” the Zionists settlers rely on is known as… מסירת נפש , for the torah one believes in.
      Yes of course you could blame Zionism, because like everything else they have their weaknesses and limitations but why discount an entire group of serious well-intentioned people because a single tragedy.

      If heinous murders,and the dangers are the driving force behind your objections against Zionisms then perhaps with peace your argument would collapse and so peace is a threat to your radical ideology.
      Yes, many Muslims hatred is directed at Zionists and the State of Israel but the Koran preceded Zionism, I believe

      • The Satmar Hasdic sect is much like radical Islam sans the blood lust. Much like a rabid dog needlessly looking to unleash pain upon the world.

        There is no logical reason why a “Grand Rabbi”, a shepherd of thousands — can say something that will cause so much pain for so many people in the years to come.

        Logic and sensitivity does not and never will play a role in this equation. These are radicals. Remember that.

    30. What a wretched man. At some time, Klal Yisroel is going to have to make a choice. Do we turn our backs on our history as a light onto nations, as honest, intelligent G-d fearing, hard working people who are admired by all we come into contact with, or, do we retreat into the insular worlds of New Square, Kiryas Yoel and Williamsburg? These communities have time and again showed their preferences, glorifying criminals, spending time and energy to milk the system and show greed at the expense of ethics and morality. The leaders condemn their followers to poverty and illiteracy as if these are Jewish virtues.
      I get it. I understand that the various Rebbes have their agendas and even that Malkiel Kotler has finally showed his true colors by embracing them. My question is on the the pulpit Rabbis. It is on the more sensible rabbis, like Shmuel Kaminetski, who is a decent man. Someone needs to stand up and declare that Satmar is Satmar and is going to do things their way, we are proud Frum Jews who have a better way. We have the way of our parents and grandparents who understood that a man pursues a career and works hard at a job to support his family.

    31. What a self-righteous, ignorant and insensitive fool.
      The polar opposite of what a Jewish leader, a Rebbe no less, should be.
      This proves unequivocally to all, what a fraudster and charlatan he really is.

    32. Are Satmar people:

      Heart-disease free?
      free of crime?
      free of molestation?
      free of Shalom Bayis issues?
      free of Parnassa problems?
      free of all serious physical illness?
      free of all serious mental illness?
      free of all serious Tzaros in the world?

      Clearly no!

      Why is this Rebbe focusing on one problem as if his followers don’t die all the time, young and old?

      Hashem has many ways to kill young people, when its Hashem’s will, and Satmar Chassidim aren’t immune, Israel or no Israel, Zionism or no Zionism!

    33. How can he make such a hateful and insensitive comment, the parents just buried their children, they are still sitting shiva and for him to blame the parents is utter stupidity . He is blaming the victim for what happened to them and not the perpetrator. According to his warped logic if someone lives in New York City and gets robbed or G-D forbid worse , he would blame the victim or their family for putting themselves in that situation. Does that make any sense?

    34. Please see Shulchan Aruch Orech Chairm 239:6-7. With all due respect, Reb Aaron is astoundingly WRONG. Further, how dare he criticize the parents while they are in the midst of Shiva. Not only is he wrong on the Halacha, but also fails miserably in sensitivity and Yiddishkeit. Sad to say, these utterances reveal him as a Rasha. It is he that must do Teshuva – and ask for Mechila !!

      • wow – great point! The post ways way out of line no two ways about it. Satmar pulled out every political figure to rally against the post to protect there interests – its weird- bashing a jew or gentile when they r mourning is heartless and unthinkable. Its actually the same loony tactic of the westboro baptist church

    35. Was going to the world trade center a sakana? Were the people in China “occupiers”? What about the children who lost limbs by watching the Boston Marathon? Sinat Chinum means there is no reason for the hate, it is just there and seeks some way to express itself. I wish the reason was a settlement as then we would give it up and live in peace ( even though it is ours). But there were wars before there was ever a settlement built. So, we are safe when Hashem watches us, though we have to do what is safest. learning in a yeshiva should have protected these helige neshamos whose eyes and smiles, even in a flat picture, indicate their purity. And what about the rockets that are fired into major cities not settlements? What could be done there to prevent this? I am not on the level of a leader or learned, but my seichel is struggling to understand how this helps, as surely when a Rebbe says something there is a meaning of it more than meats the eye.
      The parents are sitting shiva and I hope are given comfort, not blame, by those who visit them. Why is the Rebbe mentioning that strangers will come, too? Every Jew is family. 3 boys, 2 terrorists, that is disturbing. Train all to defend.

    36. the 86yo that was punched in w-burg – was it their fault for living amongst a brother that fights a brother in secular court as opposed to a Beis Din?


      the man that was kidnapped in murdered in w-burg – was it his parents fault for not teaching him trust in G-d and not having to cheat in business?


      or the girl raped by the therapist – was it her parents (oh wait… I am sure it is his view that it was her fault) but of the therapist was it his parents fault for raising him to live amongst people that would rather close their eyes rather than go to the police when a Jew is attacked by another Jew (caveat – unless it is your brother and mega-$$$’s are involved).


      I’m sure you can think of more people to blame based on where they live.

      how about the arab boy who who was killed – do you blame his parents who live in an area where Jews might seek revenge for constant rocket fire and the murder of 3 young men – here you blame the Jew – there (our 3 brothers) you absolve the arab terrorists.

      even if you believe your drivel – the Naviim that gave comfort after the downfall of Jerusalem – not rebuke. They rebuked before and comforted after. You only know to rebuke.

    37. Hey Rabbi
      Was Mr. Stark in Williamsburg killed due to the Zionists????
      Perhaps due to Machlokes “bein Ish Uvein Ochiv” (fighting between siblings) Think about it “Rabbi” Shabbat Shalom to you.

    38. The fact that he has a couple thousand followers, that still doesn’t make him a wise man. His Father in law, the Great Viznitze Rebbe use to call him ‘My Nahrelle = stupid (instead of Mine Ahrelle…)

      We shouldn’t take his words seriously. Just a typical attention seeker as he always was. nothing new!

    39. There is plenty of time to blame, and plenty of people to point at, or reasons to be given. I know of children run over while walking on sidewalk. Baruch Dayan Emes, the time and place are in God’s hands. I have heard Arabs saying that the “real” Jews, referring to Chassidim, agree with them that there should no longer be an Israel. That is divisive. Again. The Chassidim need to do tshuva for their arrogance, believing they do not sin because the women dress modestly. But insiders know otherwise. Hashem will judge who is frum and who is fake, on judgement day. It will more likely be the thieves and adulterers who are the cause of these tsoros, not the desire to be in our homeland, but that would be my guess.

