Washington – Pew Poll Shows More Americans Blame Hamas For Current Violence In Gaza


    A man holds up an Israeli flag during a pro-Israeli demonstration near the United Nations in midtown Manhattan in New York City, July 28, 2014.  ReutersWashington – A new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that more Americans blame Hamas for the current violence in Gaza than they do Israel.

    Among the 1,005 Americans polled for the survey which took place between July 24 and 27, twice as many (40%) believe Hamas is responsible more so than Israel (19%).

    Another section of the study, which asks participants to assess Israel’s response to the conflict, reveals that 25% believe Israel has gone “too far,” while 35% think Israel’s response has been “just right.” Another 15% don’t’ believe Israel has gone “far enough.”

    Partisan political breakdowns show that 60% of those who identified themselves as Republicans believe Hamas is to blame, while Democrats were split, with 29% blaming Hamas, 26% Israel and 18% saying both are equally to blame.

    On the question of Israel’s response to the conflict, 46% of Republicans say Israel’s response has been “just right,” while 19% say it has not gone far enough. Only 16% of Republicans believe Israel’s response has been “excessive.”

    35% of Democrats believe Israel has “gone too far,” while 31% say “just right,” and only 9% say Israel hasn’t done enough.

    Along racial lines, 47% of those who identified as white blame Hamas for the violence, as opposed to just 14% who blame Israel, while blacks split almost evenly, with 27% blaming Israel and 25% blaming Hamas. More Hispanics, 35%, blame Israel, as opposed to 20% saying Hamas is to blame.

    When it comes to the question of whether participants believe Israel has gone “too far,” 40% of whites say Israel’s response is “just right” as opposed to 22% “too far.” Blacks and Hispanics check in almost identically, with 36%-27% and 35%-28% splits respectively.


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    1. Of course they are!! They started with the kidnap and murder of 3 boys and constant barrage of rockets. It’s a no brainer unless you have no brains and always blame Israel!

    2. This is Bad news!!!! Since you see that their are no politicians that don’t blame hamas except antisemits si this means that 25% of the population don’t like us or are fed with false information of ppl that hate us


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