Gaza – 21 Palestinians Killed As Israel Pounds Gaza On Wednesday


    Smoke rises after an explosion in the northern Gaza Strip July 29, 2014.  ReutersGaza – Israeli fire killed at least 21 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday as the Jewish state said it targeted Islamist militants at dozens of sites across the coastal enclave, while Egyptian mediators prepared a revised ceasefire proposal.

    Israel’s Channel Two TV said progress was being made to achieve a deal in Cairo, where a Palestinian delegation was expected to arrive for discussions.

    Israeli tank shells pounding houses in eastern Jebalya in the northern Gaza Strip killed 13 people and wounded many others, health ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qidra said. Among the dead were a medic and an infant, he said.

    Eight people, including five members of the same family in Jebalya, were killed in other strikes across the Gaza Strip.

    Gaza hospital officials put the total number of Palestinians killed in the conflict at 1,224, most of them civilians. On the Israeli side, 53 soldiers and three civilians have been killed since the start of the offensive on July 8.

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    1. Wevalue life anf 53 is way too many to lose mainly bec we r trying to minimize civilian casualties of whom hamas would be happier we wouildnt be so careful bec they all hate and kill each other. No one is crying about the 150 kids that died building tunnels

    2. What exactly is being achieved in this war?? Of course besides the very crucial task of killing Palestinians, thereby angering the entire Muslim world. Israel’s claim that they are targeting and aiming for the Hamas members and that’s why they are allowed to do what they are doing, is gibberish at its best. Because Hamas members will only be replaced by other militants, they cant and wont be weakened, check out the history of them. They want to be recognized as a legit government, if they Israeli like it or not. IY’H the Israeli and Palestinians will accept a ceasefire in the next few days, can someone please advise exactly what was accomplished??? Absolutely nothing! ( oh I forgot about the tunnels, but that of course is Bibi’s personal PR)

        • Your reply to #2 is problematic – are you really dismissing as “Arabic” any comment that qustions the efficacy of the Gaza operation? Can there be no loyal dissent or questioning?

          I am a Jew who has friends with children fighting in this war…and who has family in southern Israel under rocket fire. At the same time I remember how the IDF walked out of Lebanon not so many years ago having taken it on the chin from Hizbollah…after much initial enthusiasm for how they were “…going to get…” Nasrallah. Now, after three weeks, I am beginning to fear that the stated objectives of the Gaza operation appear still very far from being met…and that the cost to Israel on the international PR front may wind up being very damaging.

          Am I allowed to express these concerns only in Arabic? Am I a “traitor,” as one jerk labeled me last week for saying we should al pi Torah shed a tear for any wounded child?

          B”H for the free speech…and the American constitutional framework that protects us from government officials who would be as closed minded as you appear to be.

          • I guess if they targeted your family on their way in through the tunnels in their planned attacks in September you would be singing a whole other tune….Who are you, are you even jewish…I doubt it.

            • Can you read scutz? I raised concerns about the efficacy of the effort (too big a word for you?) – not the rightousness of the cause. And tomorrow at 5:00 AM I will be sure to tell my shiur chaverim that you question my yichus. What’s more, my family has been targeted. As I was in 1981 in rock throwing incidents in Gaza going to and from Atzmona, then in Sinai.

              I hope for the sake of Klal Yisroel that your progeny do not inherit your analytical depth. Idiot

    3. Well I read where Israel is now “pounding””symbols” of Hamas authority. That is not good. Before Israel was saying ti was making targeted strikes against military targets. Perhaps those targets have been destroyed. Perhaps the Israelis have no idea what else to hit.

      This is not good. When angry young men with guns have no strict idea of what they can and what they cannot do, Bad Things happen.

    4. #5 #6 Do you think Hama’s will go away ? The Big question is there any other way to handle this without creating 100,000 more Palestinian’s ready for suicide RL, to teach the Jews a lesson


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