Washington – Huckabee: Accepting Gay Marriage Akin To Asking Jews To Serve Bacon In Kosher Delis


    FILE - In this Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, file photo, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks during the Freedom Summit, in Des Moines, Iowa. Huckabee says gay marriage is akin to alcohol and profanity _ options the Republican weighing a 2016 presidential bid says are appealing to others, but not to him. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)Washington – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Sunday said gay marriage is akin to alcohol and profanity — options he says are appealing to others but not to him.

    The former Baptist pastor, who is weighing a second run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, also claimed that forcing people of faith to accept gay marriage as policy is on par with telling Jews that they must serve “bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.” That dish would run afoul of kosher rules in the same way Huckabee sees asking Christians to accept same-sex marriages.

    “We’re so sensitive to make sure we don’t offend certain religions, but then we act like Christians can’t have the convictions that they have had for over 2,000 years,” Huckabee said.

    Huckabee has made cultural issues the cornerstone of his likely White House bid. The former Baptist pastor is counting on social conservatives and evangelicals who have great clout in early nominating Iowa to help him.

    His comments about gays and lesbians seem targeted at the conservative corners of his party.

    Yet he also included a pitch for inclusion in his remarks.

    Huckabee said he appreciates different viewpoints on gay marriage, adding that he has gay friends.

    “I accept a lot of people as friends maybe whose lifestyle I don’t necessarily adhere to, agree with or practice. Doesn’t mean that I can’t have a good relationship with anyone or lead them or govern them,” Huckabee said.

    But he remained steadfastly opposed to same-sex marriage.

    “I don’t chuck people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view. I don’t drink alcohol, but, gosh, a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but, believe me, I have got a lot of friends who do,” Huckabee said.

    “Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera. It’s not my cup of tea. I would like to think that there’s room in America for people who have different points of views without screaming, shouting and wanting to shut their businesses down.”

    Such rhetoric is central to Huckabee’s efforts to engage social conservatives.

    In recent weeks, Huckabee has picked fights with the White House over President Barack Obama’s friendship with Beyonce Knowles. Huckabee says the Obama daughters should not treat the entertainer as a role model because she is overly sexual.

    In his latest book, Huckabee also says Beyonce’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, is more of a “pimp” than a spouse.

    Huckabee spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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    1. But this is not a Christian country, and the constitution bans religion from government!

      As a Jew, I’m against gay, but religious issues don’t belong in the government. If I’m not ready to accept gay people, due to my religious convictions, I have the full right to do that. But I can’t then lobby the government, and use my voting power, to force other people to believe the same way I do.

      • Some may counter that they have no problem with murder. “If he killed the guy he must have had a good reason to do so”. Everything comes down to religious convictions. For some reason you seem to be conditioned to believe that if yennems choice doesn’t hurt anybody then it’s not my business. There was a time that morality mattered more to yidden than who’s giving us more money.

      • The constitutIon does not allow the country to adopt a specific religion. It does not say that it has to anti religion.

        Every single religion, as well as any non perverted person is against gay marriage.

        A law against gay marriage is not endorsing a religion. Thus there is nothing legaly agonist opposing gay marriage.

      • You are incorrect my friend.

        Toeva (at least the male version) is one of the Sheva Mitzvos, which in fact does make it applicable to gentiles. If you were an elected official, you would not be able to vote in favor of Gay marriage.

        • the Judeo-Christian tradition what this country was founded..;guiding light and moral compass” Like: No Jews and Dogs allowed. Etc. Keep this tradition/guiding light/moral compass Narischkeit to the Nazis. America is the Country of Immigrants and other minorities: Jews,Blacks,Spanish,Woman, Gays etc. We live in Harmony together and dont force our believe on others like the Taliban

          • you simoly don’t know history,American or other. btw,the Nazis were’t Christian but were pagan’s. it is expressly because they turned their backs on G-d that they were reverted to cultured barbarians.

      • This cracker can believe whatever he wants….he just cannot tell others what to believe or deny them the same legal rights given to heterosexual couples. He wants to keep government out of people’s lives…that’s fine. Get out and stay out. if you are going to give special tax breaks or grants or health insurance or ANY economic benefit to certain unions of people than give it to all. Huckalberry tries to put a smile on racism and sexism like those antisemitim who say “some of my best friends are Jews”…” He will get a few votes in a few backward bible belt states but will self-destruct as a candidate like the other hate=mongers who “tell it like it is”…

          • Than maybe its time to find some new meforshim who understand that what the government calls “marriage” has nothing to do with halacha or daas torah. The “government” has to treat all of it citizens equally in terms of the economic benefits it offers to people who are cohabitating, whether is Yankel and Chaya Sarah or Yankel and Avramale.

