London – Chief Rabbi Calls On Jewish Communities To Report Child Sexual Abuse To Police


    London – The Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth released a statement Tuesday stating that it is imperative that child sexual abuse be reported in the Jewish community.

    Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’ statement follows the conviction of a Haredi teacher last week of sexual abuse (

    Todros Grynhaus, 50, of Salford was convicted of five counts of indecent assault and two counts of sexual assault against the girls when they were aged around 14 and 15.

    “This kind of abuse is a stain on all of society and we are no less vulnerable to the scourge of sexual crimes than any other community. Perpetrators of these crimes destroy lives and every one of us shares in the responsibility to protect victims and potential victims,” Mirvis wrote in his statement.

    “As such, we must not only ensure that all incidents are reported to the police without delay, but that we must do everything in our power to promote a culture whereby reporting such crimes to the relevant statutory authorities is supported and encouraged,” he continued.

    Mirvis stated he plans on writing to rabbis around England to notify them of a mandatory seminar hosted by the United Synagogue to help rabbis learn how to identify incidents of child abuse and help the victims.

    “It is imperative that communities across the country have robust child protection policies in place and should act in consultation with the statutory services. Every community should review its policies and procedures regularly and consider what else can be done – we can always do more.”

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    1. If the police received too many calls it will look bad for us yoidim. What about calling the rov first and asking shiloo? Why start s new tradition?

    2. You are crazy? again? We have been telling “rabonim” the last 50 years and they are saying “tzarich Yoon ” (“we need to investigate”) and they never investigate!! Because its a BENESHEK or ETC. not only that. The ones coming forward are being nirdaf. it’s time for a huge change , i dont know about UK, I want this HERE IN THE US. I see thesee teens around here so vulnarable, and naive girls and boys, no one here to protect them . Thank G-d no one in my family but I know there are tons. Someone told me of abuses someone tried on an interstate trip on a Heimish bus in the darkness.

    3. Bs’d. The REAL mosers are those who don’t go straight to the police. They MOSER future victims to a life of torment. There are on shailos. PERIOD.

    4. Reporting allegations of child abuse to so called “rabbunim” who are either themselves molesters or protectors of molesters is absurd. As Rav Gavornlik and others have noted, there is no inyan of being a moser when it comes to child abuse. Call the police first and then contact your local rav, assuming that rav is not himself the subject of the allegations.

    5. just to get you a clear understanding how to elaborate the whole situation “child abuse”when you have one in your family there is a molester how would you want us to treat him. Would you want us to give him over right away to police. Or do you have any different ideas. That’s the right way how to look at the whole thing hurry up because remember its not only the molester which goes into jail it’s a whole family that are suffering embarrassing and shameful for the rest of their lives. So we need to really have a clear understanding how to go about it

    6. yes, abuse is unforgivable – but equally unforgivable is false allegations which has become quite popular and is totally cheapening the whole plight of the real victims.
      I for one no longer believe any of the allegations because I know too too many people that have been accused by some nut cases for various reasons.
      This is a really big problem.
      AND just remember dealing with the (true) abusers is of utmost importance but
      there is absolutely no need to destroy their families.
      Lock away the abuser – that is all that needs to be done.
      But again, FALSE allegations (which has become way too popular) is JUST AS CRIMINAL – IF NOT MORE SO.
      this is a shande that nobody wants to even respond to – and when one is accused falsely all they want to do it is lay down and die – as do their relatives.
      If you are all about to shout and scream and tell me I am nuts…………be careful,
      when it happens to someone you know you will be singing a whole new song.

      There have been suicides caused by molesters and also suicides caused by false allegations.

        • you must be kidding???????
          you consider yourself intelligent?
          you think I will actually name a name of someone that was already shamed beyond belief?
          I should once again have their name publicized so they can once again suffer??!!

          how old are you??????

      • I did not hear of any stories lately that ended up being false allegations. I have no doubt that the detectives that interview the victim (or so call victim as you claim) would pick up on any inconsistencies and fabrications after all that’s what they are trained to do, Rabbonim and Askonim simply don’t have the know-how or training (you might as well ask them how to fly a Boing 747)
        In regards to the abusers family you raise a good point that they are also not at fault, however that’s the molesters job to do.. They need to think of their family before they want to strike. The first one that needs our support is the victim..

        • I am glad that you do not know of false allegations
          your friends were B”H not victimized by this
          However it does not negate the issue I brought up.
          Several people were encouraged to plead guilty
          even though they were 100% innocent ( I can bet my house on that)
          they were advised to take a deal so they can have a life.
          They were warned that prosecutors do not walk away without a conviction and that in this climate the juries are all ready to convict (especially if it is a religious person, be it from the church or frum yidden).

          Some were advised plead and strike a minimal deal.
          it was (sadly but wisely explained)
          “please guilty – serve a little time and get on with your life.”
          “your family is all that matters and they are the ones you will have when you are done with the short stint.”
          But if you go to trial:
          1) you are likely to lose and get 15 to 20 years .
          2) even if (slim chance) you win your name is still drek – and will always be associated with this horrific accusation.

          so friends I once again reiterate – FALSE accusations have become the norm
          and it will yet backfire and the real victims will be hurting still r’l.

