Quito, Ecuador – Ecuadorian President Cancels Trip To Israel Over Gaza Offensive


FILE -  Ecuador president Rafael Correa delivers a speech. EPAQuito, Ecuador -The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa cancelled his trip to Israel, scheduled for later this year, in the aftermath of Israel’s 28 day offensive in the Gaza Strip.

“We must continue to denounce this genocide” he said in an interview with a local news agency, clarifying the cancellation is in response to Israel’s policies vis-a-vis Gaza.

The decision comes after Ecuador recalled its ambassador from Israel, as Operation Protective Edge heightened.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino has announced earlier that the Andean country will open an embassy in Palestine to voice its support to the Palestinians.

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    • Sorry or not, this is not a laughing matter, it indeed indicates how Antisemitism is unfortunate on the rise again, especially by third-world countries.
      He is a politician and knocking Israel , is the “thing to do” it is The way of gaining public support.
      He didn’t bother calling back any ambassadors from China, USSR, Sudan etc. where true “genocides” have taken place, not a war with terrorists hiding amongst civilians.

  1. Poster #3 is correct. People are gullible – if all they take away from the Gaza war is that Israel killed a bunch of women and children, then Hamas has accomplished what they set out to do – delegitimize Israel and inflame hatred of Jews.

  2. He is compensating for all the children and adults from his country who face death in trying to come illegally to this country because of crime and murder by the drug lords in Ecuador, corrupt and degenrate


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