    40. When the “Neviim” Where saying mussar for Yiden before the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, the Israelis did not listening to them, Raboisai we should come together and do Teshuvah, we started with achdus and tehilim, davening and more, now it’s time to complete the Teshuvah and worship just Hashem and and stay away from the Zionist movement, they have an agenda other than helping Klal Yisroel

    41. The only reason he made such a comment, is a punishment for not taking care of all the chilul Hashem that he and his ilk cause. He is just too foolish to realize what an embarrassment he is to everyone beside his immediate blind followers.
      כל שרוח הבריות נוחה הימנו
      רוח המקום נוחה ימנו
      This ain’t no das torah

    42. I am a satmar chassideste. What would Our Rebbe,Reb,Joel say to your behavior towards your younger brother. Doesn’t the Torah say you should’t hate your brother,You are defenetly not the candidate to say whats right or wrong,You gotta practice what you preach.You really want to tell me Zionism bothers you when you don’t fargin your brother?????Please sit down have patience.learn misser sefurem about shulem achdess and farginen,then you will be the candidate to farrecht de velt/ Our Rebbe Meant what he said.By him everything was lashem shumayim.Beleive me going to court is a major chillel hashem!!! why didn’t you say,You are giving everything up just for achdus,if you really mean leshem shumayem and you feel you are the candidate to voice your opinion in such trying times THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD OF DONE!!!!!Since you did not do that in YOUR trying times,Unfortunately to you, You are not the right candidate !!!!

    43. Funny, how whn some bochurim were murdered in kfar chabad the Lubavitcher Rebbe made such a heartfelt and encouraging speech explaining how one can grow strong from the tragedy that it gave additional chizzuk to the families and jewish communities in israel. I can clearly see the diff between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the Satmar Rebbe. The Lubavitcher Rebbe was anti-zionists and he spoke strongly against it (read the new biographies for more info) but his ahavas yisroel for a “fremde” was too great to utter the words said by the Satmar Rebbe

        • Satu Mare aka Saint Mary is very safe today.
          Tzelem aka Deutschkreuz is very safe today.
          Keresztur aka holy Cross is very safe today.
          Papa aka Pupa, the Pope is very safe today.
          Corpus Christie aka The Body of Christ is safe today.
          Christchurch New Zealand is safe today.

    44. with all do respect to a rebbe. these words are wrong, disrespectful no sympathy for the parents who lost a heart no feelings….part of all nonsense that comes from satmare….its time to boycott their hashgochas…..

    45. Respecting the opinion diversity and understanding the bashing,
      please explain, how come none but not one of the Gedoilem in EY were to bee seen as Rabanit Fraenkel recited Kadish????

    46. Shocking, callous, and totally insensitive statement. The gmara tells us that those who were killed “al kiddush Hashem” no one can reach their level of Gan Eden. The Satmar Rebbe will one day be begging forgiveness from the these three Kedoshim.

    47. How can a person pour salt on the open wound of another jew?
      Leave your opinions to yourself – when even the pope calls to offer condolences can you not feel the pain of another jew??
      We are all mourning, so much good and Achdus has come from this.
      Can’t we focus on this? All the davening and undertaking of more mitzvos on behalf of these boys should bring mashiach??
      Not condemnation of “settlers”! Living in “America” where we have it “easy ” surrounded by assimilation is nothing compared to the mesiras nefesh of these parents and all mitzvos they have in yishuv Eretz yisroel.
      Political opinions are not welcome at a time like this!!!

    48. In the generation prior to Moshiach, truth will be a scarcity and he taught us to fight with all our might against lies and to say the truth even when times are difficult, even if it will bring great troubles, even if we are face to face with arrows and catapults and if people will say that we are the enemies of Israel. SO WHEN SOMEONE SAYS HE IS THE ENEMY OF THE “REBBE”, He should say it because that is the TRUTH? Correct?

      Rebbe please stop making statements beyond KJ cause it makes you look like a HATER and a fool, I dont think you are either of them, so “Seyog L’Chochma Shtika”.

    49. It is an issur torah to tell someone that they are punished for doing aveiros.
      It’s called onaas devarim.
      Any child knows this but apparently this child seems to have forgotten.
      This tinok shenishba, also nebach has no common sense.
      Just confirms what I have always known. The sinas chinom this group generates knows no bounds. This time though it is particularly egregious.
      I vote along with many of the other posters that this should never have been posted.

    50. Feh! I’m disgusted by this. Instead of being nichum availim he’s doing just the opposite. I’m embarrassed to be of satmar lineage and I’m saddened that with one sentence the unity of all bnei yisroel for the last 18 days has splintered. Only Hashem can be mochel you for that.

    51. Strength of a leader this is all I can say!
      We Jews are binded to Torah that sets our rules and way of life, we are not עם ישראל because of a state, and military, this is not who we are, and why were still here. We have to keep in mind that this who we are. We have no choice. We are torah Jews after all putting “tefillin” shabbos…..
      In the time when Revenge is what it is in everyone mouth, let’s be open this is what peoples reaction are to tragedy, some are saying, tanks/missiles/kill them all, few taking action in their own hand. Here is what the satmar ruv reaction, quote: It is already 2,000 years that we are in exile and during that time millions of Jews have been killed. Jews have always been the ones who were killed, not the ones doing the killing.”
      There are dangers in living in the settlements. Would you let your 15 year old son hitch taking in Chevron between רוצחים? Why don’t speak out? Are we all sharing the settlers view? Can we not cry out to our brothers and sisters and say why are you doing this to your small innocent children? Don’t you already know that this might happen? The Ruv is just crying out of his heart, (hear it on audio.)

        • its not about blaming, its about crying out to our brothers ans sisters in Israel stay away from dangers area surrounded by your enemies, have responsibility for your own kids . you have NO היתר to be מוסר נפש your family for the sake of Zionist……

          • That is a valid viewpoint for sure. The problem is when the particular issue is used as a blanket condemnation for a larger idea, ideal, and ideology. Zionism is very much at the undercurrent of the Rebbe’s criticism. And the slippery slope of your comment in this instance is that it can be transposed onto the larger question of the Jewish State.. Israel is a small piece of land surrounded by enemies. would you go so far as to say the known and inherent dangers of living in a country surrounded by peoples committed to your destruction precludes a halachik permissibly to be there? I dont mean to exaggerate the point… or to skew yours… but I think the obvious anti-Zionist bias in this instance clouds the message that you put forward so well. I also don’t thank the Rebbe did himself any favor with his timing or the way he conveyed his message. This is a week for mourning, and I for one regret letting my passions get the better of me and focusing on these type of arguments on the net instead of reflecting on the lives lost.