            • what kind of apilorsus is this to say it’s time to find some new meforshim and why-to support YOUR own personal view. that’s called reform Judaism. check your self.

        • Let’s not let facts get in the way of your entirely ignorant statement.

          The government gives tax breaks and benefits to a normal, straight man-woman marriage because they want to encourage them to have children and to stay together to raise a healthy household, so that they should be productive members of society and this country’s future.

          A gay couple cannot procreate. Period. If they adopt a child, they can seek ADOPTION benefits like any other person who adopts a child.( In addition, there is NO evidence that being raised by gay parents will result in a healthy, productive life.)

          These are the facts. Now go drain your bleeding liberal heart into the toilet.

    2. Gay is not necessarily a religious issue – it’s an issue of: can we redefine the word ‘marriage’. Can we go about to redefine anything we feel like.
      How about redefining marriage – to the point of okaying the union of man and his (hmmm – female or maybe even male) dog – If we can get enough people in the government to agree to that would that be ok?. Where does it all end?

      • You must be so proud of that argument, as if you were the first to think of it? can a dog consent to a legal binding contract? do you not see the difference between two adults entering an agreement, and a man violating an animal?

        • Don’t get so high and mighty with me, mister.
          Today we change the definition of marriage, tomorrow we change the definition of ‘a legal binding contract’ . A dog may not need to consent. in the future. Even today we have a Jewish law that one witness is enough under certain circumstances….

    3. Go Mike go kudos to you. Our supposed Askonim who dare to speak on our behalf should learn from non-Jew Mike Huckabee not to be afraid to speak out when it comes to this disgusting issue. Its a Shanda that certain Askonim had the nerve to endorse a mayoral candidate who is not ashamed with her manivoles.

    4. To #2 – nothing to do with religion. Religion or not, everyone agrees that this world is a continuum, the show needs go on, and the system was setup as male and female procreation. This is a moral issue. The world was not meant to be gay and if it were to become so, the system would become corrupt. We’d be gone in less than a century. Something that goes against everything that makes this world continue on, cannot be considered moral.

      Sometimes I just wish that all liberal leftists would be gay, hence, they wouldn’t procreate and raise some more leftists.

      They need to stop shoving this horrible agenda down our throats, and nobody is interested in gay public affection, it’s nauseating. As a human being, I am disgusted.

    5. This yutz does not recognize the new normal. Gay marriage is allowed in many states and all most religion are trying to accommodate gays in some fashion. I resent the Huckster putting Jews in the mix besides we have mock crab and bacos with a hechsher!

    6. No, it is not. I respect you, Huck, but your are wrong on this.
      It would be like a bar refusing service or seats to blacks. (Like they used to do.) Or service or seats to Jews (like they used to do).
      It is not what they serve (such as vodka, rum, etc.) but who they serve (such as blacks, Jews, gays, etc.).

    7. The “Gay Rights” issue is a money issue. Their is benefit money, insurance money, burial money, tax money, etc. It’s nothing but a money issue. When a group is not getting their share of the money then all options are exploited to get that share – whether the share is proportional or not – to the group. Stop confusing this with a religious issue as both pro and con sides have abandoned God a long time ago and have chose Benjamins to run their lives.

      • Wrong, because if that were true then civil unions could accomplish the same thing. what do I care whom you live with? They won’t be happy until we say it’s okay, They want to indulge and also not feel shame.

    8. North Americans seem to now be mandated to be so politically correct, as to make an opinion that is different than what seems to be mainstream, heresy.

      Good for Mike Huckabee! Too bad I can’t vote for him.

    9. Rubbish. Nobody is forcing Christians, or anyone else, to “accept” gay marriage, nor Jews to serve bacon wrapped shrimp. But if you run a business that accommodates the public then you cannot bar customers based on your beliefs. You can tell your goyishe customer that you don’t serve shrimp or bacon, but that they CAN order the flanken or the pitcha, but you cannot refuse to serve them because they’re Christian, Muslim, or gay.

      • So, if you were, say, a wedding photographer and a “gay” couple wished to hire you to photograph their wedding and you refused and they sued because of discrimination, would you still spout the same nonsense as you did here?

        Yes, Christians are being forced to “accept” “gay” marriage and, so are, lihavdil, the Jews in this country as well.

        • I say again,… rubbish. I you’re doing business as a wedding photographer (not just as hobby or “off the books”) in this county then you cannot refuse to service a client because of their religion, race or sexual orientation. If that bothers you, then move to a country where it’s ok, like Iran, maybe.

          • Wow. That’s sad in so many ways.

            In what is supposed to be a free country, do you really believe that the government should be able to force a Torah Jew to service this couple despite their brazen rebellion against their Creator and the effect this would have on the Torah Jew, not to mention the effect it would have on the business when potential clients discover this particular clientele?

