Israel – IDF Reservist Attacked By Haredi Extremists While Visiting His Children In Beit Shemesh


    File Photo: Ultra-Orthodox Jews look at a poster with a cartoon depicting Israeli soldiers pursuing Ultra Orthodox Jewish children.  EPA/ABIR SULTANBeit Shemesh – An IDF officer who was on military operations inside the Gaza Strip was attacked while on temporary leave by haredi extremists in Beit Shemesh on Monday. Haredi politicians were quick to condemn the incident.

    The officer, who is from Netivot, was visiting his children who were staying with their grandparents in Beit Shemesh and went to pray in a synagogue which he was unaware is used by members of an extremist haredi group in the city, the Kikar Hashabbat website reported.

    He arrived by car at a synagogue in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, home to radical haredi groups, while in uniform. While he was praying, several extremists smashed the windows of his car and he was verbally abused as he left the place of worship.

    Shas chairman MK Arye Deri denounced the attack calling in “an act of terrorism” and calling for the perpetrators to be dealt with like terrorists. “The hand that is raised against a soldier must be cut off.”

    MK Yaakov Litzman of United Torah Judaism (UTJ) called the incident “extremely serious” and called on the police to bring the perpetrators to justice.

    “This is a communal crime and a terrible injustice that will besmirch an entire community. The police must treat such wild people with severity,” he said on Kol Barama radio.

    UTJ MK Moshe Gafni said it was an incident of the most extreme severity and was also a desecration of God’s name which endangered the haredi community.

    Yesh Atid and Beit Shemesh resident MK and Rabbi Dov Lipman welcomed the condemnations of the attack by haredi politicians but said that the fierce attacks from the haredi world on the recently passed law for haredi conscription had contributed towards the atmosphere of hate towards the IDF.

    “While I applaud the condemnation of the attack from haredi leaders and I know that only small numbers of extremists would ever attack soldiers, I don’t think the haredi political and rabbinic leaders can claim complete innocence,” Lipman said. “Their non-stop incitement against the government and the suggestion that haredim should serve in the army plays a role here. Had the haredi community called 500,000 people to a prayer rally on behalf of the soldiers instead of against the draft law which implies against army service, I believe the picture would be very different even among the extremists.”

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. The COWARDS who attacked this fine man and his children, should be brought to Gaza and used as human shields to protect our soldiers. These are waste of human life.

    2. send the attackers to Gaza. They would feel much better there. Oh wait. they would be killed on the spot in Gaza. Where is the place for these lowlifes in the this world?

    3. How utterly disgusting–I know it’s a minority ( I hope so anyway) but they really ruin it for the rest of us. What a בושה–their “rebbe” should throw them out of their shul and make an example of them. Instead of thanking him for his protection, this is what they dish out for him and his family?

    4. What i find mostly surprising about this story is that these pieces of filth were in a beis medrash. What do they do there? Daven? To whom? Learn? What? We need to get the sifrei torah and seforim out of this place. It is a bizayon to let seforim be in a place where such reshaim congregate. Although, it could be that le’halacha, such seforim have the din of “sefer torah she’cosvoiy minn”, if which case we have to burn them.

      • Where does it say they were in a beis medrash? They smashed his windows while HE was inside davening. They would never enter a beis medrash for fear of being struck by lightening (or maybe tripped by one of the kids inside). The cowards smashed his windows while everyone else was inside davening, and waited for him to come out before abusing him verbally….

    5. While this is a chilul Hashem, because their behavior was very wrong, Lipman is still incorrect. Had the Zionists not pushed to shmad our chareidi brethren, the rabbanim wouldn’t have had to come out so strongly against it.

      If the Zionists would have left alone the Chareidim, this likely would not have happened. The Zionists like to blame Rabbanim for upholding the Torah and its values. If the Zionists would leave the Torah alone for a change then it would be better for everyone there.

      • While the behavior was wrong, it was the Zionists fault. Had they just leave the Torah alone there would have been no Spanish Inquisition. The holocaust, at least in Satmar, would certainly not have happened etc. etc. You should recognize this for what it is. Terrorism by those people who attacked a soldier. Shame on them, and just in passing shame on you

      • You are an ignoramus , the Zionist did not and never have pushed Jews to “shmad”, yes some Zionist are not keeping torah but they have not converted. Who is pushing Jews to shmad actively in Tel-Aviv is an American whose cousin was majority leader in Congress

      • Then the Zionists show allow these chareidim to protect themselves. take away the IDF protection and iron domes from their streets. you’ll see how fast these so-called Torah Jews will come begging for the soldiers, the Zionists and their protection.