    52. quote: Who gave them permission for themselves and for their children to live and to learn Torah in the midst of the lion’s den? To put their lives at risk, and the lives of their families at risk? It is all because of the יצר הרע and the desire for Jews to inhabit the entire State of Israel. It is ציונות מהדרין מן המהדרין ”
      Rav Aaron of satmar is well known for his courage of to speak out. He is not afraid to tell what he has in mind, (read his biography) I do respect him with the fact that he is from our strongest leaders in the U.S., his track record on Kasrus and Torah spreading , is something that I have respect for…
      Rebbis quote: the truth must always be said, even when it is difficult!

    53. STOP! Please, everyone, stop the hatred. Stop the comments! The amount of Achdus that was seen during these past few weeks was incomparable. PLEASE, PLEASE stop all this fighting. I cannot fathom why the Satmar Rav would say something like this, but it is inciting the Yetzer Hora in all of us.

      Don’t you see?

      The moment the Yetzer hora saw this unparalleled amount of achdus and ahavas yisroel, it had to counteract it. Are we going to allow the Yetzer Hora to win? Sinas Chinam to win? After those holy nishomos were murdered….. please if anyone is reading this, take upon yourself to not incite more anger over the holy nishomos deaths.

      Please. I beg you.

      • You are absolutely right! Yesher KoAch. Lets focus on what is amazing about Satmar For example,their commitment to Chesed especially Bikur Cholim – which is unparalleled throughout the Jewish. KlaL Yisroel must be united in order to survive. Lets all try

    54. With all due to respect to the Satmar Rebbe, why say this now? In middle of the parents sitting shiva, they will undoubtedly hear about this- Why add this to their plates. Dont they have enough to deal with mentally and emotionally?? Though I personally disagree, whether what he is saying is correct is irrelevant- it is when and how he is saying it that is unfair and disrespectful to the aveilim.

    55. “4) Whoever does not believe the above or does not wait for Meshiach to do the creation of the Jewish State is an

      A P I K O R E S”

      I am proud to be an Apikores if that is what it takes to distance myself from this hateful individual.

    56. Is it ok for your followers to put themselves on the front line during construction by the Israeli government over ancient Jewish cemeteries? Trackers can kill!

    57. By this logic, not one Jew would be living in all of E.Y. How safe do you think it was in 1948? 6,000 Jews died in the 1948 war. They should all live in Brooklyn or Monsey.

    58. people need to understand that satmar today has nothing to offer
      so if they dont make a demonstration against israel or speak out against zionists
      they have nothing to offer

      everybody by them is a koifer and and apikoires
      from the klausenberger to belz to vishnitz
      sick people with zero tolerance

      they havent woken up to the facy that their rebbe was a truly holy man
      but at the end of the day was a daas yochid

    59. I echo what #92 said. the worst thing about what has been reported as having been said by the satmar rebbe is the sinas chinam it has engendered. this is truly the work of the yetzer horah. the loshon horah, ona’as devorim all of it: STOP! the reactions to his statement are worse than the statement itself

    60. Anyone who can blame the parents for the death of their sons DOES NOT A JEWISH NESHAMA.because a Jew has rachamem(mercy).This week is Balak ,I guess the neshama of Balak and Belliam is in Satmaer / Brooklyn .May Hashem have mercy on us and send Messiach NOW.

    61. Maybe it was the parents of Leiby Kletky’s fault for living in Brooklyn! What sheer stupidity..and cruelty for this so called leader ( litigant A in court) to utter these horrible words, especially at this time.

    62. It’s not even a question wheter he’s right or not. .
      the question is where is your heart? !?!?
      To say this about parents who are destroyed to destroy them further! ?!?
      Oy no words. .
      and BTW the settlements are more secure than nyc in ny there is way more murders per year. . So your entire point that the settlements are dangerous ny is even more dangerous. . And what about the time they bombed in Jerusalem. . So basically this tragedy was used to push an agenda. .
      oy we need moshiach cause there are no leaders. .
      It would be appropriate to take next plane to Israel go be menachem the parents and ask no beg and cry for mechila!!
      Who am I to speak and say my opinion but it is my Jewish heart that’s speaking. .

    63. HOW DARE HE!

      HE should do Teshuvah immediately for saying these horrific words!
      How could such an insensitive person be considered a Rebbe to anyone?!

    64. If the day ever comes, Chas V shalom, that the Rebbe would be fearful of Anti-Semitism in the USA, and he would sense that he’s safer in Israel, he’ll be the first to arrange Protectzia and get on a plane and run happily to Israel so the Heilige Zionist Chayalim can protect his life!

      Right or wrong?

    65. Thank G-d for Aaron and Zali; the hatred they spread re: Israel is what keeps Satmar Chassidim in Williamsburgh. Can you imagine if r’l they came to Eretz Yisrael? Va-tavo-u va-te-tamu es artzi.

    66. Dear “Rebbe”
      Consider the fact that six million were murderd becuase of your ancestors anti Zionist rhetoric who advised them not to go Eretz Yisroel

    67. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen; “Reb Ahron, I knew your uncle, Horav Yoel, You’re no Horav Yoel”. Just look at the picture of Reb Ahron & compare to Horav Yoel. Look at the sweetnes & kindness of one and the harshness & meanness of the other. What a mean & foolish thing to say!

    68. Maybe he should think if he or anybody would like to be blamed in time of pain chas veshulem even if it was a mistake, even if the biggest rabbi says it. Don’t do to other what you don’t appreciate done to you, the satmar doesn’t have that part in his Toiroh?

    69. people living in europe didn’t know what the nazis are planning to do. the arabs are known to be dangerous people and living there is like putting yourself in the lions den

      • Actually, Jabotinsky was going all over Europe telling Jews to get out before it’s too late. Apparently, some people knew what was going on. Others did not want to know.

