New York – ADL Chief Foxman Says ‘If Europe’s Jews Leave, Hitler Will Have Won’


    FILE - Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League Photo by AP / Corrado GiambalvoNew York – In the past week, a number of anti-Semitic incidents occurred around the continent. A shooting outside Copenhagen’s central synagogue resulted in the death of a Jewish volunteer guard on Sunday. The attack came hours after a fatal shooting at a free speech event, featuring the Danish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who is under police protection because of his cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Muhammad. Last weekend also saw the desecration of cemeteries in both Germany and France. These are just the last in a spate of recent attacks, that have led to a growing sense of fear and unease in Jewish Diaspora communities.

    National Director of the Anti-Defamation League Abe Foxman, one of the most well-known figures in the fight against anti-Semitism, joined the Frontlines Podcast by phone from New York to discuss the issue of anti-Semitism in Europe. He said that while the US was traumatized by 9/11, Europe has not yet had its “9/11 moment,” and only this would cause Europe “to wake up, to protect it’s democracy and freedoms, and in this way it would directly or indirectly protect its Jewish community.”

    Addressing the battle between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leaders of European countries over whether Jews should move to Israel or stay in their diaspora homelands, Foxman stated that Jewish departure from Europe would be a “posthumous victory for Hitler, and would fulfil his Judenrein vision.

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    1. “Foxman stated that Jewish departure from Europe would be a “posthumous victory for Hitler, and would fulfil his Judenrein vision”. How stupid can you be? We are the losers for being in Diaspora among foreign nations to us. Our place IS in Israel and that is our home. We couldn’t care less what the anti-semites would think of our move out of their homeland. Our job is to do our service to God and that can be best done in Israel. As a matter of fact, it is written that when the time of geulah comes, the blessings (to put it in a nice way) will be removed from the nations, and I bet you are not going to want to be there at all.

      • Your statements are utterly false.

        There is absolutely no source in Torah that throughout Golus a Jew “needs” to be in Eretz Yisroel. In fact, there are many sources that indicate that the reason we were banished from Eretz Yisroel was so that we can work with the world through the diaspora and transform it.

        The only people pushing for unconditional “Aliya” are extreme Zionists (Netanyahu being one of them), who believe that Shiebud Malchiyos has already happened with the founding of the state of Israel, and that all Jews must “come home” in accordance with the prophecy of “Shivas Zion”.

        If you want to move there to show solidarity with your fellow Jews and help protect them by serving in the IDF, then you should go there, otherwise, stay where you are. Israel does not need more Kollel moochers.

    2. Mr. Foxman is mistaken. Hitler’s vision was for all the Jews to be killed, both individually and as a people. The migration of European Jews to their homeland in Eretz Yisroel guarantees our strength, safety, and continuity as a people, and represents the ultimate triumph of the Jews over Hitler’s evil.

    3. Hitler? What does Hitler have to do with anything? It’s not the Europeans this time around that are the issue, it’s the Muslims that the Europeans allowed in.
      I think this guy Foxman needs a real job.
      I also think that a 1000 year history of Jewish blood, is good enough reason for Jews NOT to live in Europe. Israel or America is a good alternative.

    4. So its better for jews to stay and get pummeled, beaten raped and slaughtered; just so not to give a posthumous victory to hitler, how does that make sense? Foxman should move to Europe, or at a minimum send his children and family to live in Europe, easy for him to make these ludicrous comments while living in comfort in NYC…….

      • Hey do we get pummeled beaten and raped, just because one Jew was killed in Denmark and a fee others in France?? You are just being influenced by Bibi’s rhetoric. At that vey day Denmark & France suffered from another terror attack which was not against Jews. Only Jews need to run away to Israel and whoever objects that is an Anti-semite. It would be amusing if it wasnt so tragic.

    5. Tragically we need the ADL to state the obvious, since the Heimish Jews are so entangled in their love and zealous passion for Israel; thereby disallowing them to be objective.

    6. Its almost amusing that he sees and states the obvious, when a majority of Jews are stuck in a quagmire of Israeli passion. Get a life Bibi and leave Americans alone!

    7. Why do peole think that when a Gentile wishes Jews to live in Israel, he is a Jew Lover?? The truth is in direct paradox! He just wants to get rid of his neighbors, therefore he so lovingly endorses the Diaspora Jews to flee to that volatile country named Israel. Rewinding 70 years the people who screamed Jews to Palestine were the Nazi thugs not warm loving individuals. Bibi is not the representative of World Jewry, go take a hike!

    8. So is kibutz galios a win for Hitler YM”SH? I think Hitler wanted the world to be Yuddenrien, not just Europe. If all of Klal Yisroel were to go back to E”Y, it would be a win for us a loss for Hitler. Who knows? This may be part of the geula process…

    9. Its stunning how the ADL grasps what majority Heimish Jews fail too. We dont need them to echo our sentiments, but the very fact that a majority of jews are lost in the spin of profound zeal towards Israel, when their interests are not in consonance with Jewish interests is very troubling. Bibi is completing Hitlers work of creating a Judenrein Europe.

    10. Foxman demonstrates a total lack of understanding of our destiny as a people and the purpose anti-semitism serves. This is not so unusual, since too many Jews don’t get it either.

      It’s a clear message that Hashem wants us to leave, just as Yaakov Avinu left Lavan in a hurry after seeing how things were changing. He realized that the Shechina, that was protecting him, was leaving and he would be more vulnerable and that it was time to go

    11. A fitting statement from a man who has marginalized Judaism and is a liberal fool with a platform. Now his stupidity puts our brothers in harm’s way. Be quiet you old fool.


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