New York, NY – City Warns Of Scam Emails Claiming To Be From City Government


    New York, NY – New York City officials are warning people to be wary of a scam involving emails that falsely claim to be coming from the city’s Department of Finance.

    The city says the emails look like they’re from a city address, but they’re not.

    In so-called “phishing” scams, the senders try to get recipients to click on links or send personal information in the fake emails. Some of the fake emails can download malicious software.

    The Department of Finance handles payments for parking tickets, among other things. Anyone who wants to check on a ticket status can go to

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    1. I got one on Tuesday from ….and the actual email address was also looking legitimate but I knew that they hadn’t charged me $8k on tickets.

      Usually they name themselves normal names and when u view the address its odd. These looked real


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