Shuafat, Jerusalem – Hundreds Of Jews Console Mourners’ At Tent Of Abu Khdeir Family


    Dr. Gadi Gevaryahu, Founder of the Org. 'Banish the Darkness organization' consoles the familyShuafat, Jerusalem –  Jewish men and women gathered at the mourners tent of the 16-year-old Palestinian boy killed last week allegedly as a revenge murder by Jewish extremists.

    Muhammad Abu Khdeir was murdered last week after three Israeli teenage boys were found dead after being abducted by members of Hamas. After the weeks of death and loss, Jews offered their condolences at to the Khdeir family on Tuesday reports The Times of Israel (

    They wondered, “What do we say?” questioning whether there is an Arabic equivalent of the Hebrew Hamakom Yenahem (May the Divine give comfort), typically said after a visit to a Jewish house of mourning.

    The Abu Khdeir family welcomed Jewish visitors, part of the Israeli grassroots group Tag Meir, an organization created to combat Jewish hate crime. Seven buses came from downtown Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as part of the group.
    Rav David Bigman the Rosh HaYeshiva at Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa at the mourners tent of the Khdeir family
    Moshe Simchovitch, a 69-year-old Jerusalem resident, paid for Abu Khdeir’s obituary in Al-Quds, an Arabic daily paper. His words were read at the mourners’ tent.

    Rabbi Yossi Slotnik came to Shuafat despite the danger of travel due to terrorist attacks, driven to travel past the danger and push it aside, “because it’s so important to come.”

    Six Israelis are being held for the killing of Abu Khdeir, and some have confessed according to police.

    Jews at the tent of Khdeir family

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    1. Kol hakovod to these Israelis for showing the world the true meaning of respect for life and hatred of terrorism without regard to victim’s nationality. Hopefully, the six animals who burned this innocent neshama alive will be quickly tried, and if found guilty as charged, will have to spend the rest of their lives in prison so that this never happens again.

      • However apprehensive this murder was, and I am truly disgusted that the guilty people could have murdered someone innocent of the 3 boys’ murder in revenge, and in such a despicably horrifying manner, this boy probably wasn’t ‘innocent’, judging by his 15 year old cousin’s behaviour, and he certainly wasn’t a ‘neshama’.

        • What are you ranting about an “apprehensive murder”….who was apprehensive and about what????

          As to “innocent”, even the most rabid anti-arab Israeli commentators acknowledge this kid was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, had no record of any arrest or violence etc. And what does his cousin’s behavior have to do with anything. I would hate to judge your mishpacha by your misguided “honest opinions”. Presumably, they have more common sense.

      • Why don’t you talk about the animals who murdered the 3 innocent Jewish boys as well. I am amazed at the totally bankrupt minds of liberals. You are just a self-hating Jew.

    2. Unfortunately Hamas is leaving Israel little choice but to wipe it out of existence. If the USA decides then to help Israel, and Russia, Iran and Hezbollah help the y”sh, that could be gog umagog

    3. Really nice and perhaps a Kiddush Hashem.
      However,does any arab come to the Jewish tents of Mourning ?
      I recall years ago,King Hussein of Jordan (father of the current king)
      came to Israel to be menachem avel and even sat on the ground with the family of the victim /s then.

      • Volfie, do you recall that that was because one of Hussein’s soldiers shot and killed a bunch of young Jewish girls who were on a trip to Jordan? And maybe any hopes of continuing to collect the tourist dollars was in serious doubt when your soldiers kill your tourists (I mean even a Goyishe, Araber kop can figure out that killing the tourists, and scaring away the ones still alive, does not make for a robust tourist Mecca!

    4. To set the record straight – some Palestinians celebrated and yet there was a delegation of local Muslim neighbors who came to the Frankel shiva and were amazed that they were received graciously by Rachel Frankel.

    5. You are all soooo naive! This was nothing more than a diplomatic move in order to try and make the best out of what these 6 idiots did! Had this atrocious murder been commited by Arabs, I am not sure how many Israelis would have made this ‘shiva call’….

    6. The good news, as you put it, is that you got everything wrong. In 12 years, you will be telling the same lies about Israel that you do today. The only difference will be that you will deny, or won’t remember, that you said it today.

    7. the worst part of the kidnapping (they died oll kidush HaShem) is that jewish kids committed this horrible crime. their chilul HaShem is great. but I willnever forgive the arabs for turning our children into murderers. obviously, they think that killing ‘infidels’ is a gre?at thing to do so why are they upset when we followed in their footsteps

    8. And this is precisely why we will never win.
      While I absolutely do not condone the killing, all the soul searching we display in public will only only bring scorn. We have no business “consoling” them .There is only one thing our enemies understand and respect and that STRENGTH.


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