Washington – Menendez Voices Support For Netanyahu Says Will Attend Congressional Address


    New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez at a legislative event On Feb, 11, 2015 in Washington DC with members of Agudath Israel of America’s national board of trustees. (Shmuel and Dov Lenchevsky)Washington –  Despite announcements by numerous members of Congress who intend to boycott the Israeli Prime Minister’s upcoming speech next month, a high ranking elected official has vowed that he will be in attendance when Binyamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress on March 3.

    “The prime minister is the voice of the people of Israel and from my perspective, that is a voice that needs to be heard,” and I have every intention to go to the speech”, said New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez.

    Menendez, who chairs the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, made his remarks at a legislative meeting held yesterday in Washington DC between the Senator and members of Agudath Israel of America’s national board of trustees to address several issues including anti-Semitism and Israeli security.

    Netanyahu hopes to dissuade Congress from approving any agreements with Iran that would expand the country’s nuclear capabilities, according to The Washington Post, a move that is in direct conflict with the Obama administration’s efforts to build a better relationship with Iran. 

    Netanyahu has ignored requests to cancel his trip to Washington, reportedly angering both Democrats and the Obama administration and his planned remarks have generated conflict in Israel as well, with many voicing concern that the speech could potentially jeopardize Israel’s relationship with both the president and Congress.

    Menendez, who has represented districts encompassing significant Arab and Palestinian populations, has proven himself to be a staunch supporter of Israel. 

    At the meeting yesterday, Menendez  observed that allowing Iran to build up any nuclear capabilities would be a grave mistake that would be “Not in the national interests of the national security of the United States and not in the national interests of the national security of our ally the State of Israel.”

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    1. I’m impressed with the Senator on this issue so far. Time will tell if he can withstand the pressure that Obama will surely apply for him to change his mind. If I’m not mistaken that is exactly what happened after the State of the Union speech. The Senator stated he was holding fast on his 20 year position against Iran and a few days later he says he is going to wait until the March 24th deadline, just like Obama wanted. Time will tell and the voters will be watching and remembering in November.

    2. Kudos to this courageous senator who stands up for the truth, for what’s right, with no fear if angering the Arabs in his district! If on,y our president and his cohorts had some courage and would step up and fight for the security of America and the world by being tough on muslim terror, be it from individual terror groups, or states such as Iran!

    3. Menedez is unreal. I never thought a Democrat would be such a friend. Glad I was proven wrong in this case. Let’s now see what the “Shomer Yisrael” , as Schumer Likes to call himself, does.
      Those of you in Queens who have Gregg Meeks as your congressman, call him, write to him.Google his name for contact info. He is now saying he will not attend Netanyahu’s speech. Let him hear from you!!Tell him he must show leadership and be independent of his president. The world’s security is at stake.

      • The only issue that Menendez has had in common with Jews for the longest time is the Iran issue. He has been railing about not trusting Iran for years now. It’s the only thing that he differs from all other Democrats on.
        Otherwise he is a socialist liberal on all other issues. Except, like all politicians, he likes donors.


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