Israel – For 2nd Month In A Row, Jerusalem Holds Up Tax Transfer To Palestinian Authority


    Israel – Jerusalem on Wednesday decided for the second month in a row to withhold the transfer of tax revenues it collects for the Palestinian Authority because of the PA’s decision to join the International Criminal Court and initiate action against Israel.

    One senior government official, explaining the decision to withhold the funds, said that monthly transfers will be held up until Israel “finishes formulating its response to the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral move to the ICC, a step that runs contrary to all previous agreements.”

    The careful phrasing of the announcement indicated that Israel was weighing other options as well.

    In January, after Israel froze the transfer of that month’s revenues, Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat hinted that in response the Palestinians might dissolve the PA and call on Israel to fully assume responsibility for the West bank and Gaza Strip.

    The US has made clear it opposes holding up the funds, saying that it only increases the tensions.

    Content is provided courtesy of the Jerusalem Post

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    1. I don’t understand. Israel should apply those monies to compensate Israel for the damages it inflicts on Israeli people and property. When they blow up a bus, these monies need to pay for the replacement or repair of the bus, and there should a formula to place a monetary figure as a minimum for the lives taken and injuries that occurred. This money would be gone in no time. The Palis do not deserve a dime of it.

    2. True, they don’t deserve the money, mainly because of the most understandable reason, which is that they owe a fortune to the Israeli power company. (Or so I read.)

      But in any case, sometimes it’s more important to be smart rather than right.

      After WW2 the Germans and Japanese didn’t either deserve U.S. taxpayer dollars to help rebuild their countries.
      Not the least bit.
      But the “Truman doctrine” and the “Marshall plan” did give tons of our money to the defeated undeserving countries, and it payed off.

      Germany (west) and Japan and Turkey and Greece were all prevented from falling into the hands of the communists, which would have meant great trouble for the U.S. down the road.

      I hope Israel is carefully weighing the the Pros and Cons of their strategy. Considering the long-term results.

      “Aizehu Chacham, Ha’Roeh ess Ha’noled”, as the Mishnah states…

      • At the end of WWII, the Germans and Japanese surrendered. The situation is totally different with the so-called palestinians. They seek to destroy us, cause all kinds of havoc, constantly incite and train their youth to kill us and don’t pay their bills, while we supply them with the means to try to accomplish their goals.

        That makes us fools. We need to take every measure possible to stop them. They are terrorists and already in the terror camp.

        Very poor analogy on your part.

        • I agree that the situations/scenarios are different.
          But one thing remains the same, the need to consider which tactic may end up doing more harm than good.

          Regardless of the fact that Israel has the moral, ethical and legal right to withhold the funds, it may still wind up causing a bigger mess.
          If the “Palestinian” economy/government collapses, we might have another “Gaza” on our hands. Only bigger.

          And although Israel could crush them B’ezras Hashem, but how many lives will it cost?
          And how much will we further (unfairly) lose western support, which is unfortunately still needed?


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