          • False accusations have not become the norm. However, no one can morally develop a system that protects the victims of abuse while allowing for false accusations to destroy someone who is innocent. Every case must be evaluated by those professionally trained and qualified to do it. No rov, no educator, no law enforcement official is equipped to do this just by being who they are. They must have training. So far, there are few mental health professionals, and several specialized law enforcement officials who can do this, and we must turn to them to assess each case. The media needs to be frozen out of the process, and the “activists” whose clout comes from media also need to be kept away from the situations.

            I believe (though without scientific data) that there is a rise in false accusations, but I cannot accept the contention that this is a new norm. I believe that the “activists” who lie about protecting children are behind the false accusations.

            If we treat the accusations with tznius, they can be handled professionally, and then we will know. As long as the process is guided by the media and the hotline, there is trouble all around.

            • you are correct suggesting that it should be “trained” persons evaluating the accusations.
              It cannot however be a prosecutor whose entire “kavana” is to prosecute.
              there have been so many extremely horrific stories of people rotting in jail –
              “witch hunt” is a documentary telling this story.
              or the same story told in a movie called “just ask my children”
              “Haunted memories” on 60 minutes has yet another
              the McMartin Trial is yet another
              Crime after Crime is yet another – although this is not a pedophilia case – it tells the very sad story of a person sitting in jail despite the “supposed” witnesses coming forth later and admitting their false statements.
              this last case was fought by two attorneys.. they devoted 7 years of their lives to right a wrong.

            • The prosecutor is an attorney, not a professional trained in evaluating children. I would bet that there is some degree of training for these lawyers in just how to interrogate a child, as there could be the feeding of ideas, which would destroy the case, or the experience could be traumatic for the child victim. I am familiar with assistant prosecutors doing some interrogation, but NOT an assessment or evaluation.

              Sorry, but I lack familiarity with any of the mentioned movies. I take your word for it. No secular justice system is perfect. It is composed of humans and of humanly developed laws – by definition imperfect.

        • you don’t ever hear of the ‘false accusations”
          because that does not interest too many

          it’s not sensational enough.

          there is a whole generation of a new kind of pervert

          not the ones who are actually committing the crime of pedophilia
          but the ones who enjoy reading about it.

        • an abuser is a sick person and
          totally callous regarding the victim and his own family.
          The victim is nebach innocent and so are the family of the abusers.
          according to today’s climate every other frum man is a pedophile. (ch’v)
          we go from one extreme to another..
          whatever happened to common sense??
          As for not hearing of false allegations – where are you supposed to hear about it?
          Are you actually looking to find such information?
          Remember – a person who is falsely accused wants to run from this as fast as he possibly can- he is not going to go public because that merely puts him back in the public eye and NOBODY including you ever wants to be associated with such a filthy accusation.
          I am passionate about this because I have witnessed a family suffer terribly due to such an accusation. They live in the southern part of the US and you would think that it was not a popular issue there – but with social media today there are no boundaries.
          I am impressed that you displayed compassion for “families of both abusers and victims of false allegations”. nice to see some people can think.

    7. Reb Nochem Rosenberg single-handedly brought awareness and education in regards to sexual abuse in our circles. Bh’ our children are definitely safer today and our communities, camps, Shuls, yeshivas, mikvas, are far safer places than they were only a few short years ago. V’hamavin Yuvin! Thank you Rabbi Rossnberg

      • pardon me but this man is not a good man
        he is responsible for many many false allegations
        he is a “wild” man and without normal cheshboinos.
        every allegation MUST be confirmed by responsible people.

        I know of a young yeshiva boy who accused his Rebbe and when questioned and re questioned he broke down and admitted that his father taught him
        “if a teacher mistreats you – you can accuse him of touching you” ..

        I know of a bus driver who was fired not because the school believed he was guilty but because a rotten student accused him of inappropriate behavior.

        i can go on and on.

        this is just as big a problem
        caused by the likes of Rosenberg.

      • “Reb” Nochum Rosenberg, via his hotline that has been assered by poskim several times, has exposed more frum children to porn than all the serial molesters known to the frum community. The issue of abuse is a real issue, and needs to be addressed in a serious way. By spouting porn on a hotline, or by trying to cause public embarrassment to people for disagreeing with him, he has more disservice to the community and to the precious children he claims to protect.

        I do not know of a single shul, mikva, or community that is safer because of him. And I am someone who is in the know. He has not participated in any of the many programs and resources for protection of children that have been developed. None.

    8. #8 another stupid comment. If you are capable of reading, educate yourself before commenting again. If someone burnt down your home when you were in it, would you call the police our worry about the arsonists family? If you were raped by a serial rapist would you call the police our worry about the rapists family? If someone stole all your money and house would you call the police our worry about his family? Learn about the long term effects of csa and what percentage of victims kill themselves.


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