    70. After reading all the comments the following came to my mind אין בן דוד בא אלא בהיסח הדעת it seems that weve all lost our mind. I guess that the term שנאת חנם is reserved only when a גדול הדור is letting us know his דעת תורה. But in the same sentence its perfectly ok to be a מבזה תלמידי חכמים and that is perfectly מותר בדור ששופטים את שופטיו. I doubt it that any of the above commentators have ever checked out the ספר ויואל משה or על הגאולה ואל התמורה from the Holy Satmarer Rebbe because if they did they wouldn’t have such a hard time understanding as to why the Satmarer Rabbi said what he said. Get a little bit educated and it will all make sense.
      המקום ינחם את האבלים בתוך שאר אבילי ציון וירושלים ולא ישמע עוד שוד ושבר וכל הרשעה כלה כעשן תכלה בביאת משיח צדקינו במהרה בימינו

      • It seems you’ve missed the point of the vast majority of people here. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with satmar’s take on Eretz Yisroel is not the point ; the problem we all have, and MAYBE YOU CAN EXPLAIN AND TRY JUSTIFYING IT, if you like, so we lay people can understand, is blaming the parents for the murders of their children, while they are siting Shiva (lo aleinu) and going thru the most unspeakable pain!

    71. It is difficult to believe a sane person would say such words, and it is equally difficult to believe he would continue to have followers after he reportedly said such alleged stupidity.

    72. Amazing how many Satmar posters there are here. The hypocracy is as overwhelming as the poor grammar. Your Rebbe is a wicked, vile man for what he has done. And not just today, the whole anti-Zionist thing. He is jealous of the Zionists, because instead of pandering and shoring from Goyim, they support themselves and are world leaders in science, technology, military, and even culture.

    73. And then there is the whole Kastner thing. Without Zionists, there would be no Satmar today. But they continue to bite the hand that saved their thankless rebbe. It is like the story of Mordechai and Haman. Haman owes Mordechai his life, do all he can of is scrounge up resentment and hatred to Mordechai.

    74. I am in utter shock that there is a leader speaking these words, but even more so that he has followers to follow them.
      This is modern day meraglim in teh flesh. NOt once in the torahs history, andin the days of REAL tzaddikim, did it evermention “go live in israel when all is good and safe and happy”. he said go even though it makes so sense and its scary and their are enemies. trust that it is the land of your soul. Nachshon ben aminadav JUMPED IN TEH WATER. he didnt stay on the shore line. you think you are holier then these jews who are sacrrafising everythign comfortable to be in the holy land?? soo many of our tzaddikim risked EVERYTHIGN just to step onto teh soil and kiss the land. you have absolutly no idea what Israel is about if you believe his words. meraglim mamish.

      the meraglim said what you say. there are enemies it is dangerous. there are giants we cannot defeat. for their words then, we still cry on that day today. hahsem ya’azor.

    75. First of all, #51 why are you cussing “Zali”? The one who made this speech is R’ Aron, the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe.

      There are several reasons why this speech is so abhorrent:

      1- The family just started sitting shiva and the pain is so raw – how unfeeling can any human be?

      2- Reb Aron’s wife is Israeli and speaks Hebrew (the Zionist language) with her siblings (no problem with me) but, as they say: “People in glass houses etc….”

      3- R’ Aron himself has a shul in Elad – the city in which the Yifrach family lives.

      4- Who would he say was responsible for the murdered victims of all the bombings (on buses etc.) that took place in the heart of Yerushalayim?

      Readers of VIN, please realize who is the object of all your rage – R’ Aron, who took his own father to court to prove that he was senile when he appointed his younger son to be rav in Williamsburg; and to invalidate the elder’s will in which he chose that same son – R’ Zalmen Leib – to succeed him as Satmar Rebbe.

      He is always quoting his uncle – the Satmar Rebbe zt”l – but R’ Aron’s actions and behavior have taken him down a very divergent path.

      This speech is not atypical – this is R’ Aron being R’ Aron!

    76. The mishnah in Avos says that Rabbi Shimon found that the only “Tov” for a person’s Guf is silence. We should harness our emotions for Teshuvah, Tefilah, and Torah. We shouldn’t focus on anger. Hashem sent us a message and I’m pretty sure he did not want us to be fighting with each other. “U’macha hashem Elokim dimah m’al kol panim.”

    77. This website is usually very good. I am embarrassed and ashamed that you put up this article about Satmar, especially in this time of sadness for ALL of Clal Yisroel.
      Satmar is just causing “seenat cheenam”. I live in Eretz Yisroel for over 37 years and I am a proud that I live here. Those boys could have been YOUR boys, chas v’shalom.
      Please,instead of blaming someone have some pity and FEEL and DAVEN for these poor familes that have lost their loved ones.
      Hashem Yirechem….

    78. Who am I to question a Rebbe of thousands of chassidim?

      However, what purpose was there to his words? His chasidim don’t need to be warned not to live in the shtachim. So why did he have to say these very hurtful words? Why did he have to use a time of unprecedented achdus to re-enforce a significant breach between Klal Yisroel?

      Other than to criticize the poor families, what exactly was the point of his drosho?

    79. Dearest Rebbe, my heart is filled with love for my fellow jew, for every fellow jew. I try so very hard to be dan lekaf zechut, to give each and every jew the benefit of the doubt. It is not my place to pass judgement on other jews. I have great respect for talmidei chachamim and Rebeim. I also believe however- that there is such a thing as a person making a mistake, even a gadol. I truly wish that you would acknowledge the fact that you made a mistake, and take back your harsh words with a formal apology to the families. Tochacha is meant to come only from someone in the position to give tochacha to the person involved,and only in a way in which they can accept it. I believe that your words may very well be lashon hara, hurtful, not proper tochacha, and not legitimate. I can understand how as a Rebbe this may have been your way of speaking out against living or residing in “dangerous” areas, however- if this were your agenda- you could have chosen less hateful words,and made a general statement of the need to do a cheshbon hanefesh and do teshuva, without pointing blame to individuals who you do not even know. It is also apparent,that Rebbe has not ever lived in Eretz Yisrael…

      • This comment is probably the only one that should be printed here. It hits the nail on the head and in a respectful manner.

        As this comment points out, the bottom line is “Tochacha is meant to come only from someone in the position to give tochacha to the person involved,and only in a way in which they can accept it.”

        The Rebbe ‘ words will have zero effect on this family except to hurt them. He is not their Rebbe and in not in a position to give them tochacha, no matter how well intended or sensical it may or may not have been.

        It is important that these statements are now made public by the Internet though, so everyone can see who is a Gadol sheker and who isn’t.

