Seattle – Jewish Groups Irked By NRA Lobbyist Suggesting Holocaust Was Preventable If Not For Stricter Gun Laws


    FILE - NRA Brian Judy holds a picture of two mini-Rugers. (Photo: State Sen. Pam Roach)Seattle – Jewish leaders in Washington state called on Tuesday for the resignation of a National Rifle Association lobbyist over comments in which he compared the push for stricter gun control regulations to the policies of Nazi Germany.

    Brian Judy, an NRA senior state lobbyist based in California, made the remark while addressing opponents of a proposed Washington state law that would require all gun buyers to undergo background checks before buying guns from a store, gun show or online.

    “Any Jewish people I meet who are anti-gun, I think, are you serious?” Judy said in recorded comments made last week at a gathering in Silverdale, Washington, and posted on YouTube.

    “Do you not remember what happened? And why did that happen? Because they registered their guns and then they (the Nazis) took them,” he added.

    Jewish leaders in Seattle called for Judy’s resignation and slammed any suggestion the Holocaust could have been avoided had Jews been armed.

    “It is deeply offensive for anyone to suggest that Jewish supporters of gun violence prevention have ‘forgotten’ the history of our people,” the Jewish Federation for Greater Seattle said in a statement.

    “To repeat the out-of-touch falsehood linking gun violence prevention to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is not only an ignorant distortion but is exceedingly dangerous,” the statement said.

    Judy did not immediately return a call seeking comment, and the NRA did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

    Washington is one of several states that have moved to tighten gun control laws after a spate of high-profile school shootings, including the 2012 massacre of 26 people in an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

    In the months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the U.S. Congress defeated an effort by President Barack Obama to restrict sales of certain types of guns and require greater background checks at the national level.

    The NRA has made a concerted effort to defeat Washington’s proposed universal background check initiative. The powerful gun rights group says the legislation infringes on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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    1. I don’t understand what they are Jewish establishment is so upset, she is 100% correct. Every repressive regime wants to know where the civilian arms are. Once they know who armed themselves they can easily confiscate them at their own whim. If you study the Pogroms of 1881 -1921 you will see the first thing the government did was confiscate the arms the Jews had. They used the argument “we want to avoid violence.. turn in your arms or go to jail”. Once they took the guns away the Jews were helpless. As the violence broke out, for the 3 days the locals did to you – your parents – your wife and daughters….what ever was just in their eyes. You had to stand by and watch H”R. If the authorities did not join in, they looked the other way. Sure we cannot fight off an army or a police force, but we can at least have a fighting chance with the hooligans.

      This that our gov’t want “checks” and “registration” is only to know where the arms are. To prove my point – after they check if the guy is a “nut” or “dangerous” why won’t they purge the records. Why is it, that any left wing paper can get hold of the names of all gun owners and publish it in the papers? Ha’maven Y’ovin

    2. My father a”h lived in Galicia Poland in 1939. His first contact with German soldiers was when they searched his house. They didn’t take anything. They only were looking for guns.
      They looked at all houses, Jew and gentile alike. There were no lists – they looked at all the houses.

      The British army on Dunkirk had guns. They were trained and organized to use those guns – and tanks. Yet in spite of what the NRA seems to be saying, the Germans weren’t stopped by all those British guns.

      • What foolish logic you have. While the British were outgunned at Dunkirk, the Jews In the Warsaw ghetto lasted longer with STOLEN guns than France did before surrendering to the Germans.

        The only thing that stops bad people with guns is good people with guns.

        “Far from being “civilized,” the beliefs that counterviolence and killing are always wrong are an invitation to the spread of barbarism. Such beliefs announce loudly and clearly that those who do not respect the lives and property of others will rule over those who do. In truth, one who believes it wrong to arm himself against criminal violence shows contempt of G-d’s gift of life (or, in modern parlance, does not properly value himself), does not live up to his responsibilities.”

        From “Nation of Cowards” by Jeffrey Snyder

        • Ignoramus they were not stolen but smuggled in from the Polish partisans or underground. You and the rest of the fools posting don’t know that in Europe at least to my knowledge in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia every gun purchase needed approval from the local Police and there was no black market of weapons. Why don’t you just shut up. You are despicable to use the victims of NaZI brutality. If you are willing to fight buy a ticket on El-Al and head to Israel and volunteer for the iDF

      • You’re missing the point.
        It’s not that Jews would have stopped the Germans, it’s that they would have made it more costly for them. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising showed that the Germans were not ubermenschen and could be taken down a few notches.

