Jerusalem – Rudy Giuliani: Israeli PM Has Obligation To Deliver Address To Congress


     A handout image released by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) shaking hands with New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani (L) as they meet in Jerusalem, Israel, 01 February 2015.  EPA/KOBI GIDEONJerusalem – Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said Sunday if he were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he would deliver a speech to the US Congress out of an obligation to his country to put before the American people the danger a nuclear Iran poses to Israel.

    “If I were him, I would make the speech,” Giuliani said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

    Giuliani, a Republican who is in the country for two days to address a business conference in Herzliya, met with Netanyahu for an hour on Sunday. The two have known each other for years, and Giuliani said he tries to visit Israel at least every two years.

    According to the former mayor, although the issue of the controversial speech to Congress in March came up during their meeting, the focus was Iran.

    “He is laser focused on Iran as a danger to his country, the region and the world,” Giuliani said, adding that he believes the controversy surrounding the speech has been “blown way out of proportion. It seems a perfect time to have him address Congress because we are going through all these hearings on Iran.”

    Giuliani was referring to hearings organized by Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, who has called on former generals and secretaries of state to testify regarding what they think should be in an agreement with Iran.

    “ We should hear the views of probably the person and country most affected by whatever we do about Iran,” he added.

    Giuliani dismissed concerns about the optics of the visit and whether House Speaker John Boehner, who invited Netanyahu, is using the prime minister in his political battles with President Barack Obama, or whether Netanyahu is using the speech for domestic political purposes.

    “I know John Boehner a lot better than I know the president,” Giuliani said, “and I think that he thought inviting the prime minister was a no-brainer. He probably thought, ‘We had him before, we are going to have him again. Why should the president care. He’ll probably want to see him, as well.’” Giuliani said he did not know why the administration would be afraid of whatever Netanyahu had to say to Congress.

    Regarding what impact a single speech could make, especially considering that the administration knows Netanyahu’s viewpoint very well, Giuliani said the administration has shown itself in the past willing to change positions according to public opinion. His implication was that it might do so regarding Iran if the polls showed opposition to its position.

    As to concerns that this issue was turning Israel – long a subject both parties could agree on – into a partisan issue, Giuliani said the Democrats would do so at their own peril. Some 70-75 percent of Americans support Netanyahu’s position, he asserted, adding that the number showing support for Israel was even higher.

    As a result, it would be a terrible mistake for the Democratic Party to insult the prime minister by not being there for his speech, and I don’t think they will make that mistake.”

    On Friday, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi said that she did not know if democrats would show up for Netanyahu’s address.

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    1. Why does Natanyahu HAVE to accept an Obama policy of humiliation? Bibi is the victim and the Obama administration is the one making him the aggressor by not accepting Obama’s attempt to hurt his re-election chances.

      This is not the first time Obama has refused to meet him, or hold a conference with him. He is not coming to lash out agaisnt Obama, he’s pleading for support, how is that disrespectful.

    2. I think that Netanyahu and Boehner cannot lose. There is not so much of a down side. And, I don’t think that this is in any way against the president’s policy.

      • “I hope the Democrats don’t come” Wow? Do you hope that the next President (65% chance a Democrat) will embargo goods from the territories? To vote for a Palestinian State? Etc. I dont get it? What do you gain from going against most of the USA. Even Fox News defended Obama on this one.

      • “May end liberal Jews love for democrats.” Jews vote 75% Democrat because The Democratic Party stand for Torah. Like Help your fellow, (Welfare,Food Stamp) Love the Immigrants etc. Tens of thousand frumme yidden can learn the Torah every day because the USA Democratic system. Other tens of thousands of Yews with large families get Govt support etc. Jews will vote Democrats after Obama because what the party stands for. No wonder that 34 Jewish Congressman are DEMOCRATS. No wonder that every single Frumm Jewish elected official are Democrats. From Dov Hikind to S. Silver Simche Felder and the rest of Yidden in in US History. And no wonder that 2 month ago The Republican Party did not tolerate a single Jewish Representative. (Today there is one)

        • did it ever occur to you that if taxes and handouts were slashed, we’d all have more of our own money to begin with instead of filtering it through a labyrinth of government waste. plus if republicans got their way, we’d have have school choice and not pay thousands a year for schooling.

          • Did it ever occur to you that we Yidden have large familys and we cant support them without “Handouts” even if we work 80+ hours a week. (We call it Majser,Tzodokoh etc) Did it ever occur to you that the Republicans are against school choice just like the democrats? Bush, Reagan had Republican Congress at one time and they never changed the public school system and we were paying thousand of dollars for jewish education. Did it ever occur to you that we Yidden vote Democrats for a reason explained 8 & 9 but you think you are smarter than the Yews and the Torah?

            • also have in mind that we’d all have more of our own money to donate to the charity of OUR choice,not the goverment’s choice. jews bichlal vote democrat because it actually was a party that stood for reform but now it’s just about the handouts. sorry,the truth hurts.

          • “Did it ever occur to you if taxes handouts slashed..govt vaste…school choice.” Govt Handouts pays peoples Food in the USA not for War in Iraq looking for weapons that dont exist at a cost of 2 Trillion. (One war will pay 15 Years of handouts) School Choice? Good Idea.Maybe Your friends did that in Iraq i have not seen that in a single State in the USA. 37 States are under Republican Govt not one of them has school choice. 37 Republican States not allowing Obamacare to help their middle class pay for medication but they wont allow scool choice. You know why. We all know the more education they more likely to vote Democrat.

          • “Republicans got their way,we’d have school choice” You joking? Louisiana,N Dakota. So Carolina, Missisipi, W Virginia, Georgia and the rest of Republican controlled states have school choice, right? If they will have one day school choice they will get some education like the Democratic States NY, NJ, Cal, Mass. Ct. etc and they will never vote Republican again.

    3. 2 knuckle heads met, and I’m suppose to even listen to this non-sense.

      Any Israeli who falls for that, and believes that Bibi being used as a pawn in the fight between Obama and the Republican’s, would do any good for Israel, needs to have his head examined.

      Already there seemed to be some support between the Democrats for some tough sanction bill, which has now faded.

      Basically Bibi gave a choice for every democrat. Are you anti Obama, or anti Israel. What do you think they will choose?

    4. G-d bless Mayor Giuliani. If only he could be our Mayor now, instead of this jerk we have now. Rudy has always been a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people! He sees what the liberals/democrats are doing now, trying to cover for obama’s having wrecked our relationship with our strongest ally in the world, and are turning it around as if it was a crime to invite him to share his extensive knowledge (much more than Obama has!) about the dangers of Iran going nuclear because they’re afraid the American people will rise up after finding out the truth, and demand more sanctions, which Obama is against. Obama has shown himself to always take the side of the terrorists and their backers, and he doesn’t want anyone like Bibi telling the truth and showing Obama up for the liar and Muslim sympathizer he is.

    5. Americans are in no mood for any more military actions against other foreign States. By accepting the invitation, the POTUS, Congessional Democrats and ordinary Americans have been unnecessarily antagonized. This is a lose-lose situation for pro-Israeli supporters. Don’t do it Natanyahu.


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