    80. The Erev Rav Rebbe has such chutzpah. Chevron is not ours? What a shtick drek. He’ll burn in hell. For those of you who agree, what a bunch of sicko’s. To the Arabs, we are all a provocation, including YOU.. You are NOT frum Jews, you don’t believe in Hashem and your learning is meaningless. Go learn some Novi. Hashem promised us that we will return to OUR land and the Land will remain desolate until we are about to return. All that happened, but you fools have so much sinas chinum that you can’t recognize it. Nor can you recognize ALL the Nissim that take place here all the time. No real Jew can be so callus as to say such horrendous things. Stay living with Eisav, that’s where you belong. Who do you blame when a Satmar is killed in NYC, their parents? How disgusting of you.

      Keep protecting all your molesters and other sicko’s. That’s the only sacrifices you know how to do, certainly no sacrifice for Am Yisroel. Your roots are in a town named for Yoshke’s mother. I wonder what that did for whatever it is you call your souls.

    81. If he wanted to teach his opinion concerning halacha (such as concerning living in the shtachim), he could write a tschuva like a normal posik, without pointing fingers at Jews and accusing them of murder for not following his “psak”. Of course since no one is interested in his halachic opinions he needs to resort to loshan hora and motzi shem ra to get attention.

      Every Jew has an obligation to learn torah, and to know the laws of loshan hora. It is not possible for someone to know hilchas loshan hora, and to have any respect for those who violate these halachas on such an extreme scale.

      With Ahroni’s extreme personal attack on these parents, it appears that he competing with lapid for instigating hatred against frum Yidden.

    82. The Emes hurts, goes the saying. Meaning that the truth bothers internationally!

      Saying that I’m convinced whichever way you slice it or dice it; the parents do have a guilty conscious for taking their family in a risky environment, for what?

      Don’t fool yourself; the Messiah hasn’t arrived yet, we aren’t to do the job of exterminating the vicious people from the land NOW!

      Whoever is living there, made his decision to being mafkir his wife and precious children and himself Of course; I feel very sorry for them, but now it’s a little too late to cry!

      • So this is a safety issue? Clearly you have never been to any of these places-its a shame you can speak so foolishly about your own brothers. Do you really believe living in the dregs of brooklyn is a whole lot safer? look up the stats- the rate of harassment, “abuse”, or deaths on jewish ppl is far higher in brooklyn then within anywhere in the “occupied” territories. Think before you make crazy comments like that

      • Such an unfeeling and vicious statement cannot possibly be coming from a Jew. We are a nation who have Rachmonus. Please check further into your ancestry.

    83. R”a is truly right even א סאלדאט שרייבט די זעלבע וואס ר”א זאגט
      אז די עלטערן זענען שולדיג ווייל זיי לייגן די קינדער אין א סכנה

    84. א סאלדאט שרייבט די זעלבע וואס ר”א זאגט
      אז די עלטערן זענען שולדיג ווייל זיי לייגן די קינדער אין א סכנה
      אורי שֹהַם נזכר שבעֵת השירות בשטחים, הוא וחבריו נסעו ברכב ממוגן, עם נשק דרוך וחשש בעיניים. לעומתם, המתנחלים הסתובבו ללא פחד. האחריות לחטיפה, מוטלת על מי שהתעלם מהסכנה
      אבל לך תסביר משהו לילד, שההורים שלו, המורים שלו והמנהיגים שלו לא מסבירים לו. וזה לא משנה אם הוא גר בשטחים או בגבעתיים. אני לא יודע אם הילדה שלי תיסע בטרמפים, אני מקווה שלא. אבל אני יודע שכדי להסביר לה למה זה אסור וכמה זה מסוכן, אני אאלץ להגיד לה את האמת
      אבל יש דבר שאף פעם לא התרגלתי אליו. וכל מי שעשה שירות מילואים או סדיר בשטחים מכיר – אתה בתוך סופה ממוגנת עם מזגן מקולקל, אפוד, שכפ”ץ, נשק תלה צוואר, מחסנית ב”הכנס”, ומבט מפוחד לצדדים. ואז אתה חולף על פני טרמפיאדה בכניסה להתנחלות ורואה אותם עם תיק על הגב ובלי שום פחד בעיניים, מניפים יד ועוצרים טרמפ. ולמה שלא יעצרו? זה הבית שלהם, יעצרו להם. כולם מכירים את כולם, כולם נוסעים לכיוון וכנראה שכולם שם בסדר עם זה – ההורים, המורים, ראשי המועצות, כולם. כי אף אחד לא טרח להגיד להם את האמת – שמסוכן כאן לאללה, שהחיילים כאן נוסעים בתוך סופות ממוגנות, ישנים עם נעליים ומדים בכיתות כוננות

    85. So many posting but Mark Levin is right the posting did not help achdus. I like to quote my mother A’H who was gassed in Chelmno. A beheimo hat a lange zing in ken nisht reden in a mensch hat a kurze zing in tur nisht reden

    86. So tell me:
      What was it that made my father help save your father.
      You remember Benny don’t you, and he held that
      if you don’t know something shut your mouth.
      Keep feeding your followers soylent green, see if it
      gets them a place near the kisai hakovod.
      You are only lucky that your father’s seed came before you,
      other wise you would be a nobody , which in my opinion you are
      anyway title or no title.
      You are clueless about meseiras nefesh, and I never liked you when you
      stuffed your face with chulent every shabbos.  Lipa was much more
      menchlach in Boro Park BC ( before chassidim )

    87. Why dosnt the satmar rebbe blame the israeli gov for encouraging people to live in those places? I also think it was very hurtful to blame the parents while still in shiva. But he made me think about something i havent before: living or moving to the shtachim.

    88. If the settlers wouldnt be surrounding central Israel we wouldnt have Israel period. Arabs would be shooting rockets right into Yerushalayim.

      If we wouldnt have Israel period, we’d ch”v be one step closer to another Holocaust and wholesale Jewish extermination when the Jew haters come to power!

      Where would the Rebbe run to if/when ch”v anti-semites come to power?

      M E S H U G A I M !!!!!!

      Militant Rabbi Meir Kahane made much more sense than him. We B A D L Y need a land of our own, and we have to do what we have to do to avoid wholesale Shfichas Domim, in addition to Mitzvos and Tefila!

    89. I live in Gush Etzion and have been following the story from up close as a volunteer policeman. If the families were reading this story, do you know what they would probably say? Please focus on all the good things that unite us! Save your anger for those responsible for terror. Stop emphasizing the shortcomings of Klal Yisrael and get back on track to pray for geulah.

