Jerusalem – WATCH: Father Of Sassoon Children Says Love Of G-d Is Getting Him Through Devastating Loss


    Jerusalem – In two separate interviews today in Israel, Gabriel Sassoon, the father of the seven children who died in this weekend’s shocking fire in Midwood, shared his thoughts on the unspeakable tragedy that destroyed his family.

    Sassoon, who stunned the world by publicly accepting the divine decree with love, spoke on Radio Kol Chai and the Mabat News program, publicly proclaiming that it is his love of Hakadosh Baruch Hu that has sustained him during the darkest of hours.

    Sassoon said that he hoped the death of his seven children will be a kapara for something and that they won’t have died in vain, and he hopes that the outpouring of love that has enveloped the Jewish nation continues in the form of both achdus and ahavas chinam.

    “I saw today the greatness of the Jewish nation,” said Sassoon. “I thought ‘Who will come to the levaya?’ but I saw so many people and I was proud to be part of the Jewish nation.”

    Sassoon said that the same godliness that was evident in the faces of his children can also be found in this catastrophe.

    “I love my children,” said Sassoon. “I know that they are, as I said at the levaya, the image of Hashem. There are things in which is it easier to see the tzelem Elokim, like in children. But G-d can be found everywhere, even in these sacrifices. It is difficult to deal with, so we make the bracha of Dayan Haemet.”

    Sassoon acknowledged that he has no idea how he will go on.

    “Now it is easy to relate but I don’t know how things will be in a week,” observed Sassoon. “How will I sit at my Shabbos table without my children? How can I fulfill the mitzvah of v’higadita l’vincha on Pesach?”

    Neither Sassoon’s wife nor his daughter, both of whom remain hospitalized, are aware yet of the devastating losses that have decimated their family.

    “How will they deal with this?” wondered Sassoon. “How will I deal with this? We will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.”

    Sassoon noted that his children were the light of his life.

    “I had such nachas from my children. They were really special children. I have had difficulties previously in my life but they never bothered me because I had my kids. They happiness that they brought me made my life easy, but now I don’t have them. I don’t know what I will do. We were privileged to have children like this.

    “I worked hard. My wife worked hard. Our lives were all about our children. I know that I can say to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that the children that you asked us to watch for you are as pure and as holy now as when you gave them to us.”

    According to Sassoon, his wife is facing a lengthy recovery having sustained burns to approximately 50 percent of her body.

    Both Gayle Sassoon and her daughter Tzipora jumped from the windows of their Bedford Avenue home to escape the blaze, with Mrs. Sassoon making her way across the street to neighbors in the hopes of getting help and saving her children.

    Tzipora Sassoon is faring better than her mother and Gabriel Sassoon is returning Wednesday to observe the rest of shiva in New York so that he can spend time with his daughter in the hospital.

    “My daughter woke up a little before I left,” said Sassoon. “She wanted to know how her mother is doing. I told her she is in a different hospital where they are taking care of her. She wanted to know about the rest of the family. I didn’t know what to say.”

    Sassoon is requesting that the public daven for both his wife, Gila bas Francis and his daughter, Tzipora bas Gila.

    “The tefillot help,” said Sassoon simply.

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    1. Oh hashem! Look what an amazing nation you have! Hashem should help this father and his remaining family should emerge with their mental stability intact. Oh hashem!

    2. Dearest Gabriel,

      Your words are so inspirational and soothing.

      May Hashem continue to give strength. And continue to inspire all of Klal Yisroel.

      Hamakom Ynachem …

      • I disagree. This is not intrusion. He is releasing some of his pent up emotions by speaking about his family and serves as some measure of therapy.

    3. “…publicly proclaiming that it is his love of Hakadosh Baruch Hu…”. Gabriel, may Hashem give you strength to go through this test and may you and we see soon that everything Hashem does is for our own good, and that you experience the ultimate closeness to Hashem. Your test not only will elevate you, but also all members of Klall Israel that accept it from Hashem. It is all in your family’s merit. May Hashem bless you and may your faith grow stronger!

    4. what an unbelievable man. center stage of the universe and thats the words he chooses to say. all the people with questions and doubts need to look at the man it happened to

      • I think saying Nebach is a negative way of seeing it and therefore wrong. We should look at his greatness and faith in overcoming the tragedy. If you can’t see the greatness, then be quiet. Just like Yaakov thought that Yosseif died, but in the end he was becoming the king of the whole world, everything that looks bad in this world, one day will be shown to have been for a great purpose. I think the truth is that and as such, people who go through missfortune in this world need to be shown words of encouragement, not pity. Later, Hashem will show us that indeed it was so.

    5. Reb Gavriel Sasson is the TZADDIK HADOR. Its Totally Amazing and MIND Blogging to see how much Emunah a person can have and how HIGH a Level this Gadol can reach, all while being tested with the most terrible and saddest tragedy possible. There is so much to learn from this rare and GIANT TZADDIK. Every second since his precious righteous children’s passing, he is being Mekadesh Shem Shamayim to the entire world, who is all watching this Loyal Servant of Hashem.

      May Hashem please send a Refuah Shelamah quickly to his wife Gila bat Francis and his daughter Tzippora bat Gila. Amen. And may Hashem bless them with the ability to have more children. AMEN.

      We see how precious these 7 Angel were because Shamayim were fighting to have them in Heaven. If such an exemplary couple can bring into the world such treasures, then we on this world also want to have the by products from such Tzaddikim. So Hashem please give them strength and the ability to have more children, so the world can benefit from such special treasures.


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