Erpatak, Hungary – Hungarian Town Holds Ceremony Where Israeli Leaders Hung In Effigy (video)


    Image grab from online video of Saturday's event shows Mihaly Zoltan Orosz mayor of Erpata holding a star of David, and back of him effigys of Israeli leaders.Budapest, Hungary – The mayor of a town in eastern Hungary has held an event hanging effigies of the prime minister and former president of Israel to protest the war in Gaza.

    Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, who has been mayor of Erpatak since 2005, told The Associated Press Monday that the “Jewish terror state” is trying to obliterate the Palestinians and said he opposed “the efforts of Freemason Jews to rule the world.”

    Hungary’s foreign ministry condemned the mayor’s actions, saying he was using innocent victims of the war “to spread hate-inducing propaganda.”

    An online video of Saturday’s event shows an executioner with a black hood over his face kicking chairs out from under the puppets of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres, each tied to a gallows.

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    1. Before these small-town hungarian fascist b******s weigh-in on international affairs beyond their ken- let them learn how to read and write and how to use a modern toilet.
      And it’s about time the jews particularly of Boro Park stop speaking
      that disgusting language and going to the bads in budapestilence !

    2. Anyone who knows anything about Eastern Europe should not be surprised. The Gentiles in these countries have been raised in anti-Semitism, mostly by the Churches in their countries. They are very backward, even today.

    3. Ordinarily, I’d dismiss these clowns as irrelevant gypsy’s, small town goobers, with too much time on their hands and too little brains .However it is precisely these type of ignoramuses’ that Hitler ymsh, recruited to do his dirty work. And do it they did, with great enthusiasm.

    4. De Ungarishe Behayme ligt ehm oifen punim! What a fool. He’s so stupid. No difference between himself and the effigies / puppets right behind him. He’s as smart as an effigy and proud about it. Typical Ungarisher Shoyte

    5. Unfortunately this has made news not only on Vosiznies, but also in many other news outlets.
      The comments here are only seen by us.
      Hungarian Shiote or not, there are millions of Europeans that have the same feelings against us as him.
      How long till we realize what this war has done


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