    90. Let’s apply this logic further. The Volover is responsible for his son’s murder in India. Had the Volover not raised his son to be frum and in Hashgochos, had he raised his son to be a plumber, his son would not have been at that Chabad House, or perhaps not even in India. By raising his son to embrace certain values, and enabling him to have an occupation that entails travelling all over the world, his son ended up in harm’s way. Another example, a women dresses nicely, goes out and is then raped and murdered – she is responsible for her own death, had she stayed home where she belonged, she would not have been harmed. Placing the guilt on the victim as opposed to the perpetrator is, at best, stupidity. One can espouse their views, such as ‘a Jew should not live in Israel or in the West Bank’ or, alternatively, ‘one is obligated to live in Israel or in the West Bank’ , but one must NEVER make a victim into a perpetrator.

    91. halachically to be considered a makom sakonoh there must be a cerain percentage of real danger, (or else one would not be allowed to fly etc) therefore this being an isolated case of kidnap and murder while thousands other go their own way with nary a worry, shows that is not considered a makom sakonoh.
      so they do nothing wrong living there

    92. What does the Satmar rebbe have to say about the murders of Rabbi Gavriel and his wife Rivka Holtzberg? They weren’t living in the forbidden land of Eretz Yisrael. They were shluchim in Mumbai India so that traveling Jews would have somewhere to have a kosher meal and a place to stay. What a chilul Hashem!!! And what a stupid, hurtful thing to say. Standing side-by-side with Arabs protesting Israel during the Israel Day Parade year after year is a horrible chilul Hashem! These Jews are not adding to achdus and helping us to herald the coming of Moshiach. If anything, he and his ilk are delaying this from happening!

    93. I will never understand how words like these are in keeping with Toras HaBaal Shem Tov Z”YA
      Let’s all increase our ahavas chinam and do an extra mitzva and the mitzvos we are already doing with added zeal and enthusiasm to me that’s what I think is Toras HaBaal Shem Tov

    94. Has Hashem made the nation of Yisrael a steadfast nation?

      One of the greatest kindnesses that Hashem has done for us as a nation is to allow us to survive for thousands of years exactly the same nation of Yisrael, with our practices just as those of our forefathers thousands of years ago… To be a member of a nation that is always the same forever is a very great gift, for which we are obligated to thank Hashem.

    95. It’s probably worth pointing out that, as one of the mothers was grieving for her murdered son upon hearing this terrible news, she was quoted along the lines of that the Israeli PM should convey to the Arabs that “we are here to stay”.

      The clear implication of those words, in that context, is Zionism and against the Torah.

      Our job in galus (including in E”Y) is to live our lives following the Torah as best as we can, not to add, lihavdil, Zionism or anything else to that.

      This Satmar Rebbe is, very obviously, correct that this mesiras nefesh for Zionism is contrary to our holy Torah.

      For close to a century (at least), the Zionists have, as his holy uncle noted, lit a massive fire inflaming the Arab savages. (Never mind Zionist actions in Europe.) So it is not wise to live among such creatures, as he correctly pointed out, regardless of which side of the “Green Line”.

      Put plainly, there is no mitzva to offer human sacrifices for Zionism. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Jews should live in a reasonably safe place, whether inside or, lihavdil, outside of Eretz Yisrael. That, it seems, is what this Satmar Rebbe was pointing out, and he is absolutely correct on that.

      • If Jews did not live at all in Yehuda v’Shomron, leaving aside the fact that the Maaras ha’Machpela and similar holy sites would be off limits, it is clear that the Arabs would bring the fight to us.
        After all the Jews pulled out of Gaza, dozens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of rockets were fired — and continue to be fired–at innocent civilians.
        The Arabs in Yerushalayim would attack Yidden in the Old City.
        Okay, so we leave the Kosel and abandon the Old City. Then what? Then they go after us in Ramat Beit Shemesh or Bnai Brak.
        The problem is not that Jews have chosen to live in areas where there is a higher percentage of Arabs than Tel Aviv (which, by this logic, would be a great place to raise children), the problem is that for Islamists — which make up a very large percentage of our Arab cousins–not a single Jew should be permitted to live in ‘Palestine.’
        So then where do we go? Back to Satu Mare? Be my guest. To Lvov (Lemberg)? I’m sure the Ukrainians would welcome you with open arms—not.
        Williamsburg? Are you ready to provide housing and chinuch for some 6 million Jews? Even if you don’t consider the great majority of Jews to be Jews, you’re still dealing with hundreds of thousands of Jews.
        There is no rational solution to this.
        However, conspiracy theorists and those filled with hate do not let such inconvenient facts stand in their way.
        So very sad.

        • Again, it is forbidden to live in a makom sakana. Your point that holy sites would be off-limits only emphasizes that you are mixing in Zionism with, lihavdil, the Torah.

          There is no heter to risk a hair on one’s head to have access to Mearas hamachpelah, the Kosel, or any other holy site.

          Regardless of what the ultimate solutions may or may not be, we are forbidden to risk our lives for anything other than that which Hashem allows. And Zionism and speculation about what might happen, is definitely not part of that permission.

      • So again, do you also agree that he was correct in blaming the grieving parents, during Shiva, for their sons’ murders??? Why won’t even one of you followers answer that????

      • You are mamesh a ‘Soneh Yisrael’. Zionism? What are you talking about? You are still living in the 18th century as are about 10% of commentators on V.I.N…Thank Hashem – not more). THIS KIDNAPPING WAS A RARE EVENT…There are thousands and thousands of Jews living in Yehuda & Shomron. It has been reborn. Have you ever visited more than 1 community there – Something tells me …no There is a Mitzvah D’Arysa, according to the Ramban, to live in E’Y. “Sacrifices to Zionism” You are a sick man and Baruch Hashem the majority of Frum Yidden rejects your hatred and narrow mindedness.

    96. L’aniyus dayti, at a bare minimum these words convey onaas d’varim to the families. I have great respect for Satmar chesed, especially in bikuur cholim. I have pain and sadness when it comes to Satmar’s view of non-Satmar Jews. It borders on cultic.

    97. Of course he should realize that if Jews held Chevron, there would be no Hamas Chevron to murder these bochurim. Every 4 steps in Israel is a mitzva so these young teens have accumulated quite a lot in their young lives. You can disagree philosophically, Satmar Rebbe but we mourn all Jewish blood spilled no matter the circumstances and we don’t ask why, because when it’s your time, no one ever blames the Angel of Death, they blame circumstances. Shame on you rabbi, where is your emunah in G-d’s will? Why aren’t you pointing your finger at the Angel of Death?
      Heard an interview on Mark Levine with Israeli ambassador: As long as no one gets the distinction that Israel carries out operations to protect her borders, targeting military hostility and sometimes there are civilian casualties, VERSUS Arabs intending for CIVILIAN casualties, Israel will be misunderstood, sanctioned and ostracized.

