Brooklyn, NY – Anti-Muslim Graffiti Reappears In Kensington During Ramdan


    VIA News 12Brooklyn, NY – While they say they have seen it before, neighbors and residents of Kensington say anti-Muslim graffiti spray-painted on an Ocean Parkway mailbox is particularly offensive because it has reappeared during the month of Ramadan. ( reports that the slogans “Allah is Evil” and “Islam is Barbaric” appeared on either side of the mailbox.

    Residents of the diverse neighborhood said that while they have seen similar instances in the past, the neighborhood is generally conflict-free.

    Richard Padilla, who works in Kensington, said, “Things like this should never happen, especially in this time of day in the world.”

    Kensington resident Seefat M. Aman, said, “I think it’s because of all the politics that are going on in Gaza, an especially with Ramadan now.”

    Reps for the NYPD said investigators are looking into the matter.

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