Rancho Mirage, CA – Obama Prepares To Wrap Up California Golf Weekend


    FILE - U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he steps off Air Force One, escorted by members of the Secret Service, upon his arrival in Palm Springs, California February 14, 2015.REUTERSRancho Mirage, CA – President Barack Obama squeezed in another round of golf before ending a long weekend with childhood friends in Southern California.

    Obama’s group returned to the Porcupine Creek golf course in Rancho Mirage, California, on Monday. It’s also where they played on Sunday.

    The course is owned by Larry Ellison, the billionaire co-founder of the Oracle software company.

    Obama’s friends grew up with him in Hawaii. They are the president’s regular golf companions when he is on the West Coast.

    Obama spent Presidents Day weekend in Southern California without his wife and daughters.

    He is due back at the White House on Monday night.

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    1. I just think it’s wrong that obama seems to have so much vacation time. So many of us our struggling. You can site stats that say the economy is improving but there are plenty of other stats that show that the middle classes standard of living has continued to shrink.

      • “The middle classes standard of living has continued to shrink” You are correct. There is nothing Obama can do without congress sending him new bills what didn’t happen in Years. Before the Democrats were fighting with the Republicans. Now that they took over the senate the republicans fighting between each other. Let congress send a bill to cut taxes on the Middle Class (Not the Rich) and Obama will sign it on the Golf Course.

    2. You should all be happy that our President is able to get out of Washington and get some needed rest and relaxation. His job is very high stress and the golf helps him focus and do a better job protecting all Americans and its Allies.

    3. The President works hard 24/7. He is entitled to play a little golf.

      No matter what he does, some people will always find a way to criticize him. I wonder if the President was a white Republican, if all the criticizes would be as vocal.

      • You can to wondering, the answer is no. You liberal pathetic Obama-fans can’t handle the justified criticism of this horrific president’s failed policies, so you resort to calling everyone who voices reasonable criticism as a “racist.”

    4. So this guy is having a grand ole time while the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Here we just witnessed Coptic Christians beheaded by Islamofascists, a Yid killed in cold blood murder in a shul in Copenhagen, and this guy is still playing golf. Worst president since the peanut farmer.

    5. Almost every other article nowadays is about Obi wrapping up a round of golf, is this all he does now? Looks like he is preparing for retirement.


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