    98. Who gave Jews a heter to live in Williamsburg a known dangerous place where Jews have been murdered like the girl on the roof, the yid shot in the street, or the children who were molested.

    99. Just bear in mind that if you follow the rebas logic then the same applies to Betar, Shufat,ramat shlomo, Gush shmonim, Givat zev etc.. All those charedi, chassidish, areas are pre 67 and are chepering the goyim.

    100. As a former resident of a settlement (I live in NY now) i truly believe that the Satmar rabbi has a point. it took me years to see the truth we are so invested in a false idea that is corrupt from the top down. we can’t argue that:
      A) its a Mekom Sekonah,
      B) every single parent knows this (me too – and I do t’shuva for it)

      I needed help from a friend to understand the whole thing, but i do agree and so do the parents of the boys. It’s hard to hear the truth some times and for all on the internet “you never cried, satmer rabbi did!

    101. The Satmar Rebbe demonstrates 3 things with his speech of “Truth”: a proof of M’atim Hadoros, Torah without Daas, and a great insensitivity. The first two are self explanatory, but Hashem should protect us from such “leaders” and from such Dass-less Torah. The Rebbe needs to say viduy and due emessa Tshuva before the 3 grieving families and Klal Yisroe for his great insensitivity in causing the families tremendous Tzar during Shiva, a time for Nicheim Aveilim. He could have waited for after Shaloshim to convey his message of “truth”

    102. Sorry, I don’t see how this doesn’t violate the prohibition of “Ona’at Devarim” (distressing others). As the Gemara in Baba Metzia (58b) says, one may not speak to one who is suffering affliction or illness, or whose children have died, the way Iyov’s friends spoke to him: “Surely your fear was your foolishness, your hope and the sincerity of your ways” (Iyov 4:6). And we can add that the Rishonim on this Gemara write that the problem is not only causing distress to another person but also arrogance in thinking that we can know the ways of Hashem.
      Regarding the question itself, whether learning in Yesha is permissible: this was already asked of Ha-Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein, Rabbi of “Ramat Elchanan” (neighborhood in Bnei Brak).
      A student was learning in a Yeshiva in Yesha and his parents were opposed on account of the danger. Ha-Rav Zilberstein proves that “a frequent damage” (Pesachim 8b. See Mesilat Yesharim, end of Chapter 9) is five percent. Baruch Hashem, 5% of the residents in Yesha are not murdered!

    103. And Ha-Rav Yitzchak Isaac Herzog in Shut Heichal Yitzchak proved based on Shut Rabbi Akiva Eiger (#60) that a frequent danger is not five percent, but one in a thousand (Shut Ha-Rav Herzog Vol. 1, p. 269).
      Baruch Hashem, one in a thousand Jews is not murdered in “Yesha”.

    104. In the Gemara in Chullin (63b), Rabbi Abayu asks: Why is there a bird called “Ra’ah” (the one who saw)? He answers: Because he sits in Bavel and sees a carcass in Eretz Yisrael. The great Rabbis explain that this is a parable to someone who dwells outside of Eretz Yisrael and see the deficiencies in Eretz Yisrael and speaks Lashon Ha-Ra against it…

      • and you know this is truth because……..? Just admit you are a self hating jew! lets say for a moment that reb ahrons comments were spot on, mocking the suffering of mourning parents during shiva is just wrong on so many levels regardless of what anyone’s opinions or beliefs are. The fact you dont get it is troubling. The fact the leader of a satamr KJ dosent get it is even more troubling.

    105. Satmar has a pamphlet called “Halichois V’Haluchois” where they publish Questions and Answers pertaining to the Satmar Community.
      Here is a question and answer, loosely translated from the above pamphlet:
      Question :
      “We are in an unfortunate bitter situation; 3 Bochrim were kidnapped by Arabs, and the Zionist Army are doing actions to rescue and free them. Are we allowed to daven that the Zionists should succeed to rescue the boys?
      “G-D Forbid! We are prohibited to pray that the Rashoim should succeed, and we all must know and believe that from Evil people comes Evil. From Rashoim there cannot come any good for Jewish children, and only bad tidings and tzurois came to Klall Yisroel from them ., and they are also guilty and it is totally their fault that we are in this situation!

    106. When Israel is held to its own sufferings, hate has no permanent reminder other than the own underclass of human subsidy against waste of heart. This is quite astonishing that a rabbi would blame a jew for the death of someone else’s complaint in the world against our own favor. This is horrible. And I might add that this rabbi is about as innocent as a fiddler on the moon. I guess waiting for moshiac is more important than smiling because you already have a G-d in heaven. Terror.

    107. I’m not so religious but I must say that the animosity created by these controversial remarks make me rethink the entire approach chassidim use toward their fellow Jews. Shalom.

    108. After all the above comments, I can just share the Satmar Ruv’s view with his own words:

      Rebbis quote: In the generation prior to Moshiach, truth will be a scarcity and he taught us to fight with all our might against lies and to say the truth even when times are difficult, even if it will bring great troubles, even if we are face to face with arrows and catapults and if people will say that we are the enemies of Israel.
      But it is not we who are the enemies. It is the Zionists, who place the lives of the Jewish people at risk for the sake of Zionism. The enemies are those who take revenge and who awaken the ire of the murderers who will surely take revenge and the cycle of vengeance will continue.
      This is what Dovid Hamelech meant in Tehillim when he said ‘I hate falsehood and am disgusted by it.’”

      • Efrathi:

        Are you saying that you support what and when R’Aron said what he did? You cannot rectify with your interpretation the accusatory words he used, barely a day after their kevura!

        You can be certain of one thing – regardless of his ardent anti-Zionist stance, (much of which has been very prophetic), the Satmar Rebbe zt”l would have never, ever delivered such a drasha, blaming parents for the murder of their young and innocent children.

        He cared for every Yid passionately, and helped all who came to him no matter where the individual belonged. His argument was with a system, it never was personal.

        For all those who never had the zechus of knowing the Divrei Yoel zt”l, I strongly urge you to listen to Rabbi Yakov Shapiro’s speech in Miami upon the 33rd yahrzeit of the Satmar Rebbe zt”l. I have forwarded it to a number of my litvish friends, and they have been blown away by Rabbi Shapiro’s fiery depiction of the gadlus of this incredible and holy Tzaddik. (He was a lot in the house of the Rebbe zt”l since the Rebbetzin zt”l was a relative.)

