Jerusalem – Israeli Official Says Obama ‘Should Leave Us Alone’


    FILE - Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel speaks to reporters at a ceremony announcing the resumption of construction of an Israeli neighbourhood in East Jerusalem August 11, 2013. EPAJerusalem – Israeli’s Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel criticized President Obama’s recent comments regarding a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

    CBS News out of Washington D.C. ( reports in an interview with Israel Army Radio Ariel directed his comments to Obama stating, “Leave us alone. Go focus on Syria.”

    He further stated that Obama’s discussions for Israel to begin an immediate ceasefire are “outrageous.”

    “[W]e never thought it would be the Americans who would lead the pressure,” Ariel said.

    White House officials have stated some Israelis have launched a “misinformation” campaign against Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to the state to secure a ceasefire.

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    1. What a Chutzpadik expression from an Israeli official towards an American president.
      If not for America Israel is nothing,kaput. All the support Israel needs in the UN or anytime else America is good for Israel but now when an American president says something they don’t like they have the Chutzpah of saying ““Leave us alone. Go focus on Syria.” how shameful and ungrateful.

      Leave us alone? are you saying it when America is financing the Iron dome? are you also saying it when you Schnorr billions of dollars each year from the us government?

      There are tens of thousands of observant Jews worldwide who keep on saying to Israel “Leave us alone”. Don’t run around lecturing the world that Jews need Israel. Because we don’t need it and we don’t want it.
      Netanyahu and all other Israeli officials,there are thousands of Jews who believe that Jews are not allowed to have a state before Moshiach comes.

      • Its rather a polite message to the president if you dont like what we have to do back off butt out and mind your own business rather than talk this nonsense of we have your back and are the strongest of allies etc Congress will always support Israel and are baffled with the the president and kerry’s behaviour.

      • Turkeys are not our national bird. Obama has no feeling for your “entitlement”. If you want liberty, keep Torah. Jews are not ascribed to supporting presidents who disavow the right for Torah to exist. Don’t be a dumper. Protect your family. Obama is saying that Israel only understands bad moons. Durable peace is not dunce cap futures. You limit yourself by running with bad shoestring democrats. Obama will not protect you. Just the will of the people. And sometimes that is a mob.

      • Maven says: “If not for America Israel is nothing,kaput.”
        The fact that you could say this about Jews proves either you aren’t one, or else you have absolutely no Emunah and belief in Hashem. Israel doesn’t need America or anyone else to survive; Hashem’s open miracles for her survival are evident every day.
        And by the way, does it also bother you that we send the same amount of billions in aid to Egypt? I doubt it. Go back to Al Jazeera where you’ll be in good company.

      • You are misguided on several issues, and a full response will exceed YWN’s limits.

        Obama is not funding Israel at all. It is Congress. All Obama volunteered (through the Kerry mouthpiece, another terror lover) to fund is Hamas with $47 million. No one needs to express one word of gratitude to Obama. His role in this crisis has been that of supporting the enemy, not the ally.

        Maybe you have no love for Eretz Yisroel. That is something to be ashamed of, not proud. One does not need to be diehard Zionist to seek to support E”Y and to need it. AS for NK, they are terrorists in bekeshes, and are likely to be descendant from goyim. They lack all the basic midos that are characteristic of Yidden. If you wish to associate yourself with them, you should stay off this website that is for frum Jews.

      • Woah. Netanyahu and all the Israeli ministers have a responsibility to protect the population.

        If you think that diaspora Jews would be safer without Israel – you need to review your recent Jewish history.

        Both the Israeli and American governments have moved away from that phone call, so let it be.

    2. Does he mean the 3.4 Billion (Fiscal Year 2014) check too?

      Does he mean leave them alone in UN votes?

      Does he mean the US not selling/giving them any weapons?

    3. Hey number 4, relax. Its not a lack of gratitude to the United States. Its a specific problem with Obama. Congress is wonderful. The people are wonderful. Obama, to be kind is not. His impotency should not preclude a sovereign nation from defending itself.
      His presidency has consistently been defined by distancing himself from friends and attempting, meekly to ingratiate himself to enemies. The result is friendly countries are leery of him and enemies laugh and scoff. Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, all consider him a joke. The Saudis, Egyptians, Israelis, South Koreans, and Turks consider him unreliable. In essence at this point he is just irrelevant. Imagine, the President of the United States, irrelevant.

    4. Many other countries receive vast amounts of aid from US but do not have to do what the US says.

      Just because America gives some $$$’s does not mean they rule Israel.

      Besides, America promised the aid in camp david accords for giving up sinia. It isnt charity.

      Iron Dome is partly funded by US. only about a quarter of the money goes to America, and America is very happy to do so they can receive the benefits of this amazing technology.

      It is actually funny that you bring Iron Dome as an example, because the fuding from that comes mostly from Congress, which happen to agree with the Presidents pressuring Israel….

      Go learn some facts

    5. Maven Oif Gornisht and Alter Goy: Either you two morons don’t live in the US, or you don’t understand how the United States Government works.

      We have presidents, not dictators. We have congress, not shariah law. And we have a third leg of government called the judiciary. None of the three alone runs the country. If we don’t like a president, we either vote him out in 4 years, or at worst, he leaves in 8. And, we have free speech, so we can criticize the president as much as we want.

      Finally, as much as Israel might need the US, you’d be surprised at how much the US needs Israel.

      • You are not fitting your name.. Sorry. Who told you the US needs Israel’s support? Maybe the president? Please corroborate your preaching with something credible.

    6. Israel’s GDP is around $300 Billion which means America’s support for Israel is approximately 1% of their GDP.
      Anyone who thinks it’s worth putting its citizen’s lives in danger for 1% of their GDP is an imbecile. Yes, US support is appreciated but not at the cost of Israel’s existence. What is worse is the arrogance. Imagine someone lending you a pen then demanding due to their kindness you must pay their rent for the next month. When you express your amazement, to convince you, they explain that they are your greatest friend and it’s in your interest to comply.
      Israel helps the US in many ways, especially in it’s aircraft and weapons development as (unfortunately) only Israel has the opportunity to regularly test its equipment in combat. For example, the Patriot missile was pathetic until Israel helped modify it.


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