Manama, Bahrain – Islamic Country Strongly Condemns The Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem


    FILE - Bahrain's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa addresses a news conference. ReutersManama, Bahrain – Bahrain Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al Khalifa strongly condemned Tuesday’s attack on a Jerusalem Synagogue, channel 2 reported Tuesday night.

    Referring to positive reactions to the attack, which he called a crime, in the Arab world and especially among Palestinians, Al Khalifa said that “the blessings heard following the attack only add to the suffering of the Palestinians.”

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    1. Unfortunately the silence from every other arab country and leader is telling indeed. Abbas only did so after Kerry openly twisted his arm to do so, and not only that but he followed his phony condemnation by basically saying the occupation was the cause for it,


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