Denmark – Police: One Person Dead Following Shooting At Copenhagen Synagogue


    This image made from TV2 via Associated Press News video shows the scene near a synagogue where police reported a shooting in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark, Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015.  One person was shot in the head and two police officers were shot in the arms and legs, police said. (AP Photo/TV2 via APTNDenmark – Police say one of three people shot outside a synagogue in Copenhagen has died in the second of two shootings within hours that rocked the Danish capital.

    Police spokesman Allan Wadsworth-Hansen says it’s still not clear whether that shooting is linked to an earlier shooting that killed one person and wounded three police officers in a suspected terror attack on a free speech event.

    Wadsworth-Hansen says two police officers were wounded in their arms and legs in the shooting near the synagogue, while a civilian man was killed.

    The gunman got away in both cases.

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    1. The only person who caused this mayhem is BIBI NETANYAHU! The constant preaching that Jews are a target really made them one. Before the Paris attacks Jews lives in relative harmony and then Bibi began zealously preaching how UNSAFE jews are and he of course brainwashed yidden living in the diaspora how unsafe they are. He deemed us all a target. Now he wants to intefere in America, all i can say is BIBI STAY OUT!!!

      • Some people are just so boring. You always blame everything that is related or not on our dear unassuming President. Its the hatred that keeps you in such a warped state. So I hate Bibi Netanyahu and will blame everything on him. Bibi is ” narcissistic psychopath” of a Prime Minister

      • All the haters who somehow blame our President for this tragedy deserve the same….the President is doing more than anyone else could today to make the world safer for yidden in ways that will not be revealed until he is no longer in office. Chazal bring down the inyan of those who blame others for tragedy unfairly invite such tragedy on themselves. Read rav gavornlinks sefer , Binyan Halom, for understanding how true this neviah has been shown

        • who in G-d’s name are you to say they desreve the same and how can you possibly have an inkling of what Obama is or isn’t doing secretly? perhaps you’e a navi,ooh.

    2. People here always seem so happy when Jews die, so they can blame Obama. Is their political (or perhaps racial?) hatred so intense that nothing else matters? It’s sad really.

    3. Chazal tell us that when we, the Jewish People stick together and are one, we are protected! Let’s work on that. No more machlokes. Each of us can find a small point where we can mend our fences. Really, we have to do it for the sake of our children.


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