        I will repeat what others have written.
        NEVER FORGET and NEVER AGAIN are WORTHLESS unless all Jews are TRAINED and PREPARED to defend themselves.

    3. These Jewish leaders in Washington are representatives of the liberal left, not the people reading this artical on VIN. If every Jew was armed the Nazi’s would have no power over us. How can anyone argue against that?

      • “If every Jew was armed the Nazi’s would have no power over us. How can anyone argue against that?”

        Being armed and well trained in the use of firearms didn’t help the two cops who were gunned down in Vegas while eating lunch by the two lunatic white supremacists a few months back, did it? Neither did it help the armed civilian in the Walmart who foolishly decided to take these crazies on. As for arming everyone to the hilt, there’s very big difference between having the sheer guts to engage in a fire fight and soiling your ‘Gotkes’ before shooting yourself in the foot.

        Face it! There is no defense for an armed wacko suddenly crawling out of the woodwork with the warped intention of blowing you away. You simply can’t react fast enough to his bullets being discharged at you. But, you can pass legislation that will make it more difficult for lunatics to get their hands on firearms. More than 70% of card carrying NRA members in good standing agree with this point of view.

        • Why are you not quoting the HUNDREDS of news stories of all the people that successfully DEFEND themselves, their families, and their properties from the “wackos” as you call it.
          Owning a firearm is not like owning a kitchen knife. If you don’t practice, if you don’t train, you won’t be effective. Don’t project your own fears and naivete on those of us who have no intention of waiting for the new anti-Semites to come get them like you are.

    4. #2,
      Why are you lying or sprouting lies ? Many many jews own guns and every gun owner I know is close to jews.

      My non jewish redneck buddies are the ones that taught me to shoot saying that never again without owning a gun is empty words.

      Yes if jews were armed, not only would the holocaust have been minimized but so would have allied losses in WW2.

      Why ? #4 states that the british at dunkirk could not stop the germans with guns. but jews fighting for their lives could have wrecked havoc.

      All too often a group of jews were rounded up by a few armed germans, had just 1 in 50 jews been armed, they could have shot the germans, seized their guns and fought.

      Why didt they? most jews in europe did not know how to shoot and VERY few had a gun.

      • Every ignoramus came out of his hole including you. I lived through the shoah 3 1/2 under Hitler and 3 1/2 in concentration camp. You don’t know anything about purchasing weapon in Europe and the money needed. Weapon revolvers or rifles were not easily available and very expensive. The other thing you have not the foggiest idea is that the local population actively assisted Nazis in hunting down Jews. In Austria Eichmann had his headquarter ij Vienna and the Austrians hated then Jews and hate them today. In Poland in the
        Western Ukraine the Ukrainians did not wait for the Nazis to kill Jews they started it , in Lithuania, Latvia the same and in
        Croatia the Ustashi enjoyed the killing of Jews and in Hungary too. Fools all of you just shouting of your mouth and repeating the same stale baloney of the NRA.

        • Thankfully we are NOT IN Europe.
          Don’t call others names because they will do what you won’t.
          If you don’t want to defend yourself, and want to make it easy for the Holocaust to repeat itself, go right ahead. I don’t intend to wait for someone to come and get me, or hope they don’t find me.

    5. As I recall, the Germans had tanks and planes and made short work of the armies of Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, etc, all of which had military armaments and training. As survivors have correctly pointed out, having a gun would have done nothing to help Jews surrounded by neighbors who gladly betrayed them to the Germans. How long do you seriously think an armed individual can hold off an army while living amongst enemies? Ask Hamas how a rifle matches up to a bomb. The NRA is a lobbying organization for the weapons manufacturers and their goal is to sell as much product as possible. Fearmongering is one of their tools of trade and it is unfortunate to see how many people have bought into this mentality.

      • NEVER FORGET and NEVER AGAIN are WORTHLESS phrases unless ALL Jews are TRAINED and PREPARED to defend themselves.
        You ignore what IS happening in France and elsewhere to your own detriment. No Golus government has defended Jews for very long.


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