Jerusalem – Netanyahu Says Respects Obama But No Choice On Iran


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) looks on during a press conference at a Hotel's rooftop restaurant overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, 23 Februaty 2015. EPA/ABIR SULTANJerusalem – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday he respects President Barack Obama but stressed he has no choice but to travel to America to lobby against a nuclear deal with Iran.

    “I respect the White House and the US president but on a serious subject, it’s my duty to do everything for Israel’s security,” Netanyahu said during a campaign rally at a West Bank settlement.

    “Under the agreement that is being prepared, we have reason to worry… if the world powers have reached an agreement with Iran,” he added.

    Netanyahu’s government has always opposed a deal with Tehran over its nuclear programme, and he is to address the US Congress on the subject on Tuesday at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican.

    Obama and other Democrats have said they will not attend the speech, with the president saying his attendance would be seen as partisan ahead of Israeli elections on March 17.

    US National Security Advisor Susan Rice said on Wednesday that Netanyahu’s acceptance of the invitation to address the Congress without the White House’s blessing was “destructive” to US-Israeli ties.

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        • Proven What ?? The only reason Iran is sitting by the table is to ease sanctions and to buy time, So in the meantime they can work to get it complete, Once done they do not need anything from anybody, THEY GOT THE POWER

        • Actually you’ve got it backwards! Sanctions have NOT deterred Iran and that’s because Obama keeps opposing strong sanctions, and keeps coddling every Muslim terror regime!

      • I’m tempted to agree. But Obama holds a world record for pathological lying. I don’t trust him either, as he has displayed values that are abhorrent to anyone who detests terror, or believes in the Constitution.

      • I trust in the Almighty – the one true God of our ancestors abraham, issac and jacob.

        i certainly do not trust flesh and blood who call our national leaders stupid.

        also i do not know who you mean by “we” – ‘you’ clearly define yourself and i find it sad to the jewish nation.

    1. Interesting, how the probable fulminating piece of invective against Iran, will serve as the remedy and direct solution to Israel’s insecure state. Well, his assurance of protecting his country derives from the place which was the catalyst for unprecedented insecurity to his people; West Bank settlements. In any case lets take it easy, because Bibi claims he REALLY respects our President. I would laugh at the absurdity if it wasn’t so tragic.

      • He should not respect Obama because Obama is not worthy of respect, other than holding the title of president. Obama has dissed Bibi, is a Jew-hater, takes the side of the terrorists and couldn’t care a hoot for the security if Israel, only for his Muslim brothers. Respect, my foot, he deserves disdain.

    2. In spite of the dramatic ping pong banter used to act as if there are last minute challenges to an agreement, this nuclear arrangement has already need decided.
      Mr. Obama has given Iran a full six years, not 6 months, to get its nuclear act together, so that he can demonstrate his diplomacy for the coming history books.
      Let’s also remember that Mr. Netanyahu already gave a speech at the U.N. clearly warning the world of Iran’s true intensions.


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