Jerusalem – Israeli Opposition Calls On Netanyahu To Nix Congress Speech


    FILE - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers an address to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, USA on 24 May, 2011. EPAJerusalem – Israeli opposition leaders are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel his planned speech in front of the U.S. Congress.

    Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog said Saturday that instead of warning the world about Iran’s nuclear program, the controversy around the speech had damaged Israel’s crucial relationship with the United States.

    In the latest blow, Vice President Joe Biden announced he will miss the March 3 address because of unspecified foreign travel. The Obama administration is deeply irked that Netanyahu made his speaking plans with the Republicans and behind the White House’s back.

    Zehava Galon of the leftist Meretz party also called on Netanyahu to cancel his plans. Centrist leader Yair Lapid said the speech’s fall out was “causing serious damage to Israel’s strategic relations with the United States.”‎

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    1. Of course they will trash Netanyahu.

      What this speech still do more than warn the world, is expose to America Obama’s dangerous game he’s playing in order to secure his own legacy.

    2. The hypocrites of the Left in Israel & the Left in the US can bray all they want; Netanyahu needs to alert Congress & the world in a medium that’s now sure to have the gravitas it deserves, to the threat of Iran & Obama’s acquiescence.

    3. You have to be impressed at the number of very smart people who have let this situation get out of hand. The ambassador messed up by asking the Republicans to invite Bibi. The Republicans messed up by inviting Bibi. Bibi messed up by saying yes. The President messed up by making a big deal of it. The Democrats in Congressed messed up in the same way. All in all, it is a remarkable screw-up.

      • In your dreams! All the phony uproar is only giving more publicity to his upcoming speech before the American people, and more people will listen! And you can be sure Bibi will wow the people and receive as many standing ovations as he did in 2011, despite obama’s efforts to discredit him and shun our biggest ally! Obama knows how much trouble he’s in as far as his plan to coddle Iran, just as soon as Bibi makes his case before the people!

    4. Is anyone surprised that the leftists in Israel are terrified by the prospect of Bibi addressing the American people??? They’re so eaten up with jealousy that they’re trying all they can to get him t cancel his appearance! Lol nice try! Bibi will eloquently make his case, will be warmly received, will be believed, and then the lies of Obama AND the left in Israel will be exposed!


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