New York – Dashcam Captures Car Stolen Off Brooklyn Street From Borough Park Man


    Image grake from Shaya Jungreis dashcam shows two black men approaching the car from either side on Feb 3, 2015Brooklyn, NY – It was a 90 second joyride involving several traffic infractions, a pedestrian and a fender bender, with the entire incident captured on video by the stolen car’s dashcam.

    21 year old Shaya Jungreis of Borough Park double parked his 2013 Infiniti Q50 yesterday afternoon in Bushwick, leaving the engine running and the doors unlocked. Jungreis, who works in the construction business, had gone to Somers Avenue in Bushwick to check on a work site.

    “I was going out for just a second,” Jungreis told VIN News. “If I was going into the building I would for sure have locked up.”

    Jungreis’ dashcam shows two black men approaching the car from either side. One man, wearing a blue jacket with white stripes over a black hooded sweatshirt, can be seen ducking down out of sight as he approached the driver’s door of the car.

    Seconds later the video shows the car heading east on Somers Street, clipping a woman crossing the street as it made a right turn onto Rockaway Avenue.

    A voice can be heard on the footage saying, “He could be coming right now bro,” followed by shouts of “Yo, watch the lady, watch the lady!”

    Looking up, Jungreis was stunned to see what was happening.

    “All of a sudden I see my car taking off,” said Jungreis.

    Borrowing a phone from his worker, Jungreis contacted the 73rd precinct who unsuccessfully tried to track his iPhone which had been left in the car.

    The dashcam shows the vehicle heading north on Rockaway Avenue, traveling at what appears to be an excessive speed for the largely residential area, running several stop signs and, at one point, driving in the lane of oncoming traffic in order to pass a slower vehicle.

    The two men can be heard conversing in the car.

    “They coming?” asked one.

    “Na, na, na…ain’t nobody coming,” replied the second man.

    The driver, who seemed to be having second thoughts, pulled into one parking spot after making the left turn onto Marion Street and then hitting a parked Hyundai as he pulled over a second time, just one block later “Why are you so scared, bro?” asks the second man.

    The video shows no further movement of the vehicle. Jungreis speculated that twenty seconds of rustling noises, accompanied by a repeated chime from the car, corresponds to the pair looting his car before their departure.

    Jungreis said that he was asked by police officers to join them in their search in the hopes that the car been abandoned somewhere nearby.

    “We drove around for about 10 minutes,” said Jungreis. “We found it parked.”

    While the two men took all of Jungreis’ credit cards, cell phone and approximately $200 in cash, they left his hat and tefillin untouched. The car sustained damage to the front bumper, grill, license plate and front end sensors.

    Jungreis filed a report with the NYPD but police told VIN News that they had no comment on the incident.

    According to Jungreis, who is still waiting to receive a copy of the police report, no one at the 73rd precinct was interested in seeing his dashcam video, possibly because his car had been located. Jungreis expressed concern that the thieves will strike again.

    “They are not taking this seriously,” insisted Jungreis. “It just doesn’t seem like a high priority to them. These thieves will not stop now. They will do it again, once, twice.”

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    1. Well bro….. you made it possible and very easy for them to do just that. At least anyone reading this and with minimum common sense will not leave their car even for one second loaded with goodies, unlocked!!!! Guess the police think it was your negligence. Sorry bro….

    2. Well, why should they take it seriously, when he wasn’t serious to secure his belongings? Our Rabbi’s taught us similarly פירצה קורא לגנב, “an open way in, is an invitation for a thief”, which is basically just what Jungreis did. Hope he’s had HIS lesson.

    3. Police are “Not taking this case so serious because he parked iligaly on the road and he left running the engine.
      Next time lock your car at the curbside.

    4. No kidding they’re not taking it seriously. You leave your car running for just a second in brooklyn? And with your wallet and cell phone for just a minute? It takes a second for it to happen. The cops in ync have a lot to do so take care of your valuables.
      You’ll grow up and learn

    5. Shaya, you gave these criminals your car and your belongings on a SILVER PLATTER. You should just be grateful to Hashem that these animals didn’t kill that innocent woman crossing the street. If they had her blood would have been on your hands. Farsthein?

    6. Listen, Cuz,

      Imagine it was a kid who took the car and killed that lady in the street?

      How dare you leave your car double parked, engine running, doors unlocked. That’s like leaving a loaded gun in the street, Cuz.

      Your car has a lock. There are also parking rules. What are you, special??

    7. NO! That shouldn’t happen. Are we in Harlem???? Mistakes happen. Police should’ve take this as a serious crime! if there wouldn’t be no lead to track them down I would not blame them. But when there is clear footage they should take them off the streets!

    8. Just because the driver might have been negligent in leaving his car with the keys does not mean that anyone had a right to steal it. The police should do their job and find the thieves and lock them up

    9. I Don’t get it.
      The Q50 come standard with a push start button/smart key
      If you leave the car it stays on, but you can’t drive it If you don’t have the key on you???
      Unless this genius left his key in the car

    10. It’s not illegal to leave your car unlocked with the keys in it. It is illegal to steal a car that is unlocked with the keys in it. Police should do their job and find the criminals, especially as there is a video of them stealing it!

      • Well , its not illegal to leave your car unattended however engine idling is illegal. Just google it.
        If he wants the police to take this seriously they’ll need to ticket him first for engine idling!

    11. Great video! They could use it in some of the TV show and movie chase scenes.
      I just wish that they’s turn off the wipers next time. They are very distracting.

    12. Exactly!! What are you guys blowing?? I have all the rights to leave my keys in my car, this gives absolutely no rights for anyone to touch it!! I can not understand how some guys can be so ignorant & see these things in such a wrong perspective!! Shame on you!


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