New York, NY – NYC Councilman Urges MTA to Pull Inappropriate Ads Placed On Subways Passing By Orthodox Jewish Community


    FILE - the ad in question also appears on some NYC buses (Right side blurred out)New York, NY – Councilman David G. Greenfield has asked the MTA to remove the #ImNoAngel ads from the F subway lines that travel through the Chasidic and Orthodox communities of Borough Park and Midwood.

    For the past few weeks, the clothing company Lane Bryant has featured ads on the outside and inside of F subway trains. The campaign, called #ImNoAngel, displays women in their underwear. Greenfield has received numerous complaints from families with small children who have been shocked to see these ads displayed in their communities.

    “Our local neighborhoods are not Times Square. These are where families live and children walk the streets. It’s not just subway riders who see these ads that literally wrap an entire train. People see these ads from their streets, their cars, and even their own windows facing the elevated line. We’re asking that the MTA be sensitive to the concerns of families by removing them from the subway or, at the very least, moving the ads to other lines,” said Councilman Greenfield.

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    The MTA routinely turns down ads that they deem inappropriate, most recently declining to advertise an overly-suggestive ad for DUMBO Moving and Storage.

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