Kaafu Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives – 34 Israeli Tourists Evacuated From Thulusdhoo Amid Growing Anti-Israeli Pressure From Locals


    Israeli flag burned by Maldivian citizens on MondayKaafu Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives – 34 Israeli tourists were evacuated by island security forces on Monday amid growing anti-Israeli sentiment from locals after an Israeli surfer ripped an anti-Israel placard from a tree.

    MINIVANNEWS.com (http://bit.ly/1oLaqkl) reports that the decision to evacuate the Israelis was made after authorities received word that many anti-Israeli protesters were en route to the island from Malé after news spread that the Israeli surfer had destroyed the placard bearing a swastika alongside the Israeli flag.

    Island Council President Ahmed Anees said, “Police intelligence said that more were coming from Malé.”

    According to sources, the anti-Israel protesters were detained by authorities until all the Israelis were evacuated safely.

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    1. Who would ever think that on the usually peaceful Maldive Islands, such anti-semitism would take place? These same protestors NEVER condemned Syria, Iraq, and Libya for their atrocities against civilians. It this isn’t a double standard, I don’t know what one is.

    2. When you read history on WWII and Jews were killed. The followers of Herzl said that the reason of the killing is because they are like Gypsies they don’t have there own state. Should they have there own there be no antisemitism in the entire world.
      Then Zionism made that case in the UN and the Jews got Israel that they call the Jewish state and now see the results.

      • Silly rabbit. Noone ever claimed there would come a time when there was no anti semitism in the entire world. People will always find reasons to hate others, including Jews. BTW – You are aware, I would imagine, that many religious people of all religions hate people of the same religion who follow tradtiions/interpretations other than their own AND hate people of other religions, NOT just Jews.
        The point of creating a State was to give the Jews a place to run to when under attack. In that regard many, many Jews of different generations from all over the world have gone to Israel to escape physical as well as spiritual attacks.
        Whether or not Israel will continue to be a haven only Hashem can decide but we should do our best to stay away from sinas chinam and false tales. Maybe then we will be zoche.

      • Zionists never said that Medinat would end antisemitism, it proclaimed we have a right to a state. Which with the Creator’s help we have and will keep.

        • Meyer #3 was correct, even if his grammar is very poor. The zionists did indeed make the case to the UN that the churban wouldn’t have happened if the Jews had their own state. For both reasons 1) there would be a lot less anti-Semitism in the world if Jews were “like all other nations” (c”v) having the national state of their own, and 2) the Jews would have had a haven to which they could escape the prosecution.

          The 1) proved to be just a wishful thinking: there is more anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere (other than few exceptions such as America, Canada, Czechia, etc.) then there was then in the late 40s when the zionists were making their case. The 2) heavily relies on the willingness of the oppressors to let their Jews go. Needless to say, Germans y”sh before 1948 and Russians y”sh, Iranians y”sh and Syrians y”sh after 1948 were not eager to do that.

      • When you read the history on WWII and Jews were killed. The followers of the Satmar Rebbe were told to stay since anywhere else they could become goyim. Then the Rebbe left with the Zionists.

        • You should get a job at the “New York Times”.
          They too are very adept at twistings and omissions to make Jews look bad.

          Anybody that knew the Satmar Rebbe up-close recognized his unlimited Ahavas-Yisroel. So why on earth would he purposely give harmful advice?!

          (Before and during the Shoah, things and situations and circumstances changed almost by the minute. Hashem concealed the future even from holy Tzaddikim.)

          I have 2 suggestions for you, Mr. Clear-thinker. First verify and ascertain the true UNADULTERATED facts and details. Your criticisms may disappear.

          And then, when you reach the age of 119, prepare a very good apology for the Satmar Rebbe Z’L.
          You’re gonna need it….

          • There are many things I will need an apology for, this, I believe, is not one of them. Too many here attack Zionism with no truth, or half truths, and then become upset when a parody is made of their lies. So Mr. Wise-Guy, no comment about number 2 playing fast and loose with the truth. While you are at it look to number 10 who blames Zionism for hatred today, and thinks that the 1940s were better.

      • The establishment of the state of Israel did end anti-semetism, the nations of the world are not antisemetic, they simply disagree with policies and beliefs of the state of Israel – it’s a political thing, religion has nothing to do with it.

    3. So instead of dealing with the “protesters” they throw the innocents out…. this world is becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day…. acheni kol beis yisroel…. hamokom yerachem Aleiham….

      • They do deal with protesters, but first things first, you must provide for the safety of innocent targets of the rioters, it is common sense and also moral imperative.

        I think the authorities acted exceptionally well. It’s like when they have riots during the football games (fortunately very seldom these days but not so rare in the past), the police do deal with rioters but they also very quickly escort players and referees into the safety of the tunnels and locker rooms. Nobody ever had problems with that. Do you?


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