Gaza City – Leader Of Hamas Military Wing Rules Of Quick Truce


    Gaza City – The shadowy leader of the Hamas military wing says in an audiotape that his group will not cease fire until its demands are met.

    Mohammed Deif’s remarks were broadcast late Tuesday on Al-Aqsa TV, the satellite station of Hamas. Deif says “there is not going to be a cease-fire as long as the demands of our people are not fulfilled.”

    Hamas has demanded that Israel and Egypt lift a border blockade they imposed on Gaza after Hamas seized the territory in 2007.

    Deif’s voice was recognizable in the audio statement. He has survived repeated Israeli assassination attempts and has operated from hiding for years.

    Al-Aqsa also broadcast a videotape it said showed an infiltration by Hamas fighters into Israel on Monday through a border tunnel.

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      • You’re so right. This way, Israel is seen as being the one who agreed to every truce while the terrorists refuse. Kind of like when Ehud Barak and Yitzhak Rabin practically begged arafat y”s to take parts of Israel they were willing to give up in exchange for a dream of an elusive peace. And each time arafat refused what he was offered. It’s all from Hashem.

    1. It is easy to say that the war should last until everyone from hamas is dead. But the reality is that Israeli soldiers – Jewish soldiers will die in the pursuit of justice.

      All I can do is earnestly pray for the chayalim and hope that Hashem will show them rachamim while avenging for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

      I hope that the shuls in New York and elsewhere – those that refuse to say a t’filla during the year for the IDF will reconsider and add appropriate tfillot everyday, including Shabbat.


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