Brooklyn, NY – NYPD Increasing Patrols After Two Incidents At Brooklyn Synagogues


    Security footage shows two men attempted to take a picture in front of the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue located at 1801 Ocean ParkwayBrooklyn, NY – Suspicious activity at two Ocean Parkway synagogues has area residents on edge in light of the recent terror attacks overseas, with a chilling video showing two men who appear to be of Middle Eastern origin approaching one of the synagogues yesterday afternoon.

    An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that two men attempted to take a picture in front of the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue located at 1801 Ocean Parkway at approximately 4:14 PM. One of the men attempted to take a picture of the other in front of the synagogue and the two men left the property after being approached by a security guard.

    Security footage from the synagogue located just south of Avenue R shows the two men, one clad in a black leather jacket, jeans, a pink shirt and black sneakers and the other in light colored pants, a black jacket with light colored sleeves and either grey or black footwear.

    As the first man stood in front of the entrance to the synagogue, the second man can be seen backing up and getting ready to take a picture until a security guard approaches the men 15 seconds after their arrival. The two men can be seen talking with the security guard and leaving the area 35 seconds later.

    According to a press release from Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office, the two men drove off in a blue Honda Accord, whose license plate was recorded by the security guard. The NYPD refused to comment on Hikind’s press release and said that they had no information on how the two men left the area.

    Police said that an additional incident was reported approximately one hour later at 1061 Ocean Parkway when a single man attempted to enter Congregation Beth Torah, located between Avenue J and E 7th Street. The man was denied entry to the synagogue and left the area without incident. Police could not say if the two reports were connected in any way or if the same individuals were involved at both synagogues.

    The NYPD has increased patrols in the areas around both synagogues and says that an investigation is ongoing.

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    1. My first thought is the security guard should be fired for not holding them for the police to come and question and finger print them and pls do not tell me the nonsense that he had no grounds to detain them, simply they were “trespassing” and that should be enough to hold them. these were clearly muslims and you have to be a total idiot not to suspect them of wrong doing and bad intent.

      • Are you kidding? The guard would’ve been eviscerated by the liberals screaming “racial profiling! You’re racist!” And you just know alterG, bewhiskered, yonosonw and co. would be beside themselves.

      • My first thought is that a security guard did his job well. You can’t simply detain someone because racism is an excuse now. Leaving property after 35 seconds is not a highly suspicious activity of trespassing. This shul invested in security cameras so police can follow up on the subjects. But let’s not get out of hand by branding certain groups of people because they don’t look like us. Jews went through that for centuries and we should know better.

        • Out of hand? Brand them…YOU KIDDEN ME. When they came for the jews in Europe, you pacifist jew would have been dragged along with all the others…you liberal, self hating, politically correct jew. Go back into the hole you came out of..This has nothing to do with Looking Like Us…what are you talking about. Are you in dreamland or living on another planet. This is 2015…the world is at war and you are still in your bunker.!!!

        • You are so enlightened that it has en”light”ened your brain. Just because they look like Muslims and tried to photograph and enter a shul is no reason to be suspicious. After all, they might have been tourists from Muslim countries who wanted to take pictures of a shul so that they can bring the photos back home and show their fellow Muslms at home what a shul looks like. And as far as the Muslim who wanted to enter the shul, he might have wanted to Daven or learn. We shouldn’t discriminate against Muslims who want to Daven or learn in our shuls. After all, shuls are public institutions. Anyone should be allowed to enter.
          Thanks for your “enlightened” thoughts.

        • Considering what’s been going on lately, these people should have been aware that taking a picture in front of a shul would be highly unusual if not suspicious. The guard did the right thing since he wasn’t sure exactly what he’s dealing with.

        • Yes mr. enlightened yid. Because certain people who look a certain way and believe in a certain “religion” committed all the violence in the name of their religion, for the past 25 years in this country and in Europe, we have a right to suspect them and think that they have ulterior motives in trespassing on our private and religious property. They sure did not come to visit their grandmother in the synagogue…!

      • Dear Uber Chachum,

        How is it “trespassing” for someone to walk into the public courtyard of a public building? You are assuming ill intent. Maybe they were just trying to take a picture. I understand the reason you’re concerned, and perhaps, or even probably, you’re right. But what instructions would you give the security guard? “Anyone with a beard who strikes you as Muslim and rubs you the wrong way and is doing nothing specific, stop him and detain him for fingerprinting?”

        Anyway, remember the posuk: כִּי בֵיתִי, בֵּית-תְּפִלָּה יִקָּרֵא לְכָל-הָעַמִּים

        • The shul is a PRIVATE property, building and courtyard and everything in them. I know you liberals are intellectually incapable of getting your puny brains around the concept of private property, yet this concept does exist in every society besides your favorites, Cuba and North Korea.

    2. Time for all Jews to defend ourselves, our families, our women and children and our shuls. Not like last time when we listened to the wimpy voices , who somehow managed to escape the deluge while the rest of Yiddishkeit was annihilated. If anyone thinks that we are not going to be attacked in BP, Ocean Parkway, Monsey, KJ and Willy, you are drunk on Purim schnapps. Time to take a lesson from EY: fight or die.

    3. To #3- Tell me something, Mr. Anonymous, how would you like a private security guard (who doesn’t have police powers), to detain you, or otherwise harass you, because “you look suspicious”. Maybe the guard may not like people wearing Kippahs, or Tsitsis. If the guards ask somewhat what they are doing, and they state that they just were taking a photo, there are zero grounds to detain them. There are certain places where photography is prohibited such as on the subways, on the bridges, and other areas, where it is indicated by a sign. It is not illegal to photograph a Shul, from the outside.

    4. #6
      It’s foolish to think that because they look Muslim, it is wrong to profile racially.
      After all the horrible recent anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated by Muslims, it would be more then appropriate to assume ill intent on their part.
      What possible reason would they have to stand in front of a shul taking photographs, especially when there are other shuls that are architecturally much more significant?
      If the NYPD did not agree that there is a real threat posed, the anti-terrorism unit would not have been called in.
      There’s evil in their minds.
      The question is how do we properly protect ourselves and our loved ones?

    5. we must have real security with armed guards at all the facilites,shuls,schools,all the time.

      Even though 1 guard is generally not enough to stop a major plot,at least it is a first step, and it will be some deterrent to most mischief and lone wolf attempts and having armed members of shuls with weapons at all times,is an idea that needs to be implemented ASAP,such as communities in Florida have already initiated.

      This is long overdue,especially in light of recent world events .

      Just ,open your eyes and see what types of people our communities are surrounded by.


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