    109. Some might argue that Satmar and mainstream Jewry are two separate religions now. There is simply no common ground and perhaps a full divorce is in order.

    110. Shame on this phony Rabbi Teitelbaum for blaming the victims and their mishpachot. The Palestinian Arabs are Amalek and would murder every Satmar Jew if they could, simply because they are Jewish. If not for Zionism and Israel, the Satmar Rebbe and all his followers would be lampshades today.

      Hakadosh Baruch Hu is crying because of these phony Satmar Jews who have created a fraudulent cult and do not have a clue as to what the Torah states and what Judaism is all about. This is what happens when you have fanatics overtaking any great religion or idea. The Satmar Rebbe and the Neturei Karta are no different than The Taliban and Osama bin Laden!!!

    111. Epes, this comment by the rebbe just doesn’t sit right. The rebbe completely ignores the Shoah and the numbers of Satmar slaughtered in that bloodbath. Anyone that thought the nazis and their allies didn’t want to murder every last Jew living under their control was living in a fools paradise, as history tragically proved. The Zionists saved the Satmar rebbe of that time. This HISTORICAL fact so perturbs the Satmar philosophy of life that is causes the Satmar such anguish they know not how to deal with it. Their answer is to take tragedies like this to strike out at the hand that saVed them.

    112. For all the talk about unity over the past few weeks there can be no greater example of the continued divisions within our community than the Satmar Rebbe’s regrettable remarks. It is the greatest abuse of a spiritual leaders position to be definitive on the causes of a tragedy, whether its the Satmar Rebbe blaming the parents our our murdered boys, or Pat Robertson blaming homosexuals for 9/11 or Katrina. It is the height of arrogance for men of faith to presume to know why horrendous things happen, and to lay the blame for a murdered son at a mother’s feet is a heinous cruelty. The Rebbe needs to ask for mechila.

      Is it the fault of all of the parents living in the Satmar Rebbe’s community whose children are sexually molested for deciding to live in a neighborhood so rampant with sexually repressed predators? By the Rebbe’s example people with children should flee as quickly as possible for safe places. Kiryat Yoel should be a ghost town by morning. But chas v’shalom to suggest something like that…

      streimlach no longer impress me. I yearn for true leadership from true tzadikim who will bridge our religious divides with pure heart and unconditional ahavat yisroel.

    113. “it is incumbent upon us to say that these parents are guilty. They caused the deaths of their sons and they must do teshuva for their actions.”

      that statement doesn’t bother me so much because it comes from his hashkafos and worldview – even though i personally disagree with it and think it’s very warped . and he may have said it now because of the timing while its still fresh.

      but what really bothers me is this other statement which is more revealing about the lack of sensitivity:

      “During the funerals, the parents eulogized their sons, but I think it would have been preferable if they had done teshuva, if they had said viduy with tears, in the nusach that is used on Yom Kippur, to repent for their decision to live and learn Torah in a place of barbaric murderers. “

      in my opinion that is just trying to sound “clever” or have a “good line” and could’ve been said with way more sensitivity… truth can be said in a soft way too….like others have said … very scary

    114. Not every Rabbi deserves to be a Rabbi.
      Not every foolish, ignorant and anti-semitic thought needs to be verbalized.
      Not every Rebbe deserves to remain a Rebbe.
      No Chasidus will be exempt from Hashem’s din if they don’t rid themselves of Jew hating leadership.
      May Hashem be more merciful towards the Rebbe than the Rebbe was to the families of the murdered teens.
      Yesh Din v’Yesh Dayan…even for Rebbes.

    115. All those people who claim that percentagewise the settlements are rellatively safe, I say to them, “take a way the guns and let’s see” its a 100 percent dead trap without guns, this is not called safe when your neighbors wanna tear you apart.

    116. if a person would eat chazir and choke on it ch”v, no 1 of you would explode like this if someone would mention it, of course you would say “don’t talk like that… don’t talk about some1 that’s not a live anymore…” even though you would have sympathy and feel terrible about the tragedy you would still not make the above comments when you hear it. It wouldnt be a discussion, you would of course try not to talk about it, but it would still be heard plenty of times from plenty of people and you would be fine with it. In this case -of course you have no way of knowing this because you never peaked in to his uncle’s seifer “Veyoel Moshe” And “Al Hageilah Val Hatmirah”so you will never see it from the rabbi’s point of view. But- for the rabbi Zionism is even worse than eating chazer! (weather you agree or not, first learn through the seifer and then make your decision)

    117. But by the person eating chazir, the rabbi would not have to talk about it because it would be very obvious and everyone would know it but in this case the rabbi can’t stand how the truth is being sooo ignored! (The rabbi is a very truthful person and can’t be fake, he won’t be fake for any money in the world -if you know his nature a little- that’s why he does not know how to chanfa and that’s why some people don’t like him) so he felt that the truth must be said! because שקר שנאתי ואתעבה!!! Yes. שקר שנאתי ואתעבה!!!

    118. The state of Israel was established so Jews can live in peace and security!

      After 70 years of his existence the opposite is true! Israel is the greatest makom sakuna for Jewish people worldwide!

      Guess what: Israel is not only bad for Jewish people in safety issues and security matters alone, it is the worst in regards of Torah study as well!

      Zionism is a total failure!

    119. The state of Israel was established so Jews can live in peace and security!

      After 70 years of his existence the opposite is true! Israel is the greatest makom sakuna for Jewish people worldwide!

      Guess what: Israel is not only bad for Jewish people in safety issues and security matters alone, it is the worst in regards of Torah study as well!

      Zionism is a total failure!

    120. Zecher Nishmas the neshomas of the three boys, we should stop this online fighting…I’m sure they wouldn’t want this! Their sacrifice should be a catalyst for teshuvah from all of us Doing good in their zchus…Not fighting one another. Imagine their sorrow knowing their sacrifice causes fighting amongst us. Please Stop.

    121. And I say it’s his fault for fighting around with his bro…. What a world of sheker we live in everyone says what ever they want!! Sad 🙁 , period!!

    122. Satmar said a stranger will come for shiva and it happened, the slain Palestinian’s family came and the uncle of Frankel gave him comfort. This when his niece was in shiva. BUT even though that prophesy is true, the unity was disturbed by the other statements. Zionism is what gave back Hebrew language and knowledge of all Jewish holidays, which are national. May the prayers and tears help us survive all our enemies. This week I read a Nazi died at 93, before going to trial. A Nazi was Zocheh to live to a ripe old age and our boys did not. We cannot understand all of God’s will.


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