            What if you were an officiating Rabbi and you refused to service this couple on religious grounds? Would you still say the Rabbi should be sued for refusing to officiate at this non-marriage?

            Are you Jewish, and, if so, did you ever receive a Torah education? If not, then I understand the reasoning behind your position. Otherwise, your comments are rather disturbing.

            • Unfortunately, what is really sad is your lack of understanding of what is live in a pluralistic society.

              In response to your questions:

              1. Yes. In the United States we do not live under Sharia Law or Torah Law. If a Torah Jew (or anybody else) wishes to operate a business in the United States, then he or she must operate that business in accordance with the civil laws of the United States. The people who operate B & H Photo, for example, cannot refuse to sell a camera to a same-sex couple buying it to photograph their wedding, just because the owners of the company are (I’m making an assumption here) against toievah marriage.

            • 2. A ridiculous question. As did Mr. Huckabee, you’re comparing apples, not even to oranges, but to zebras. What a rabbi, a priest, or any other clergymen does in a RELIGIOUS ceremony is not open to state control, although I suppose that there may be a gray area when it comes to actual public safety or potential harm to individuals. Think of the current controversy regarding bris milah, for example. But wait! Hold onto your streimel! The U.S. Supreme Court has just permitted a case to proceed in Louisiana in which it is charged that a Catholic priest neglected his duty under state law to report to authorities a case of alleged sex abuse by a parishioner that was reported to him during a confessional by 14-year-old girl. Catholics consider the confidentiality of the confession to be sacred and inviolate. The outcome of this case could have repercussions for Jews as well.

            • 3. Whether I, or you are Jews is irrelevant. We’re living in the United States in 2015. I don’t know if you’re Jewish, or how old you are, but there are people alive today who remember signs reading ” We Do Not Rent to Jews” and “Jews Need Not Apply”. The people posting those signs had a “sincere and deeply held belief” that Jews are dirty, deceitful, ganeivim who also killed their G-d. Have Jews become so comfortable in United States today that they have forgotten those times and are now ready to treat others the same way? If so, that is also really sad and a shondeh.

            • “Have Jews become so comfortable in United States today that they have forgotten those times and are now ready to treat others the same way?”

              You know, that is an extremely powerful statement you just made there. Many have asked why the so called פרום עולם are such rabid racists, which is prominently taught in ישיבות. Is it perhaps, akin to a child who has been bullied, and at some juncture, finds another child he can push around?

              Huckabee, a feral racist, has written a book (more likely, ghost written) in which he claims that President Obama as a young man, was against colonialism in Africa and sympathized with the murderous Mau Mau. This so called ‘preacher’ has no problem ‘bearing false witness against his neighbor,’ due to his intense bigotry. And, for this reason, so many of our very own היימישער bigots would vote for him in a flash, even though Huckabee would love to make נצרות this country’s national religion.

    10. sorry but the govt has no business preventing two consenting adults from marrying. And comparing acceptance of gay marriage to serving bacon in a kosher deli is probably the stupidist thing this man has ever said (and trust me, he has said many stupid things). A kosher deli is a business following specific religion guidelines. A government is the PEOPLE following NO religious rules or guidelines.

      Its time to get off the wrong side of history and move on. The mike huckabees of 75 years ago compared allowing blacks and whites to marry to serving bacon in a deli, and the mike huckabees of 200 years ago compared allow black people to not be owned by anyone to serving bacon in a kosher deli.

      • Do you really believe that the government has no business preventing a brother and sister from marrying? And would they have no right prohibiting polygamy? Marriage is an institution that is controlled by every government in the world. And, yes, you may beleive that prohibiting certain types of unions may be wrong, but that does not mean the gov’t, acting on behalf of its constituent citizens, has no right to do so. There is no “inalienable right” to marry whomever you wish.

    11. “….. Also claimed that forcing people of faith to accept gay marriage as policy is on par with telling Jews that they must serve bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.”

      Yes, that is why חז”ל say יש תורה בגוים אל תאמן. That is, משכב זכר is דיני נפשות, while eating מאכלים אסורים is a לאו. The last thing anyone in this country needs is the נוצרי theocracy that this Huckabee wants to impose down everyone’s throats. He’d push for נצרות being the national religion, and would introduce an inquisition that would make the Spanish one look like a birthday party. Sure, many here like him because he’s anti gay. But, that alone is no reason to vote for this נוצרי fundamentalist who, like his other fellow extremists, wants to see every Jew convert to his נצרות.

      • this country was far better off when we had frum goyim, who had some busha and yiras shamayim, running it,then what we have now. we never had anything like the spannish inquisition, not even close. you don’t need to say ridiculous things to make your point.


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