    6. there should be an automatic jail sentence for raising a hand against a chayal. first offense, 30 days. Oh, and he must share a cell with palestinians. Charedi animals

    7. Shame on all those who hurt the soldiers. They are yidden and are being moser nefesh so you can be home with your kids. He can’t even tuck his kids in at night.

    8. These animals are no better then the terrorist in gaza. Israel should pass a law if you attack a soldier beceause of politics, a minimum of 5 years in jail, and inforce it.

    9. A Yid should never raise his hand on another yid its that simple.

      Are people this insane that some would call almost for the killing of these crazies who attacked this soldier?
      Is Shas chairman MK Arye Deri so meshuga to suggest “The hand that is raised against a soldier must be cut off.”

      Hey Dov Lipman,nice try we know your true intentions which is to reform yiddishkiet as it is.Go back to your dear friend hater of Jews who observe Yiddishkiet Yair Lapid

      • Your rationalization for defending these monsters is horrible. You are on the minority here, these ‘crazies’ need to be locked away from normal Israeli society.

      • Yes Mr. Maven…it is totally appropriate and in accordance with daas torah to summarily execute anyone attacking a chayal from the IDF in a time of war, whether the attacker is a yiddeshe terrorist or Palestinian terrorist. It doesn’t matter if the attacker is wearing a streimel and bekeshe…if attacked, respond in overwhelming force to deter any further attacks. As soon as the IDF has completed its actions in Gaza, it should immediately turn its attention on these Chareidi animals who are as big a threat to the medinah.

        • Where was he attacked???? It doesn’t say that anywhere!! It says he was “While he was praying, several extremists smashed the windows of his car and he was verbally abused as he left the place of worship.”. Yes they should be arrested and given jail time but you say to “execute” them?? You are worse than the terrorists! And are you a posek as well as you say “it is totally appropriate and in accordance with daas torah”? Are you insane or just a normal frum Jew hater?

          • I wonder since you call yourself’ Rangers Goalie ‘if you are mourning the Rangers not winning the cup, or the THREE WEEKS?. It says very clearly”… and he was verbally abused …” .As far as our HOLY TORAH says any one that embarrasses someone in PUBLIC DOES NOT HAVE HOLAM ABAHA …….so you see’ Rangers Goalie ‘verbal abused is no less offensive than using hands.As I stated in comment #27 that should be the punishment .

            • “As far as our HOLY TORAH says any one that embarrasses someone in PUBLIC DOES NOT HAVE HOLAM ABAHA “
              A)You just embarrassed me,
              B)24 said execute him. He didn’t say he has no Olam Habboh!
              ” It says very clearly”… and he was verbally abused …”
              That’s exactly what I said! He was not attacked physically. and even if he was to say “execute”?
              BTW I tried my best in goal. You know you can’t stop every shot and yes I am mourning the 3 weeks and the 9 days.

        • Your comment is irrational and very emotional……… Please try to sever the shackles of all these womanly emotion at time of such war. Maven keep up your awesome work!

      • You call yourself “Maven”, YOU MAVEN NOTHING”! You have a big chutzpa to down play what was done to this soldier They need to pass a law in Israel anyone who attacks a soldier must serve 10 years in the front line for the Israeli army.

      • Maven says: ‘your dear friend hater of Jews” . You are the Jew hater . But you rationalize your hate by thinking it’s okay when it’s directed at those who live on and support Israel. Disgusting.

    10. I find it odd that with one exception (#11), everyone on this board, has blasted the extremists for harassing the soldier, and cursing him. There was no mention that any of those involved actually physically assaulted the soldier. Yet, only a few days ago, there was an incident in Yerushalayim,whereby some other Israeli extremists attacked and severely beat tw Arabs, who were not breaking the law, and were minding their own business. There were those on the VIN site, who actually agreed with the despicable action, of beating those Arabs, and sending them to he hospital. There has to be some uniformity, people. You cannot blast those who attack the IDF, and then condone those who attack law abiding Arabs, who are also citizens of EY. Incidentally, #11 is trying to excuse the conduct of the perpetrators in this case, by blaming “the Zionists”, who tried to have the Chareidi conscripted into the IDF. #11 should stop blaming the victim in this case.

    11. Worry about this one. I doubt that Hashem feels israeli charedi terror beggars who attack the IDF are a blessing. This activity could make the charedi limited in all aspects of Israeli beginnings. And it would be just. Terrible culture.


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