Quneitra, Syria – Report: Israeli Airstrikes In Syria Kill 18


    FILE -  Israel soldiers block a road that leads to  a Military base near the Israeli-Syrian border in the center of the Golan Heights, 05 March 2014. EPAQuneitra, Syria – Israeli warplanes targeted and struck three military and admin targets, early Tuesday killing civilians and soldiers Tuesday in Syria’s Golan according to AFP.

    The strikes targeted the Quneitra province, where the governor’s residence is present.

    According to Turkish media Daily Sabah (http://bit.ly/U86qOh), eight civilians and 10 soldiers have been killed.

    The strikes were launched in Syria after Syria fired a rocket that hit the Israeli side of Golan Heights. No casualties were involved in that attack.

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    1. Wish deputy minister would rule these days and decimate every terror target irrespective of what and who might be in the way
      If these combatants without weapons are there it still dosent make them civilians and thus bomb them into the stone age
      Thanks for hamas giving an opportunity to bring toorows enemy into todays war and there y ridding them from the planet


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