Jerusalem – Senior Hamas Official Says ‘No Agreement On Extension’ Of Gaza Truce


Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry (R) meets with Quartet Representative to the Middle East and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss latest developments in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and means to resolve it, in Cairo August 6, 2014. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany Jerusalem – A senior Cairo-based Hamas official said late on Wednesday there was no agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians over the extension of a 72-hour Gaza ceasefire that took effect on Tuesday.

Israel said hours ago it was ready to extend the three-day deal beyond a Friday deadline and had sent a delegation back to Cairo on Wednesday to continue talks through Egyptian mediators.

“There is no agreement on the extension of the truce,” Moussa Abu Marzouk wrote on his Twitter feed.

Despite being a member of Hamas’ political leadership, he is not part of the Islamist movement’s inner circle but dealt directly with Egypt during talks it led to broker the ceasefire.

Egyptian officials said late on Wednesday that talks were still under way.

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  1. Don’t those foolish so called “Palestinians” realize that Israel with target the launch sites and eliminate more of the Hamas terrorists if the resume firing rockets?

    Israel should cut off the water and electricity and food to Gaza if those terrorists don’t agree to all of Israel’s terms. Gaza needs Israel, but Israel doesn’t depend on Gaza for anything.

  2. And you can bet they WILL resume rocket attacks as soon as this “ceasefire” comes to an end…. They don’t play games and usually keep their word… The question is how Israel will respond… For some reason Israel just doesn’t have the guts to deal them the final blow that so desperately deserve… Hashem yerachem…. Nothing esle to say

    • If EY resumes a major offensive on Gaza with renewed civilian casualties, there is almost certain to be a major terrorist attack within a major Israeli city and a total loss of whatever political support it has from the U.S. Canada and few European countries.

    • I certainly agree they need ‘the final blow that so desperately deserve’ however, if you expect Israel to flatten Gaza and they easily could, how would you reconcile to the world the thousands of civilians killed in such an operation, pray tell.

  3. I agree with number 3. Israel cares to much about what the world will say or do..let me tell you something: they hate us no matter what since yakov stole the brachos from eissov.

  4. Reply to 6,7,8 Clinton admitted he could have had bin Laden but would have had to take out a town in Afghanistan and kill 300 civilians. Major mistake, as he admitted.

    Of course it will cost valuable lives to finish the job in Gaza. But if we don’t, how many lives will be lost when these degenerates rearm.

    There is only one decend endgame here. Hamas surrenders. Anything else means they did not have enough and are begging for more

    • As much as I would like Israel to decimate hamas the fact remains, Israel killing thousands of civilians, in the process will allow the world, including the US to gang up on Israel with potentially very grave consequences for Israel.

      Unfortunately there are no realistic solutions when fighting a war against terrorists embedded within the general population.

      The people living amidst the gaza misery need to remove their terrorist leaders, only then might there be quiet.


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