Jerusalem – IDF Forces Kill Five Terrorists Who Emerged From Gaza Tunnel Entrance


    A Chabbad missionary came to a staging area near the border with Gaza, to offer laying tefillin for male soldiers deployed there, on July 28, 2014. Flash90Jerusalem – Forces from the IDF’s Givati Brigade opened fire and killed five terrorists from Gaza on Tuesday who emerged from a tunnel.

    The forces seized a large amount of weapons, including Kalachnikov rifles, bullets and explosives.

    Earlier in the morning, Gazan militants fired an anti-tank missile at Armored Corps forces who subsequently fired back at the source of the fire. There were no injuries to the IDF forces in the attack.

    The IDF says that since midnight on Tuesday, the IDF attacked more than 110 terror targets.

    From the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, 22 days ago, the IDF said it attacked more than 3,100 terror targets.

    The IDF announced Tuesday that five soldiers were killed in an attempted infiltration into Israel on Monday via a cross-border tunnel from Gaza.

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    1. The Gazans are seriously considering to make a community pact “Hammas-pact” , like the Jonestown pact. They will all do a commune suicide for all the Gazan and they’ll get their 70 ……when the arrive.
      They’ll all be holy martyrs. Amen

    2. This is impressive! How nice to see that Chabad is at the front lines giving chizuk to the IDF soldiers by putting on tefillin.

      I also saw a video of Breslev chassidim entertaining the troops with song and music. It is time to stop mocking Chabad or Breslev, because when we need them, they are there!

      (I can’t say the same for the chareidi-Litvish groups. wherever they are, they should try to imitate these chassidim!)

      • The true chizuk to the IDF is from the Chareidi-Litvish who fill the bais medresh with the sounds of Torah learning rather than “entertaining” the soldiers with tefillin and songs. The learning of Torah is what protects Eretz Yisroel and Am Yisroel, not the public relations stunts of Chabad or Breslev.

        • It is now Bein haZmanim, the lights in the Bet Medrash is closed, the sound of tora learning is silent, the “Chareidi-Litvish” are on vacation.

          The point is, Chabad and Breslov (and others too) are strengthening the IDF soldiers in various ways, but to the “Chareidi-Litvish” I ask: האחיכם יצאו למלחמה ואתם תשבו פה?

          Enjoy your vacation while your brothers fight for Israel’s survival.

    3. I salute you! Chabad provided my family with kosher food, a minyan and a mikvah when we visited a place that has no frum yidden. Chabad made my cousin frum after he left our nation and planned to marry a non-Jewess. Chabad kashered my neighbor’s house and put up mezzuzahs on their door. I am not Chabad but I salute Chabad!


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